Chapter 76 – No Trolling Please

Hello! And welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! …I’m really mad at this save and almost decided to say screw it and just call it finished. 86 babies is close enough to 100, right? Yeah, well, I couldn’t do it. 86 babies is too close to 100 for me to quit at this point. SO! To get done with this challenge as soon as possible, I’m going to solely focus on this one until it’s done.

The goal is to have it finished before Eco Lifestyle comes out. So June 5th. So 14 days. 2 weeks. I can do that. Right?


Anyway, Xavia is tired because she keeps having boys when all she wants is a girl. And I feel the same way.

Because all I want at this point is to feel okay with kicking out kid #78, Zola… My goodness lol

Kid #83, Ezra,

and kid #84, Forrest,

Are both ready for school tomorrow. They’re ready for that A. And so am I. Because I really don’t want them hanging around the house for the whole weekend. Yeah – Tomorrow’s friday… So it’s now or never boys!

And then there’s the newest set of Trolls. Um, I mean boys… baby #85, Grant on the left and baby #86, Howie on the left.

Well, we wasted no time in inviting Enrique over!

And we’re not even trying to hide it from the kids at this point.

Xavia: They’re old enough.

Still gross to see your mom doing that…

Success!! Everyone pray to the Sim Gods that it’s a girl!!

I gotta say, it’s really weird to start a chapter off with no toddlers what-so-ever. Like, I dunno what to do with all my free time without toddlers to micro manage lol

So with nothing left to do, Xavia works on the Servo. Still not sure I wanna have it in the household, but I guess it would be any different than having a kid you can’t move out because you don’t have any younger heiresses…

Fun Fact: Xavia is only 2 days older than Zola at this point lol Which is weird to think about since Xavia is kid #50 and Zola is kid #78 lol

So by the end of this chapter, Zola will be older than her mom

Huh. Someone actually uses the tea pot that we have in the house. We’ve had it for ages, but I didn’t realize that sims actually used it lol

Thankfully, the boys came home from school with A’s so they get to start the weekend off on their own!

So Ezra goes first

And then Forrest gets to go!

And then they were moved out.

And now our house feels really empty. Almost too empty for a 100 baby challenge…

So I was an idiot and started spending reward points on sleep, fun, and hygiene replacements when I should have done MOODLET SOLVERS WHICH FILL ALL THE DAMN NEEDS.

I am apparently a sims n00b even though I’ve been playing for 20 years…

…And now I feel old…

Well, with an empty house and nothing to do (at 4am) we went looking for the next baby daddies!

Everyone meet Oxkar Latte! Yup, he’s another sim from Ciyrose’s Latte Name Game! (Which you should check out if you haven’t already)

Also, this is the first time we’ve used our new “enchanting introduction!”

It didn’t take us long until we were able to make out move. Nowhere near his lips apparently…

Seriously, this animation makes me mad every time. They never actually kiss each other.

But it doesn’t matter because we still ended up in bed lol

I think I forgot to mention that, not only do we have a grove of money trees, but we also get interest money because Xavia finished the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration

Servo activated!

…And I changed it’s color. I like the white better lol

…And it went right outside to play in the snow. Which seems like a logical thing for a robot to do

Kiddos finally grew up! Here’s Grant

And here’s Howie!

So I’m pretty sure this toddler hair is broke lol it does randomly snap back to their heads though, so that’s funny

Whoops. The robot broke…

It’s baby time!

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

FINALLY! I’ll take one girl over no girls! So everyone meet baby #87 Ivy and baby #88, Jensen!

I normally like to end chapters with the births of the new babies, but I didn’t want to waste ANY time in kick out Zola.

So BYE! We’ll see you never again!

And we’ll see all you readers in the next chapter! Until then, toodles!

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