Chapter 46 – Full House

Hello! And welcome to a new chapter of my 100 baby challenge! After a six month hiatus where I was focusing on my Wilde ISBI for SimNaNo, it’s time to adventure into my other challenges again! I’ve already posted updates for my Baby Boom and Drifter challenges.

I was really nervous about this one because I know that this game has a really bad habit of stressing me out, but here we are! …And then I remembered that our household is overrun with toddlers at the moment and I almost quit lol

BUT WE PERSEVERE! Let’s age them up and move them out!

We start off with kiddo #41, Oakleigh (thank god for notes, because I forgot everyone’s names… lol)

She’s really pretty now that I get a good look at her.

And here’s her twin bro, kiddo #42, Pierce

And to start the toddler mayhem, we have baby #43, Qiana

She looks ready to start crying. Is it too late to quit?

And here’s her twin brother, baby #44, Roman.

And then there’s baby #45, Sadie. Who, unlike Qiana, is actually crying.


And then there’s her twin sister, baby #46 Tessa. She is currently the only happy toddler in the house. Which I expect of our current heiress.

And here’s our newest edition to the family, baby #47, Uriah. He’s sound asleep. For now anyway.

When we started the game, it’s currently early saturday morning. And the kiddos need to do their homework. So we did that and double checked that their skills were where the needed to be for monday (and they are) so these kids are pretty much on free will for the rest of the weekend.

And that’s okay because all the toddlers are sad about the damn dollhouse being broken.

The best way to keep toddlers occupied it to get them skilling. Tessa already has communication maxed, so she’s working on movement right now. Which is great, because the three stuffed animals we have are currently occupied.

Pierce surprises the hell out of me by autonomously playing the violin. It’s very rare for any of my sims in any of my games to just pick up an instrument and play it.

I love it though!

Dinner time! Sadie is the only toddler not eating because hers was still in the green and she needed sleep more.

Poor Roman was last on the list to get a bath and put to bed. And the poor little guy couldn’t make it until bedtime.

I don’t blame him though. It’s 3am and he’s way beyond bedtime.

I need some teens to help out here. But at least Qiana and Roman are only a day away from their birthday. I always try to get toddler skills up so that I can age them up early, but it never seems to happen. *sigh*

Oakleigh broke the sink and then tried to make up for it by taking out the trash. I’m not impressed.

Inside that red circle is Sadie. Sadie decided to take her rack of lamb all the way UPSTAIRS and to the FURTHEST bedroom from the stairs and eat it there. Yeeesh. What a waste of time lol

She literally passed 3 different toilets in the house on her way out here to the bush. She must be desperate for sunlight if she chooses to go out there lol

I added another money trashcan in the living room. I was getting too lazy to drag all the plates to the kitchen which is on the opposite side of the house lol. Laziness is one of my sims traits, what can I say?

It’s a flying baby!!! Woohoo!!

And here he is! Blonde. Wonderful. I just can’t escape it

And then the bills came. And we can’t afford them. We’re short by $1,100. Guess we’ll have to wait for our garden to grow more stuff to sell.


And these two came home from school with B’s! Yay! this means that they *should* get A’s tomorrow

And then it was the (first set of) twin’s birthday! First up was Qiana!

And then it was Roman’s turn!

And here they are! Obviously that’s Qiana on the left and Roman on the right

This little butt munch has put that plate of food down five different times. She’s starving but SHE WONT EAT THE DAMN FOOD!

This is the look you come home with when no one comes home with A’s. Or in Qiana and Roman’s case, B’s. I’m so disappointed.

This kid wants nothing to do with potty training. And poor Quinn is just exasperated.

lolz. Whoops. I forgot

Damn money tree died. Fuck

Well at least everyone’s grades are up! Qiana and Roman got B’s and Oakleigh and Pierce came home with A’s! so you know what that means!

And of course, Oakleigh went first

And it was Pierce’s turn!

And here they are! Oakleigh is obviously not impressed with me making her do homework right after aging up lol

Ummmmmm, who dafuq are you and why are you in my house? lol apparently this is one of Asher’s kids (he’s got four of them) But I didn’t invite him over and I definitely didn’t invite him into the house lol

NOOOOOOOOO! The spoiled food eating has spread from the Wilde save! Now they allllll do it!

Today is Sadie and Tessa’s birthday! And Tessa is about half a skill bar from maxing thinking which is the last skill she needs to max in order to get top-notch toddler. She better get it otherwise I’m gonna be PISSED

And these are the faces of children who did not come home with A’s. Again.

Also, the guy who’s been struck by lightning in the background kills me! lol

Oh. apparently he’s our mail carrier lol

FINALLY! Thank goodness! Now we can age up the youngest twins.

First up was Sadie since she’s the older one

And then it was Tessa’s turn!

And here we are!! That’s Sadie on the left and Tessa on the right. I’m going to sign Tessa up for scouts since she is still the heir and I want the heir to have EVERYTHING! Which of course stresses me out more…

I don’t think I’d be as stressed if I had less multiples lol

Finally got the option to revive the money tree, so here we are! This had better be a good use of that $1000 i had to use to revive it…

We are 44 pictures into this chapter, and this is our first sighting of Carly! Hiiii!!!

It’s friday and the kids are home from school. And they made me mad. Pierce got an A, but Oakleigh didn’t. So neither of them get to age up. And then Qiana got an A, but Roman did not, so they don’t get to age up either. And Sadie and Tessa are still sitting on C’s.

Now we have to play the WHOLE WEEKEND AGAIN

Tessa joined the scouts and she’s working on her badges! She’s got the scholarly one and the science one already. Now we’re working on the art one and then we’ll do the the giving one

And someone is finally using the slide! Or well, she’s trying to use the slide… As you can see, Oakleigh’s strength is not doing physical activity

The money tree lives! And it’s multiplied! We should be rolling in simoleans when the rest of them grow!

Tessa is still working on scouts. It’s looking more and more like she’s gonna be our heir since Quinn has two days left until her elder birthday and we still have a full house. *sigh*

Then it was Uriah’s birthday! Yay! no more toddlers! (for now)

And here he is! And he is miserable. But the good thing is is that he can TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF FINALLY!

EVERYONE HAS A’s!!!! Well, except Sadie and Tessa. But they both have B’s!

Started with Qiana

Then Roman

And then it was Oakleigh’s turn

And then Pierce!

Here’s Qiana and Roman ready to take on their teenage years

And then it was time to say goodbye to Oakleigh and Pierce.

Finally. This chapter took FOREVER!

Join us next time for what will probably be the last pregnancy of Quinn’s reign. Unless she has a single. Then we can probably squeeze in another one.