Chapter 75 – Stalemate

Hello! Welcome back! We start things off in this chapter with Xavia taking care of our newest additions to the family, more twin boys baby #83 Ezra (being cared for by Xavia) and baby #84 Forrest (in the green bassinet)

Moving on to the older kids, Kid #78 Zola got an A! And so did kids #79 Alec and #80 Brent! So they’ll get birthdays right after the check in

Here’s kiddo #81, Cooper. His energy is fine now, so he’ll be woken up, fed, then right back to skilling.

Here’s his skills right now:

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 1: Imagination, Potty

And finally, here’s kiddo #82, Dylan. His energy is also fine, so he will also be woken up, fed, then sent skilling.

Here’s his skill right now:

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 1: Imagination, Potty

The exact same as Cooper lol

Moving onto birthdays, Zola goes first!

Then Alec goes

And then Brent goes.

So here are the boys after their makeovers! That’s Alec on the right and Brent on the left.

Now we’re at a stalemate for the whole weekend. With 6 boys in the house, this make Zola our heir. So I can’t move her out until we have another girl. But without moving her out, we have no extra room in the house for more babies. So… It’s gonna be a long weekend…

Cooper and Dylan get back to work on their skills. We’re dividing and conquering at this point…

Momma needed sleep, so it was time for the kids to earn their keep! Thank goodness too since all the trees needed to be sprayed for bugs lol

Cooper is the first to get all his skills to level 3

And Dylan followed right behind him an minute later!

So it’s cake time! First up is Cooper!

And then it was Dylan’s turn!

And there they are! Cooper is in the first pic and Dylan is in the bottom pic. They’re cute and ready to get on the homework lol

Whoa! I’ve never played with mermaids before, so I didn’t realize that they do this in the bathtub! I LOVE IT!

The babies aged up! Here’s Ezra!

And here’s Forrest

And we got started on skills!

And then I realized it was new skill day and we should spend this time working on the potty skill instead lol so we switched and enlisted the help of Brent to get it done

And after a long day of skill building, the toddlers get a break. With Xavia not being pregnant, I’m not really pushing these boys to age up right away.

I’m afraid that if I kick too many kids out at the same time, there’s going to be room for triplets and my game will troll me.

The boys are home from school! Cooper and Dylan both came home with B’s and Alec and Brent both got A’s!

So it’s cake time for the mermaids!

Alec goes first obviously

And Brent goes next

So they got kicked out and uploaded to the gallery

Have fun with the mermaids!

And with empty space in the house, we wasted NO TIME in getting Lucian over

And we hauled him into the closet the moment he got here. It didn’t even matter that her kids were just on the other side of the room

And things are right in the world again, Xavia is pregnant!

So we kicked Lucian out lol

Checking in with the toddlers, both Ezra and Forrest need to get their imagination skill to level 3 and they’re ready for cake.

It’s weird to be working on something other than potty training as the last skill lol

Zola is just counting down the days until she can move out.

So am I, Zola. So. Am. I.

We better have a girl this time…

Cooper came home from school with an A! Unfortunately, Dylan did not. So no birthdays here

Both Ezra and Forrest finished building their imagination skill, so we’ll have cake after

Ezra goes first

And then Forrest goes

And they got right to work on their homework. That’s Ezra on the right and Forrest on the left

The kids were at school, so we went off to find the next baby daddy! So we headed off to Brightchester!

And apparently this guy’s front door is in the back? Weird

So everyone, meet Enrique McCabe! He was kindly donated to us by Azzywoods!

And he was willing to join our long list of daddies.

MORE than willing…

We hit over 5 million simoleons! Thank god for money trees lol

The kitchen got a small remodel. The ginormous island was driving me nuts. So I made it smaller and switched the stoves and sinks. Now hopefully there are less dishes lying around…

Ezra and Forrest came home with B’s! And Dylan got his A, so we have birthdays!

Cooper goes first!

And then Dylan gets to go!

And like all the kids, they head right to the homework right after makeovers. That’s Cooper on the left and Dylan on the right

And soon, Ezra and Forrest join them in the homework session

Breakfast time before school! How cute!

We had one thing in our fridge. So taking advantage of the empty house with no toddlers and all the kids at school, we went ham and make lots of meals lol

Kids are back from school! And they ALL have A’s! Yippie!

And Ezra is the only one who looks happy about it…

So happy Ezra gets to go first

Followed closely by Forrest

And here they are after makeovers. That’s Ezra on the right and Forrest on the left

Back at the cake, it’s time for the older boys to go. First up is Cooper

And then it was Dylan’s turn

And then they get kicked out

And then it was baby time!

*please be a girl*



M$*@#^ F^@$&*#$ S#&*


I’m done.


I named them Grant and Howie if anyone cares.


12 thoughts on “Chapter 75 – Stalemate

  1. Omg, seriously? What’s up with your game and twin boys right now?! Let’s hope next pregnancy is a girl!

    Honestly I would have moved Zola out anyways lol Xavia is still far enough from elderhood, but at the same time one more baby probably wouldn’t hace Made mucho of a difference lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My game is definitely trolling me hard right now. 4 sets of twin boys? I didnt think it was possible lol

      I did think about moving her out. But if Xavia were to accidentally die, i would lose the challenge because you can’t move sims back in after you moved them out. And since my game is only giving me boys, Zola is my back up option lol


  2. My bame is trolling me hard as well, not sure if it is a glitch or just bad luck. I have the fertile trait and on ley line, and my matriarc, Cassandra, has had 7 sets of single girls in a row. I haven’t cheated for genders either, it just happens, and it is so annoying! So, I feel your pain, just with the opposite gender.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well after finally using ley lines myself my very first pregnancy gave me my very first set of… triplets. I’ve been playing off and on for like 10 years and never had triplets. My lord. And then the matriarch was pregnant right away and had twins. So basically it’s been hell over here. LOL So I now know why your triplets were so difficult!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I jsut started my 100 baby challenge when i have time to play with a toddler around. and right now i’m at 6 kids born and all them boys. i checked MCCC and what do you know the 7th Kid is also a boy. i’m like come on i need girls lol. so i feel ya right now mojot.

    Liked by 1 person

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