Chapter 80 – Birthday Parade

Alright, we’re back again with another 100 baby challenge chapter. *hopefully* we’ll only have a couple updates left. I can see the lights at the end of this tunnel and I’ve floored the gas! Let’s go!

Xavia doesn’t care. She just wants food

Our Servo now has the eco-friendly tech behavior module, so he now autonomously gardens for us which is a HUGE help lol

kID #91, Maya, is up and about. She’s playing with the dollhouse for now working on her imagination.

Her skill levels are:

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 2: Potty

Level 1: Imagination

And here’s kid #92, Niko, who’s sleeping. But not for long. Ima wake him up, feed him, then send him for some skillz

Here’s how he stands right now:

Level 4: (What?) Communication

Level 3: Movement, Thinking

Level 2: Potty

Level 1: Imagination

And this is kiddo #93, Octavia, who is in the same boat as Niko. Wake up, food, skills.

And here’s her list of skills at the moment

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Potty

Aaaand then there’s the newest set of trolls to join our family. That’s baby #94 Porter on the left and baby #95 Quinton on the right.

And then Xavia runs away from her responsibilities by getting abducted.

…Thank a lot, Xavia…

And when she gets back, it is now after midnight, so Brodie is sleeping. And since I don’t want to interrupt the triplet’s skilling, we now have to wait until morning.


Potty training sucks. It’s literally the longest skill to do. It’s the girls’ last skill that they need to level 3. Niko needs potty and to also finish imagination before birthdays.

Xavia takes a moment away from the kids to fix Servo. Not because he’s broken, but so that she can make it help us lol

Maya and Niko both max potty at the same time. That means that Maya is ready for a birthday, she just needs to wait on the rest of the triplets. So she’s on free will for a while. Niko still needs Imagination (which is at level 1) so he’s off to the next station lol

A while later, Octavia also maxes potty which makes her a happy toddler, so she’s ready for a birthday. We’re just waiting on Niko now

It’s daylight out now, so we took the opportunity (while Niko was stuck at the play table) to invite over Brodie!

He obviously said yes and just walked right in the house lol

And we made our way into the bedroom

Success! So we thanked Brodie for a fun time and then kicked him out

Just in time too! Since Niko just got his imagination to level 3!

So it’s birthday time for the triplets!

First up is Maya

Then Niko got to go

And then finally it was Octavia’s turn

After makeovers, all the triplets got moodlet solvers and got right to work on their homework.

From left to right: Niko, Maya, Octavia

I gotta say, Servo has been a LIFESAVER during the last part of this challenge. Between the cooking, nannying, and gardening, it would have made the troll situation worse if I didn’t have the Servo lol

Uhhhhh, Brodie? Why da fuq are you here? Go away

And then we had the twins’ birthday!

Here’s Porter

And here’s Quinton

The triplets came home from their first day of school with B’s! Congrats guys!

Porter and Quinton are allowed to sleep since Xavia took so long getting pregnant. She’s not even in her 3rd trimester yet. So the toddlers get a little break

Well damn. Lots of our tree died…

…not like I need them anymore lol

I ended up losing a total of 10 trees. I did revive them though, so we’ll see how long they last this time lol


These two decided they DIDN’T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL! So they were a couple of hours late… I bet they don’t get A’s today…

Sure enough. They didn’t get A’s. And they look so happy about it too. Meanwhile, Maya (who did get an A) is pissed now that she can’t age up to a teen.

And then I remembered that we hadn’t yet gone to line up the next daddy. So we headed out to find him in Sulani. At 5:30 in the morning.

So, everyone meet Kris Kringle! (heehee, he’s on vacation obviously) He was donated to us by Snazzle!

Oh god… He’s as easy as Alvin was…

Like Alvin, we only needed a total of 3 interactions before the deed was done…

Back home, Quinton just got all his skills to level 3!

And then Porter got all his to level 3 as well

And then Xavia went into labor! …I’m going to do the toddler birthdays first. And by that time, the triplets should be home with A’s so we’ll do those too. And then baby.

Yup. A’s. So let’s start the birthday parade

Starting with the twins, Porter goes first.

Quinton goes next.

Moving onto the triplets, Maya goes first

Then Niko goes

And then, finally, it was Octavia’s turn

Right as the cake spoiled

And it’s the after makeover homework session! From left to right: Maya, Niko (he looked really good in a hat, soooooo), Octavia, Porter, and Quinton

And then it was baby time!!

And it’s a GIRL! Thank god. I think I would have died if the game gave me a boy lol

Anyway, everyone meet baby #96, Raelle!


One thought on “Chapter 80 – Birthday Parade

  1. yaaaay a girl! It’s really great, now the tripplets can all move out at once!
    That hat gives a lot of personality to Niko, I like it!

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