Chapter 82 – Almost There…

Welcome back! I hope you’re ready for more 100 baby challenge “fun”! And I say “fun” because my save has been anything but lately… damn trolls.

But I’m not gonna finish the challenge complaining about it! So let’s go!

We start things off with kid #96 Raelle playing some video games. And Servo is keeping her company.

And her homework is done, so she can keep playing too!

And then we have our newest set of trolls, baby #97 Simon (left) and #98 Tanner (right)

And we wasted no time in inviting Flintlock over. And just in time too. It’s 11:30 pm. We were close to the “sleeping” response.

And right to the closet.

If you’re keeping track, they’ve woohoo’d in a bush, a shower, and now a closet. There’s nothing “normal” about this couple 😉

And success! Leave it to the pirate to do things right the first time

Raelle is off to hopefully her last day of school!

Caught Xavia working out autonomously. What a weirdo

Also, fun fact, I went through her family tree… and she has a grandson who’s an ELDER. She’s still a young adult…

And she snagged that A!

So it’s cake time!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to move her out or not. I mean, she’s “technically” the heir. But we only need two more kids and I’m *hoping* that Xavia is having twins.

Watch Murphy’s Law come a bit me in the butt.

This girl is obsessed… Geez

Servo tried to make a break for it. Thankfully, Alan stopped him

Troll birthdays! Here’s Simon

And here’s Tanner

See! Servo keeps trying to escape! Look how far away from the house he is!

Toddlers were tired, so we read them both too sleep. Gotta get as much skilling in when I can! lol

It’s new skill day! So we took the opportunity to get the trolls started on the potty skill!

Simon (on the right) has all his skill to level 3! And Tanner is about to get his final skill to level 3! Thank you new skill day! lol

Yup! All skills to level 3!

You know what that means!

Cake time! First up is Simon

And then it was Tanner’s turn.

Fun Fact: They spent a whole ONE DAY as toddlers.

And here they are after makeovers! That’s Simon on the left and Tanner on the right.

They grew up too late Sunday night to go to school on Monday, so they’ll go on Tuesday.

It’s baby time!

And it’s twins! Baby #99 Uriel and baby #100 Vivian!

I was hoping baby 100 would be a girl! It’s just kinda perfect!

Now technically the challenge doesn’t end until we age them all up to young adults, so I’m going to leave this chapter here and we’ll focus on aging up the last kiddos in the LAST chapter!

So join us next time for the FINAL chapter of my 100 baby challenge!


7 thoughts on “Chapter 82 – Almost There…

  1. Yay for the finally baby being a girl! It’s very aproppiate for the challenge!

    Good luck for the final part of the challenge! Can’t wait to see it finished!

    Liked by 1 person

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