Chapter 81 – Speechless

Hello and welcome back! We’re down the final 4 kiddos needed! And I can’t wait to be done! So we’re going to jump right into it!

If you remember, we had a single baby girl last chapter! Baby #96 who we named Raelle!

Meanwhile, all the other kids are doing their homework. Right where we left them at the end of the last chapter.

From left to right: #91 Maya, #92 Niko, #93 Octavia, #94 Porter, #95 Quinton.

And because it’s still around, here’s Servo recharging lol

Now the house is full, so we can’t make more babies until the triplets move out. Today is thursday in game, so hopefully the triplets get A’s at school tomorrow that way they aren’t stuck around all weekend.

Because that would suck so close to the end of the challenge lol

Niko decides to chow down on some spoiled food. Because the NUMEROUS plates of not spoiled food weren’t good enough for him lol

Apparently Xavia was struck by lightning… NOT COOL! IF YOU DIE BEFORE THIS CHALLENGE ENDS I’M QUITTING.

….I’m so annoyed. Maya and Niko came home with A’s. But Octavia did not. So now we have to wait ALL WEEKEND before the triplets can (hopefully) move out Monday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the twins are still at C’s. So all around, it was a bad day at school…

This is going to be a long weekend… Time to 3x speed through this lol

Apparently this is the most amount of money you can have in a household. That’s kind of disappointing…

Maya is being an overachiever and is doing her extra credit work…

Raelle had her birthday. She’s adorable! And I can’t believe she’s blonde…

And she gets right to skilling. It’s really weird to only have one toddler to worry about lol

Ugh. This game… it’s just really testing me at the moment.

Octavia got her A, so the triplets can have birthdays. Quinton got a B. Porter would have had one too, but nooooooooooo, he had to be sick.

So it’s cake time! Maya goes first!

And then Niko went

And then it was Octavia’s turn

And then it was time to say goodbye

And we wasted no time in calling over Kris Kringle. We have no time to spare!

And right to bed we went

Damn it!

Round 2!


Round 3…


And this is when I realized that this ENTIRE situation is what happened with Alvin. And Alvin gave us triplets.

I swear, if we get triplets again…

*flips table*

Raelle got all her skills to level 3! So it’s cake time!


And after a makeover and a moodlet solver, she’s ready to gets started on her school work

Boys are home from school. Quinton has an A and Porter has a B. Surprise surprise…

And the next day with all the kiddos at school, we left to find the guy who will (hopefully) be our last daddy!

So we headed off to Sulani! And we visited the shipwreck! And who would you think would live in a shipwreck?

Why, a pirate of course! Everyone meet Flintlock Typhoon! He was kindly donated to us by bookloverblue!

(Also he was the very last sim on my list. So we better finish with him otherwise I know a few Huckle boys who would gladly join the fun…)

He’s a really good looking sim lol and I’m a sucker for some guyliner!

Anyway, things went really well with them lol

This lot doesn’t have a double bed, closet, or working shower (it’s off the grid) so I had to add a bush for some woohoo. But I don’t mind.

And then I discovered that you can actually woohoo in a shower while off the grid. So that’s fun. We did it twice lol

Kids are home from school and the twins now both have A’s and Raelle even managed to get a B on her first day of school!

So it’s cake time! Porter first

And then it was Quinton’s turn

And here’s the after makeover shot! That’s Porter on the left and Quinton on the right.

The grove is back! Yay! It looks so much better now that it’s not missing 10  trees…

Everyone came home from school with an A today! So more birthdays!

Porter goes first

And then Quinton goes

And then Raelle got to go!

And here’s Raelle after her makeover!

And we said goodbye to the trolls.

Xavia made tea! Weird. I guess this is what happens when she’s left on free will for a while lol

Baby time!

…well, after we pee

PLEASE don’t be triplets…

Guys… I just… I don’t have any words anymore… Why are there SO MANY BOYS?!

Well, that’s #97 Simon on the left and #98 Tanner on the right…


Join us next time for probably more freaking boys.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 81 – Speechless

  1. You know? the good thing about this is that at this point you don’t even need to worry about moving Raelle out! You still have space for all the kids you need! Still is so werid that your game is so insistent with twin boys!

    Good luck with the finaly stretch of the challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

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