Chapter 62 – The Great Homework Debacle

Hello! We’re jumping right back into the chaos! We start with Xavia mopping up a puddle.

This is some good stuff…

Kiddo #60 Harper is browsing kid-friendly websites

Kid #61 Isaac is expressing his creative side.

All over our clean floor…

Baby #62 Jackson is working on some skills!

And here’s how his skills currently stand:

Level 3: Communication, Imagination

Level 2: Movement

Level 1: Potty, Thinking

And here’s baby #63 Kallie is also skilling.

And here’s where her skills stand:

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Potty

And here’s the newest addition to the family! Baby #64 Luke!

And we got right to the good stuff! Inviting over Gideon!

And we got right to business.

And we were successful! Bring on da baby!

So apparently both Harper and Isaac are burning to death. And I would just like to point out that the weather is “cool” so I don’t know WHY they are “burning to death”


Harper came home with an A!

And apparently these two are not fans of each other lol

So it’s birthday time!

She turned into a really derpy teen. Interesting lol

Not to be left behind, Isaac gets right to work on his homework.

Night came around and Xavia was in a good mood and Luke just had all his needs taken care of, so we headed off to Sulani (again…) to find the next daddy!

So, everyone meet Brooks Baker! He’s from A Baker’s Two Dozen by Designergirl81 over on boolprop! Go check out her challenge! It’s finished! (unlike my stuff…. lol)

And hook, line, sinker.

Back home, we had started a potty party! What? You’ve never been to a potty party?! That’s a shame! They’re all the rage! You should definitely try one!

Do your homework.

Harper: No.

Why not?

Harper: I am VERY uncomfortable.

What? Why?

Harper: The oven is dirty and I just cleaned up some spoiled food.

…That is not a good reason.

Kallie is the first of the twins to get all her skills to level 3! So we’re just waiting on Jackson

Harper manages to find a clean spot in the house to do her start her homework. I don’t think she finished (shocker) and now she’s off to school.

Here’s hoping that both Harper and Isaac come home with A’s!


And then Jackson joins his sister in the level 3 squad and is now able to grow up!

As Jackson is the older twin, he gets to go first lol

Ummmmm. No. Not okay.

And then it was Kallie’s turn!

And here they are! A couple of cuties if I do say so!

Remember that mess that Isaac was making at the beginning of the chapter? Yeah… it’s still here…

It works!!! I love this thing! I can just turn it on and let it do all the work!

Well, Isaac got his wish. He came home with an A, while Harper did not. So Harper will be around all weekend. *siiiiiiigh* Why does this always happen to me on a Friday?! Why can’t she just do her homework like a good kid?! Geez!

On a happy note, Isaac gets the cake!

Look at Mr. Smooth over here!

And little Luke grew up too! AND he’s independent too! Which means I can get him on the potty without any HELP! Thank gawd!

We worked our bot too hard. Whoops…

We also had enough parts to enhance it, so we did that after we fixed it.

I’m not gonna lie… I’ve been working Luke to the bone. The poor kid hasn’t slept since he aged up… over 24 hours ago… lol

I’m gonna let him sleep after he finishes eating though. He deserves a break lol

It’s finally baby time!

Obligatory father freak out!

Our doctor is cosplaying as a magician. Damn top hat lol

It’s a boy! Welcome to the family, baby #65 Myles!

Fun Fact: Right after delivering Myles, our doctor changed… now he looks like a detective or something from the 40s.

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for hopefully Harper FINALLY leaving the house. And other stuff probably.

Chapter 61 – Unacceptable

Hello! And we’re back again! And we’re ready for more babies!

But we start off with a quick look at where the house stands now. And we begin with Xavia who’s mopping a puddle. A change of pace from her usual routine of either eating, cooking, or being on the computer lol

Kid #59 Gabe is cleaning up someone else’s mess. No idea whose.

Kid #60, Harper, is on her way to coo at annoy one of the babies.

I gotta lock those doors…

Baby #61 Isaac is working on his imagination skill. He’s a good toddler

Here’s where his skills currently are:

Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Imagination, Thinking

Level 1: Potty

And here’s the newest members of the fam! Baby #62 Jackson and Baby #63 Kallie!

And with the check in complete, it’s time to invite over Wang!

Wang was taking longer than normal to arrive at the door, but I still had options to woohoo him, so I went looking. I found this. He must be a closet neat sim since he doesn’t have the neat trait lol

So we had to go chase him down.

We bought our bush again and made quick use of it lol

And we have baby incoming!

Isaac got the rest of his skills to level 3, so it was time to start the potty training!

We didn’t get very far… lol

Isaac spends so much time in his PJs that I forgot that he had red hair lol

Squeezing in a workout before she becomes too pregnant to do so.

The older kids came home from school. Gabe did not get an A. Unacceptable. Harper did manage to get a B though…

Isaac FINALLY mastered potty. Ugh. Took us long enough

So it’s birthday time!

And here he is. Just like Gabe, he’s got some small eyes

Another day of school and it’s another day without any A’s…. Still unacceptable.

Birthday time for the twins!

Here’s Jackson!

And here’s Kallie! At least one of them got the pink hair lol

I figured out why Harper wasn’t getting A’s. Her highest skill was a 2. She needs a 4. So she’s busy with the vampire lore skill

Damn Xavia. She’s having it rough right now lol

Let us not forget that we have a garden to tend.

Damn it. And she would have gotten an A today too. Unacceptable.

We finally finished the gardener bot! Woohoo!

Ope! It’s a good thing she’s pregnant! lol

Isaac got a B! And Gabe Finally got that A!

Damn Harper and her sickness… ugh.

So Gabe gets a birthday!

And he gets to move out!

Headed to Brindleton Bay to find the next dad. Gotta make this quick lol, she’s about to go into labor.

Everyone meet Gideon Williams. He was made for us by Snazzle over on the boolprop forums. Thanks Snazzle!

Also, we gotta do this fast, we are now officially in labor lol

And this is about how far we got before we had to leave lol

Obligatory father freak out!

Everybody meet baby #64, Luke!

And this officially evens us up at 32 boys and 32 girls lol

Chapter 60 – Where’d Everybody Go?

Hello and welcome back! We start this chapter with Xavia at the grill. Again. It’s been a few chapters since she’s been at the grill. So I guess it’s okay this time lol

Checking in with kiddo #59 who’s busy browsing “kid-friendly” websites.

Fun times

And here’s baby #60, Harper who’s on her way to talk to Gabe.

She’s really behind in her skills. We usually have at least 2 skills at level 3 by now. But not with her.

Level 3: Communication

Level 2: Movement

Level 1: Imagination, Potty, Thinking.

…Like I said. She’s really behind

And here’s our newest addition, baby #61 Isaac!

First things first, we set Harper to her skilling. Gotta catch this girl up!

We offered a sacrifice and then invited over Howl.

We intercepted him before he even entered the house and brought him right to the bed room.

Maybe I should add a closet on the porch so that we don’t have to walk all the way into the house lol

And success!! Baby incoming!!

It feels weird to only have one kid coming back from school lol. Also, he just got to a B grade! So we’re moving up!

I spammed a LOT of skill interactions, so Harper is now at level 3 in all her skills expect potty. She still needs mom’s help with that… So I guess we need to take a break from the robots for now.


We spent all night on the potty and we got it maxed! So we have a birthday!

So it’s cake time!

And she is ready for school! …on Monday. Because today is Friday…

It’s a little weird to not have a toddler. There’s usually a toddler in the house at all times lol, but Isaac’s birthday isn’t until tomorrow

I gotta say, this trash glitch is a life saver lol. I definitely have gained more robot salvage parts faster doing this than tinkering at the robotics station.

Gabe came home with an A! And now he’s that he’s gonna be stuck around the house all weekend.


He’s got really small eyes… lol

Look at us not forgetting to take care of our gardening!

And we’re off to find the next donor!

I’m on TOP of things today!

This is Wang Chung! Kindly donated to us by Vanpelt81 over on the officials.

I’ve gotta say, the polite introduction takes away all the work in getting the donor ready lol

But I ain’t mad

See? We were here for, like, an hour. Hour and a half tops.

And when we got home, it was time for Isaac to age up!

And we got right to skill building!

We finally got enough parts to make our utili bot! I couldn’t decide which one to do first: the cleaner bot or the gardening bot.

I decided on the gardening bot. That way I don’t have to keep such an eye on the garden lol

The kids usually clean the house on their own lol

Isaac spent most of the evening following Gabe around watching and gaining thinking skill lol

And passing out. Let’s not forget that lol

Our trash cans are usually empty thanks to the help from Quinn and Carly lol

It’s baby time!

Obligatory father Freak out!

A receptionist never showed up. So we just walked to the back. I mean, we’re here so often, it like we own this hospital lol

It’s Twins!! Yikes!

Let me introduce you to baby #62 Jackson and baby #63 Kallie!


Chapter 59 – Birthdays Galore

Welcome back! We start things off with Xavia taking a nap. She’s sleeping on the job! Not cool, Xavia, not cool

Kid #56 Damon is on his way to the fridge.

Kid #57 Emma is off to bed!

Kid #58 Finn has just finished taking a bath.

Baby #59 Gabe is getting some good use out of the potty chairs.

His current skill levels are:

Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Potty

Level 1: Imagination, Thinking

And here’s our newest addition, Baby #60 Harper who needs a bottle.

Which we took care of right away. I don’t need any lost kids

Since I was an idiot and forgot to line up the next donor in the last chapter, we have to head out to actually do the grunt work right at the beginning.

Everyone, meet Charlie Lightning! He’s from Teresa’s dead Lightning Legacy. But you can check out all her other stories over HERE

Things went really well. No issues here!

Nothing like a little woohoo underneath a Pterodactyl light lol

And success! Nooboo on the way!

Also, I just want to note that Xavia has now had 10 kids and she’s only 2 days into her young adult life. lol So we should have no problems finishing this challenge with Xavia.

As long as I don’t do something stupid lol

Gabe is DONE with the potty. He’s not really, but his attitude is telling me he’s done lol

He is hungry though, which is probably why he’s having a tantrum.

The kids came home from school! Finn moved up to a B. Emma got an A and Damon got an A!

So it’s birthday time!

Emma went first (on accident. I thought I had Damon selected when I said to blow out the candles lol)

Here she is! She looks exactly like her dad lol

And then it was Damon’s turn!

So we kicked him out!

…and then he passed out…

Well, he’s not our problem anymore. lol

Robots are a LOT of work…

Caught Xavia trying to build a snowpal but failing miserably.

Excuse me. You’re still tired. Go back to bed.

I found a glitch in the system. I need Xavia to scavenge parts from trash piles. But typically you can’t scavenge in a pile more than once. BUT if you cancel the throw away action, the pile magically has the scavenge interaction again!

So we stuck a couple of piles under the stairs for future use lol

The older kids were at school and the other two were sleeping so we took that opportunity to find the next daddy!

Look at me being proactive this chapter, unlike last chapter!

So, everyone meet Howl Ghibli! He’s a spare from LivvieLove’s Ghibli Legacy!

As they are both romantic sims, this was too easy.

And since he has a closet, me made real good use of that!

Kids came home from school and Finn managed to get an A!

Emma did not.

So Finn was able to get his cake!

Damn kid got into the cake before I could put the candles back on. Now I gotta make it over.

After they finish their homework, they should be good to get A’s tomorrow. Then we’ll hopefully get them kicked out before the baby arrives!

Harper aged up!

She’s a cutie!

Harper got started on her movement skill while Gabe just finished up his thinking skill. And that was his last skill needed, so it’s time for another birthday!

Look at this cutie!!

And just like I predicted, these two both came home with A’s! So we have two MORE birthdays to celebrate!

Emma goes first as the older of the two.

And then it was Finn’s birthday. Again. I feel like he just had one!

And just like that, they were kicked out. lol

We went on a cake spree lol. I had to replace the hamburger one and I found a couple that I didn’t have in our inventory.

But we good now lol

It’s baby time!

Obligatory father freak out!

Xavia doesn’t care, all she wants is food.

We have a new doctor! A dead one…

Side Note: I went through and deleted a BUNCH of households that didn’t have any brothers and sisters in them. The save was getting kinda laggy. If that doesn’t help, I’ll have to switch saves like I did when Quinn took over.



Welcome to the family baby #61 Isaac!


Chapter 58 – Rainy Days

Welcome back! We’re slowly chucking away at this challenge. Still. But we continue! We start with Xavia being boring and browsing the web.

The older kids just got home from school. In the thunderstorm…

Cody and Damon both came home with A’s so we’ll get them aged up in a minute here.

Emma still has a C

Finn is getting down from the chair so that he can cry about the thunderstorm and the broken dollhouse.

Here’s how his skills breakdown.

Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Potty, Thinking

And then there’s the newest member of the family, Gabe! He needs a diaper change…

Because my game was stupid and didn’t want to pause, I missed the blowing of the candles, but still! It’s birthday time!

Then we kicked him out. In the rain. Sorry dude.

And then it was Damon’s turn!

He’s a handsome one! I love it!

And with the birthdays over, we invited over Michael.

And we wasted no time in hopping into bed! Get to the baby makin’!

But weirdly, he was flagged in MCCC as can only get pregnant lol

So we removed the flag and tried again.

Which did the trick and now we’re expecting!

I decided to get the robot station. So here’s hoping that we get all those robots we want soon!

And this is little Finn getting all his skills to level 3!

So it’s birthday time!

And here is the little bugger. He doesn’t look impressed…

Homework and study time!

It’s the weekend. So they are all stuck where they are until Monday

Little Gabe aged up!

And we got right to work on the skilling!

We even got him on the potty! Potty is usually one of the last ones to start lol

It’s baby time! I love her face here hahahaha

Awe crap, and I just realized that I didn’t line up our next  dad. Whoops…

No father freak out shot today because, like an idiot, I forgot to invite him. I’m gonna blame this on my cold that started today… I feel like crap lol

But I took this one because Xavia looks like she is not impressed with her doctor’s enthusiasm lol

Everyone welcome our newest addition, Baby #60, Harper!


Chapter 57 – Money Money Money

Welcome back everyone! Happy new year! One year ago today, we were only on baby 44! …And when you think about it, we didn’t really make that much progress… But my goal for this year is to finally finish this challenge! Which, if I keep up my current pace, shouldn’t be a problem!

So without further ado, let’s go!

We start things off with Xavia obviously, and she’s still rocking her hospital gown while chatting online.

At least she’s not eating or anything this time.

And we skip right to baby #57, Emma. The older kids are all at school earning those A’s!

And Emma’s just bopping along to the music!

Her skills are pretty terrible at the moment…

Level 3: Communication

Level 2: Movement

Level 1: Imagination

Level 0: Potty, Thinking

And here’s the newest addition, Baby #58, Finn!

He’s hungry. So Xavia is forced off the computer to take care of the baby

And after taking care of Finn, we called up Ethan so that we can get the baby thing done before the older kids get home from school.

And we wasted no time in getting him into bed. Seriously. He wasn’t even in the house before we asked him to woohoo.

Also, he is officially our last blonde daddy on the list! So we can finally move on! No more blondes!

With confetti flying, we’re expecting!

I didn’t think it worked since they got stuck in bed (lol) so I had to reset them. But it worked and no worries!

We kicked Ethan out and got Emma going on the potty.

The kid is really behind on her skills.

The older kids came home from school finally. #56 Damon is still at a C. #55 Cody came home with a B. And #53 Arlo and #54 Brock both came home with A’s!

So it’s birthday time! As the older twin, Arlo goes first.

And then it was Brock’s turn!

And just like that, we moved them out!

Thankfully, Xavia got pregnant before they left so that I didn’t get unwanted triplets like what just happened in my ISBI earlier today… lol

Loaded back into the house after splitting Arlo and Brock, and Damon decided that eating his food outside in the rain was the best option.

The kids are all sad at the moment because they lost a grandparent. And it happened to be Xavia’s father. So it affected all of them. *sigh*

The fridge became pretty empty again, so we made a couple of dishes to fill it up. I try to keep at least 6 different dishes in there at a time so that they don’t run out and there’s always food to be pulled out for the toddlers.

We’re still chugging away at the gardening thing. She’s currently at level seven and is 66% of the way to level 8. Once she’s at level 8 we can super sell and revive our money trees lol

The kids are still sad when they get home from school. But that didn’t stop Damon from getting up to a B and Cody getting that A!

So it was time for Cody to have that birthday!

Emma has come a long way since the start of this chapter. She has 4 skill to level 3 right now. Her last one is thinking which is at level 2. And that is why she’s busy following her mom around “watching” her.

Kids were at school so we took some time to head out and meet our next donor!

Everyone, meet Michael Lee Harker! He’s from the story Michael Lee Harker, Intergalactic Sim of Mystery by bookloverblue.

His brother, Yuri was featured during Quinn’s reign. Obviously, Michael is an alien. I though about leaving him in his disguise, but I opted to keep him in his alien form.

Pft. We went right before he had to work. So he left us.

I guess we’ll have to try again later.

Finn aged up! And I’m just counting down the days until we don’t have anymore blonde kiddos lol

Weirdly, she got to level 8 and then we got the option to revive our plants, but we were only able to revive 6 of them before the option disappeared. No idea why.

Then while watering another plant, the option came back? Weird. But now we have all our money trees back! Now we just need to remember to tend the garden.

Maybe I should to robotics and create a garden bot.

While watching her brother on the slide, Emma got to level 3 of the thinking skill! That makes all 5 skills at level 3!

So it’s birthday time!

And she’s a little cutie! I love that sweater even though I never use it lol

We invited Michael over to continue where we left off earlier.

And it was difficult. Xavia was tired and all Michael wanted to do was mop up our puddles.

So we quickly found the closest (broken) shower and got to business.

Look guys! I remembered to tend my garden!

Poor Finn has largely been ignored by his mother this chapter. So here’s a photo of him playing

It’s baby time!

Obligatory father freak out photo!

And it’s a boy! Welcome baby #59 Gabe!

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for more babies and definitely more birthdays! Toodles!