Chapter 28 – Weekend Fun


ahem… Moving on…

Here’s Carly, admiring the picture she put on the family bulletin board. (Which reminds me, I need to move that so it’s not on the window… lol)

Quinn is doing some household chores.

As is baby #23, Whitney. This is why she’s my favorite. I didn’t even need to tell her to do that!

Here’s baby #24 Xavier chatting with Carly

And his twin, #25 Yuma, doing is homework by some dirty dishes

And here’s baby #26, Zelena, taking a quick nap

And the newest addition, baby #27, Asher!

Well, since we have space in the house, I do believe that it’s time for another baby!

Here we are! Let’s hope they’re home!

And he is! Now, let’s meet our next donor!

His name is 채윤식! Or Chae Yoon Sik. Or Yoon Sik Chae.

I watch a lot of Korean variety shows so my immediate instinct is to call him Chae Yoon Sik since they put their last names first lol

Anyway! He was super into our advances so things when really easily

Really. Easily.

Success! Confetti! It’s the sign of a bun in the oven!

haaaaaa, when she “broke the news” we found out this lovely little bit of information. lol, don’t worry dude, you won’t have to be involved in any of the parenting!

Whitney came home with an A (nooooooo 😥 )

So that meant it was time for her to grow up… I’m super bummed about that

Bye Whitney! You will always be my favorite!

Yeah… Our garden has seen better days… But it stays in better shape than the one in my baby boom challenge. I can hire a gardener to help Quinn out, I can’t do that in the baby boom save…

Saturday morning homework session! The twins are soooooooooo close to As, but now we have to wait because it’s the weekend… grrr.

Asher aged up! He’s a cutie!!

Of course we were gardening when she went into labor… Welp we’re off to the hospital!

Hi Chae Yoon Sik!

Bye Chae Yoon Sik!

lololololol And then Myron freaked out! Hey, this isn’t your kid this time!

Welcome to the family baby #28, Brenden! (Another boy…… yippie……)

Damn. I forgot about the bills…

At least we have just enough to pay them…

Well that’s it for now! We’ll see you next time!