Chapter 19 – Still Waiting

Welcome back! If you couldn’t tell, Carly looks a little different. I decided it was time to finally give her an elder makeover. She’s one good-looking gma! Okay, moving onto the kids:

Kid #15, Oliver, who looks like he’s just had a hard day at work… kid hasn’t worked a day in his life. Suck it up, buttercup!

Kid #16, Parker! He’s being a good boy and doing his homework!

Kid #17 and heir, Quinn! She’s busy skilling and being way more productive than Oliver.

Kid #18, Reese! Who is currently trying to bother his brother while he’s doing his homework.

Kid #19, Shayne. He’s busy training his voidcritter. His face is telling me that it’s not going so well…

And kid #20, Theo, who’s just having fun playing all by himself.

no rest for the old weary! She is rockin’ that new look though!

Harrison and Mariko had their baby boy who’s named Elliot. Also, I bought each of the kids a journal. Hopefully they’ll use them!

Oh! Bye Carly! Have fun!!

Oliver was tense and bugging me with all his moody faces that I sent him on a jog to “clear his mind” Doesn’t seem to be working does it?

It’s just mommy and Theo! Everyone else is at school, so it’s just the two of them! Poor Theo is nasty though, mommy needs to clean him up!

Quinn and Oliver both came home with A’s! Too bad Quinn’s brothers don’t have A’s, so no birthday for her!

But Oliver can! So birthday time!!

We wasted no time in kicking the boy out. Sorry, Oliver!

Reese is still a C student… Quinn is an A, and Parker has a B… I’m beginning to worry that they’ll have their birthday on their actual birthday and not early… So Reese is going to be micro-managed for a few days.

Oh… Bye again, Carly. Have fun?

Carly: Ugh, I don’t wanna go!

Oliver got married…to his older niece…ugh. At least they won’t be for long. As soon as Quinn ages up to a Young Adult, we’re hopping to a new save. This one is laggy and annoying the hell out of me. SO! When we move, I’ll need to populate the would with men for Quinn! So if any of my readers out there want to submit a male sim for fatherhood, please do!

What the hell!

Carly: *sigh*

She’s literally the only sim in ALL of my saves that get abducted! What is this!?

Parker is an A student! But Reese is not… I believe he’s still a C at this point with a B just on the horizon and a birthday 3 days away… Oh boy.

The older kids were at school when Theo’s birthday notification popped up. So we had his birthday while everyone else out!

He’s so cute!! I see a lot of Marcus in him, around his eyes especially.

So Saturday morning came around and I wondered I had missed the notification of Reese getting an A, so I checked…. I didn’t miss anything. *sigh* I could have sworn that he was closer to an A then THAT! But obviously I was wrong…

Which sucks because it’s the triplet’s birthday. This is the first time that I haven’t been able to age up a child or teen early… damn triplets.

So it’s birthday time!!

And here they are! From left to right: Parker, Quinn, and Reese! Parker and Reese are IDENTICAL. I literally cannot tell them apart when they’re dressed the same. Quinn is so cute and looks a lot like Carly. (Also, I changed her to a male just to see how similar to her brothers she looks and one word: IDENTICAL. I can’t even. Never had completely identical sims in this game before.)

Oh and Quinn rolled the romantic trait! I was gonna give it too her anyway if she didn’t roll it, but now I don’t have to!

Like mother like daughter!

After the triple birthday, Carly spent some time playing with Shayne and the new doll house since apparently we did NOT have one of those… We have everything else, but not that. Well, we fixed that!

Now that they’re teens, they’re expected to help around house. So Parker is fixing the sink.

He got back at me by starting a fire…Rude.

Quinn to the rescue!!

We spent literally ALL our money replacing the stove. So Carly’s painting to get us more money… We need it… lol

I don’t think I mentioned this yet or not this chapter, but I bought all the kids new and better beds. And they each have a desk and chair for homework or journal writing.

Parker’s aspiration is Freelance Botanist, so we’re expanding our garden! (I’ll probably still forget to water/tend it…)

Reese came home with a B, so he’s finally on the same level as the other triplets! It’s about damn time…

Don’t look so sad, Quinn! You need all the cooking experience you can get! You’ll be cooking for a bunch of kiddos in the future!

Quinn: Great…

And with that happy thought, we’re calling an end to this chapter! Next time, I’m playing until she ages up. So we only have one filler chapter left before we get back to the baby making! As mentioned before, if anyone has a male sim that they want to submit as a baby daddy, let me know in the comments!