Chapter 51 – It’s A New Era

It has arrived. The moment I’ve been waiting for for forever! A matriarch that doesn’t have blonde hair OR blue eyes! I’m soooooo looking forward all the red-haired babies and the green eyes!

I have high expectations for you, Xavia! Are you ready?

Xavia: Hell yeah!

Good to hear! Let’s find a donor!

So we wasted absolutely NO TIME in hunting down a donor!

And then this is when I realized that I moved him into an empty shell… Whoops… I guess we woo him and then invite him over lol

I gotta say, the polite introduction is niiiiiiice. Instant friends!

Any ways! This is Darius Sephiroth. Kindly donated by SalemSvartulv! Thank you!

Also, I’m gonna do the blonde donors early, so that if we need a 4th matriarch, they aren’t blonde lol

And lemme tell you, he was super easy! He should at least make her work for it since it’s her first time lol

ah. Winter. This puts a damper on things. I guess we’re moving the party home sooner than I planned lol

This may look like a regular hug, but it’s something new that I haven’t seen before… It’s called “Warm up with body heat”

I thought that was cool.

I’ve not used the shower woohoo since it was added with University. And what better way to try it out than with some baby-makin?!

Worth. Every. Second.

And we wasted no time in taking the test, which was easy since it was in the same room as the shower we just got out of lol

But we were successful! Baby incoming!

And we got Xavia started on the gardening right away. Have to keep the garden (read money trees) alive!

And speaking of our money trees, remember last chapter when I said that we lost two and needed to wait until Xavia could revive them? Well apparently, sometime between them dying, me closing the game, reopening the game, they revived themselves. So that’s cool! Now we just need them to grow lol

Xavia managed to successfully make food without really burning anything. And as I just typed that I remembered that she did some grilling before aging up, so her cooking still is already at level 3 lol

We’re doing a little bit of programming. Working on some aspirations. We have rewards traits to buy!

We do already have the fertile trait, but now I want some of the weather related ones.

So something different that I’m going to do with Xavia’s reign is that I’m going to already have the next donor lined up before she gives birth. To hopefully keep her pregnant long enough to make it through LOTS more babies than Quinn and Carly.

Hey! This one’s furnished! Yay!

Everyone, meet Sir Milton Hedgeworthy! Kindly donated to us by bookloverblue!

In keeping with my determination to choose blonde males first, I made sure to double check that he was blonde underneath that helm.

He is.

oh man! Look at that super “sexy” pose! He’s really working it!

Hmmm… I wonder how that works?

Well, we woohoo’d and then went home. He’s already to go when we’re ready!

More aspiration stuff.

Man, I forgot how boring it is when you only have one sim…

…She’s gone crazy! She’s talking with the weathersim in the TV!

More aspiration stuff.

Also don’t mind her sad face. Some relation died. No idea who it was though. I can’t keep track of people anymore lol


We went to the hospital. I might do this with Xavia. I love the daddy freak outs lol

Also, it’s nice to know that the immediate poof after the freak out is still a thing lol

TWINS! Damn, Xavia is out like a rocket on the first pregnancy!

So! Everyone meet the first babies of Xavia’s reign! Baby #51, Yvette on the right and Baby #52, Zoey on the left!

So we’ll end this one here! Join us next time for MORE BABIES!


8 thoughts on “Chapter 51 – It’s A New Era

  1. I just finished reading your story. Great job – can’t wait for more. If you are looking for potential fathers all of the male children from my Baby Boom Challenge are in the gallery! Most are redheads but there a few brunettes — not a single blonde. My name in the gallery is Designergirl81.

    Liked by 1 person

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