Chapter 78 – Not Again!

Welcome back to the annoying save that is my 100 baby challenge. If you remember from not that long ago, we just welcomed baby #89 and #90 into the family. Much to my dismay they were both BOYS. Killian and Liam.


Moving on, we have kid #85, Grant, who’s taking a quick nap before I make him do his homework.

Meanwhile, kid #86, Howie is already working on his homework.

What a kid

Kid #87, Ivy is busy working on her imagination skill. What a good kid! Skilling without me telling her too!

Here’s how all her skills break down:

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 1: Imagination, Potty

And then there’s kid #88, Jensen. I’m about to wake him up and get him skilling too. After food

Here’s how his skills break down:

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 1: Imagination, Potty

With a full house, we have to wait until Grant and Howie move out to continue. I’m hoping that they get that done tomorrow (friday) otherwise they’re stuck here all weekend…

We’ll see though

They wouldn’t have finished the potty skill (their last skill to get to level 3) before being eligible for school on Friday, so I allowed them to sleep. They’ll age up sometime Friday afternoon which will leave them all weekend to do the child stuff necessary for school on monday.

Friday afternoon and the boys are home with A’s! So it’s time to say goodbye!

First up is Grant

And then Howie got to go

And they were sent on their own

Awe, look at them comparing poops! That’s adorable lol

At this point, usually I’m ready to get Xavia pregnant. But even if I did that now, I wouldn’t have space for more babies in the next chapter since it’s her pregnancy would last until about Monday. And at that point, Ivy and Jensen would still be children. So we’ll wait to get Xavia pregnant until after the weekend.

That will allow us to do lots of toddler training with Killian and Liam before the new baby arrives.

Jensen finishes his potty skill first, followed very closely by Ivy!

So it’s cake time! Ivy goes first

And then in between birthdays, our cake (made by CARLY when she was still alive) spoiled…

So we brought out a different cake from the family inventory and we were ready for Jensen to have his birthday

And right to homework after their makeovers!

Our ghosts were culled… 😥

I wondered why our plumbing was never broken anymore lol

Someone cast a spell on our floating popcorn bowl lol

Birthdays! Here’s Killian

And here’s Liam

Next thing I knew, it was Monday morning! So Xavia called up Alvin for a baby makin’ session while Jensen got himself stuck in the island so that he didn’t have to go to school.

Nice try buddy *resets*

Alvin arrives and they head straight for the shower. Xavia’s hygiene was “low”

Well damn. This is what I get for waiting

So round 2!


Then he tried to LEAVE so we had to convince him to stay…

for round 3!



That literally took 8 hours. Woohoo is a full time job.

The kiddos came home from their first day of school with B’s! Yay!

Potty training is hard work. But it’s their last skill to work on!

What the hell Ivy?! No one asked you to start a fire!

And just like that, both boys finished the potty skill, so it’s cake time!

First up is Killian

And then Liam got to go

After makeovers, here we are! Killian is on the right and Liam is on the left.

Also, I forgot to mention this at their toddler birthday, but they are mermaids!

Um, I think someone needs to tune up the Servo… It’s malfunctioning.

These kiddos came home with A’s!

Ivy goes first!

And then Jensen goes. Jeered on by Liam

Here’s Ivy after her makeover

And here’s Jensen

The next day, while all the kids were in school, we headed out to Oasis Springs to find the next baby daddy!

Everyone meet Chase Cardwell! (donated by Azzywoods) As you can see, we used my new favorite greeting: Enchanting

He wasn’t as into it as Alvin was last chapter

So we had to work for it…

But it didn’t take too long

Back home, our fridge was completely empty, so we had to cook for the first time in a long time lol

Meanwhile, the kids came home from school! The teens both got A’s, so they get birthdays and the kiddos both got B’s!

Heading to the cake first is Ivy

And then it was Jensen’s turn

Now, since Ivy is the heiress, I (once again) cannot move her out.


Xavia better be pregnant with a girl

BUT I did get to move out Jensen!

Xavia helped out her boys with their homework!

Ivy has a sweet tooth and made some ice cream. We’re trying to eat healthy  in this family, Ivy. Ice Cream does not fit in with that.

Our Servo is going around updating all of our sink. Because I’m bored…

Xavia is in labor!

But I’m expecting the boys to get A’s so we’re going to wait for babies until after they get home

Sorry Xavia

Sure enough, they got A’s! So birthdays!

So Killian goes first

And then Liam goes

And here they are. That’s Killian standing and Liam sitting lol

With that done, we can have the baby!



Not again!

At least 2 of them are girls lol

Anyway from left to right: #91 Maya, #92 Niko, #93 Octavia

At least we get to kick out Ivy…

Well I guess join us next time… For triplet madness. Again.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 78 – Not Again!

    1. I don’t even know what to say lol I was so worried that i wasn’t going to have a girl, I never even thought to worry about triplets! lol


      1. I’m just excited to see him procreate. I dumped the Baby Daddies in my town hoping that they’d take advantage of SP and pop out some babies. Neither Solomon nor Alvin have, so I’ll be swiping some babies from here if I run out of good lookers in my town. LOL

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Lmao! I think your game is so excited about being almost done that it wanted to give you a little extra push lol! Let’s hope these tripplets are easy ones!

    Also, just seven babies more! You’re so close!

    Liked by 1 person

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