Chapter 56 – Midnight Rendezvous

Hello and welcome back! We start things off, once again, with Xavia doing something with food. She reminds me a lot of Carly. Carly was always in the kitchen when we started lol

Kid #53, Arlo is browsing the web

Kid #54, Brock is watching Civic Public Access TV.

Why do all my sims want to watch this?

And here’s kid #55, Cody who’s chatting in a kids chatroom.

He looks so serious.

And here’s baby #56, Damon who’s busy having a rough time. He’s probably crying about Cody’s floating homework.

Or it could be because he needs a bath.

Who knows?

Also, here’s his current skill levels:

Level 3: Communication, Imagination, movement

Level 2: Potty

Level 1: Thinking

And here’s the newest addition to the family, baby #57, Emma.

We called up Connor and we tried to invite him over, but he was sleeping. Which is understandable since it is 3 in the morning lol


So we went to him. I need that baby! lol

And we got right down to business. lol there’s no time to waste!

And success! Thank goodness it didn’t take 5 times

We got to work on getting Damon done with the rest of his skills.

Homework session! They should all get A’s… On monday… Because it’s the weekend. booooo

Kiddos were all sleeping (because it’s 4 in the morning) so we snuck out to find the next baby daddy!

Everyone, meet Ethan Darby! Made for us by Snazzle over on boolprop!

And we sealed the deal. He’s ready for next time!

Morning Sickness hits Xavia for the first time in all her pregnancies.

And she takes her pregnancy frustrations out on the punching bag. A good stress reliever I guess.

This kiddo just got to level 3 in all his skills! So it’s birthday time!

Once momma finished cooking her bass

Cake time!

Oh man! He’s a cutie!

Even if he is blonde lol

Carly still likes to come out and paint during her hauntings.

Emma aged up! Unfortunately she has blonde hair.

But she’s still adorable!

And it’s baby time!

Obligatory father freak out!

Welcome to the family, baby #58 Finn!


Chapter 55 – Birthday Party!

Hello! Welcome back! We start things off once again with Xavia getting food. I dunno why she does this. It’s not like her need is in the yellow, orange, or red at all. It’s still green. Going to the hospital maxes all her needs, so this baffles me.


Kid #51, Yvette is working out. No idea what inspired her to do this…


Kid #52, Zoey is really excited to be watching Civil Public Access…

Another weirdo…

Kid #53, Arlo is off to join his mother in the kitchen looking for food

Kid #54, Brock is also going to find food, but he’s headed into the play room to the fridge that’s in there lol

Baby #55, Cody is having and intense start down with Dino.

His current skills are:

Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Imagination, Thinking

Level 1: Potty

And the newest addition, baby #56, Damon!

This time, since we had to go find our next baby daddy, we did not let Xavia finish her food. We headed right out to Britechester to find him!

Everyone, meet Altair Sephiroth. Kindly donated to us SalemSvartulv!

And, like all the others, he was putty in our hands.

So I wasn’t getting the Woohoo option… And then I realized that the house I moved him into DIDN’T HAVE A DOUBLE BED! It didn’t even have a shower! Damn. What a waste of time lol

So we moved the party home where I knew there was a bed and plenty of showers.

And we got right to it! Bunny slippers and all!

Everyone cross your fingers that it doesn’t take 5 times to get pregnant this time…

One and done! It must have been a donor problem last time lol

With that complete, we can again focus on the babies.

She’s only had 6 kids and she’s maxed the parenting skill! Finally! I love me that Super efficient baby care option! hahaha

Yes, I know. With the current pregnancy, our house is full. But Yvette and Zoey are so close to A’s. I’m positive that they will have them before Baby E is born. So that will leave two spaces in the house. And Arlo and Brock are really close to A’s to become teens, so they’ll be close too.

So we went hunting for the next donor.

This is Connor Andrews! Kindly donated by Ashley745. He’s from The Andrews Legacy over on tumblr.

Also, he is technically Xavia’s uncle… Xavia’s father is Cole Andrews, Conner’s brother.


Familial relation aside, they got on pretty well.

And thankfully, he was in a house with a bed, so we were able to do the woohoo.

Zoey was too tense to do her homework, so I let her have a mud bath to get rid of her tense moodlets. Now she can do her homework.

Arlo and Brock both found the spoiled hamburgers and though that they were okay to eat…

I keep forgetting about our garden… (which is probably why are money trees died…)

Honestly, we probably have enough money to last us until the end of the challenge, but I would feel weird getting rid of our garden at this point lol

Damon aged up! With Blonde hair… yuck.

And we started him on his training right away.

Aw crap… I forgot about the bills…

*pays bills*

It’s birthday day! Everyone came home with A’s!!

Yvette goes first, obviously.

Zoey goes next.

And we kicked them out of the house!

Bye girls!

I probably should have kept Zoey, but since it’s REALLY early in Xavia’s reign, I’m sure we’ll have another girl at some point lol

But yay! Two more spots in the house!

Back to the birthdays! Arlo went next!

And then it was finally Brock’s turn!

And here they are! These good-lookin’ dudes. That’s Arlo on the left and Brock on the right.

All those birthdays took a lot out of Brock.

Poor dude

Cody was feeling left out from the birthday parties so he made sure to get his skills to level 3 so that he could have his too!

And so a birthday cake was brought out from inventory and we had another party!

Look at this cute little nerd! I haven’t had a kid with glasses in a while, so Cody was the lucky winner of the glasses train hahaha

Don’t worry, I’m not hatin’. I’ve worn glasses for over 20 years.

Wow that made me sound old…

And then it was baby time! Thank gawd. It’s about time to wrap up this chapter lol

Obligatory father freak out shot!

Uhhhhh looks like the hospital is short staffed…

How do we check in?!


Don’t worry, they called in the reinforcements!

Well, welcome to the family! Everyone meet Baby #57, Emma!

Chapter 54 – Infertility?

Hello! We’re back! Nothing much to say at the beginning other than LET’S GET TOO IT!

Xavia starts us off by displaying her cooking.

Here’s kiddo #51, Yvette. Don’t let her smile fool you, she’s sad about the broken dollhouse.

And here’s Kid #52, Zoey on her way to the bathroom. We’ll give her some privacy.

And here’s baby #53, Arlo. He’s also sad about the dollhouse, so he’s seeking some comfort from Dino.

Here’s his skill break down at the moment:

Level 3: Communication, Imagination, Movement

Level 2: Thinking

Level 1: Potty

And here’s baby #54, Brock. He’s just being a cheese.

Here’s his skill break down at the moment:

Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Imagination, Thinking

Level 1: Potty

And here’s the newest addition, Baby #55, Cody!

We let Xavia finish her food and then we invited over Cordell

…but it’s 3:30 AM… so we have to wait lol

This is Brock getting his imagination up to level 3!

Morning came and we finally got Cordell over.

Shower woohoo is definitely their thing. But they couldn’t be bothered to walk across the house to the bed lol

Damn. Now they have to try again.

Round 2!

Hot damn. Cordell is giving me problems.

Do you think the third time’s the charm? I hope so. He tried to leave, but I cornered him before he could actually escape.


Is infertility a thing in this game?!

Well, let’s try again…

The baby’s just crying in the background… ruining the mood.

lol whoops

Not even surprised at this point…. *sigh*

Attempt #5…

The girls came home from school with Bs!

And they’re both tired…

He left before I could take the pregnancy test…

Apparently round five was too much for him

But I guess it’s okay because we FINALLY got pregnant.


never again

It’s the weekend. So the girls are stuck at Bs until monday at least. Great.

This has not been a good chapter for Xavia.

Brock has reached level 3 in all his skills! Now we just have to wait for Arlo to finish the potty skill.

ah… crap. This is what happens when you ignore the garden… Whoops

Looky Looky, here is Cody! This little nugget aged up!

And he started right in on his skill building. This should be a lot easier than his older brothers and sisters since he’s a single and I don’t have to juggle two at a time lol

This french toast is Xavia maxing the cooking skill! I feel like that went really fast.

Must be because of all her extra traits lol

And that’s level three in all skills for Arlo! So it’s birthday time for the boys!

As the oldest of the two, Arlo goes first.

And as the youngest of the two, Brock goes last.

And here they are! Arlo is the one doing homework and Brock is the angry looking one on the right lol

Family bonding!

Just missing Yvette and Cody who are both sleeping

This little bugger is already at level 3 communication and movement. As well as level 2 of thinking

The girls came home with A’s and the boys with B’s! So it’s birthday time for the girls!

So dirty Yvette goes first.

And then it was Zoey’s turn.

And here they are! It’s nice to have teens in the house! Even if they won’t be around much longer lol

That’s Yvette on the right and Zoey on the left

Xavia when into labor. And then I realized I FORGOT TO LINE UP OUR NEXT DONOR! Damn. We’re gonna have to work for that next time.

Obligatory daddy freak-out!!

And then *poof*

Welcome to the family baby #56, Damon!

Chapter 53 – Spoiled

Hello! Welcome back! We’re continuing with our push 100 baby challenge chapters! (I have a whole schedule I’m going by for which challenges I play and when lol) And this one is play most of the time lol

I’m determined to finish it soon(ish)!

So let’s get too it!

We start things off with Xavia chowing down on an expired burger. I can’t believe that this is still a thing in this game…

Babies #51 and #52, Yvette and Zoey are busy taking a nap.

As I’ve decided to actually try and get their skills to level 3 to age them early, here’s where they stand:


Level 3: Communication

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Movement, Potty, and Thinking


Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Potty, Thinking

And there’s the two newest additions to the family! Baby #53, Arlo and Baby #54, Brock

We let Xavia finish her spoiled food and then we invited over Elliot. It’s time for some baby makin!

But then the food strikes back!

But Elliot came over anyway. And he even took out our trash!

And he mopped up some puddles! Can we hire him as a maid? He’s great!

But don’t worry! We didn’t make him work the whole time he was here!

And we thanked him for his hard work.

I don’t think he complained too much.

I mean, I wouldn’t if I was him.

And we were successful! Baby incoming!

Huh. I don’t think Arlo is a fan of Quinn.

… *sigh* she’s eating more spoiled food…

Zoey has level 3 in all her skills expect potty. So she’s off to potty train.

And Yvette has level 3 in all skills expect thinking. So she’s  off to watch Zoey potty train lol

Spoiler: The “watch” interaction doesn’t increase thinking if they are watching someone use the potty… Bummer


Yvette is the first to get all her skills to level 3!

She still has to wait for Zoey before she’s able to age up.

And with a little help from mom, Zoey masters the potty!

So it’s birthday time! And they were only toddlers for 3 days! It’s a miracle!

Yvette obviously goes first!

And then it was Zoey’s turn!

And here they are! The excited one is Yvette. The sad looking one is Zoey lol

And then it was the boy’s turn! Here’s little Arlo

Look at that amazing red hair!

And his bro, Brock!

I don’t miss the blonde

With toddlers and kids, we’ve wiped out our food stock. So Xavia was spending some quality time with the stove

Took a break from cooking to take a quick trip to Glimmerbrook! We’re here to meet out next donor!

Everyone, meet Cordell Harrison! Made for us by snazzle last year for Secret Santa over on BoolProp

As a romantic sim, Cordell was putty in our hands

Like I said. Putty

Have fun you two!

We left right after that and went right back too cooking

The boys are hard at work. Arlo is working on Imagination after finishing communication. And Brock is working on communication after finishing movement.

Yvette is a klepto. I don’t think I mentioned that yet. So we’re going to be collecting dirty plate piles. Wonderful

It’s baby time!!

Obligatory father freak-out before the poof!

Just one baby this time! Everyone meet baby #55, Cody!

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for more babies! and probably more birthdays!



Chapter 52 – Here We Go Again…

Hello! And we’re back! Look at Xavia all smiles. Just wait until she’s got a household full of kiddos driving her nuts!

And speaking of kiddos, here’s the newest members of the family! That’s baby #51 Yvette on the right and baby #52 Zoey on the left.

Since she’s not pregnant anymore, it’s time to fix that! So we invited over Sir Milton!

And he came over sans helm today! So now I can prove that he’s blonde lol

And just when things were getting good, the twins became needy. Wonderful.

And we found a quick break in child rearing for a romp in the sheets.

(A real quick break because as they were getting on the bed, Yvette started crying…)

After a quick diaper change for Yvette, we found out we were expecting! So we said goodbye to Sir Milton and kicked him out of the house.

Kiddos were napping so we were able to spend some time in the garden to build our skill.

And we were also able to squeeze in some cooking practice as well!  But ummmm…. She looks really scary with those knives…

and when she was finished she put the food ON THE FLOOR! What kind of crazy is that?!

Oh great. Quinn is mad. Now she’s gonna go around and break our stuff.

Like our doll house… wonderful

And I found other stuff that Quinn broke. Thanks a lot.

…we have a trash plant. Ugh. I loathe trash plants…

The kids are on opposite schedules. And I hate it. As soon as she walks to the other side of the house, one of them starts crying.

It’s the twin’s birthday, but Xavia is ruining it by needing to pee.

So pee first, birthdays next.

First up was Yvette. I’m not surprised by the blonde. But I do love the purple eyes!

And then it was Zoey’s turn! She also got the blonde hair and purple eyes.

So my goal is to get all the toddlers to level 3 in all their skills so that I can age them up early. Because I’ve discovered that what holds me back is the fact that my toddlers are toddler for the full 7 days. So hopefully, I’ll be able to get them aged up early and keep going without having so many filler chapters.

Of course it would help if there were less toddlers for me to deal with at a time. So I took out the on ley line lot trait (turned it off before Xavia got pregnant). So hopefully I’ll have less twins.

Which is a really weird thing to say when you’re playing a 100 baby challenge.

I did give Xavia the fertile trait though. (Did that before I decided I didn’t want multiples lol)

With the imminate arrival of the new baby looming, it was time to find the next donor!

So we headed to Sulani! And Xavia looks like she is READY for what’s about to happen!

Everyone meet Elliot McCann! Kindly donated to us by Azzywoods!

As you can tell, we’re sticking with the blonde thing first.

Damn, that polite introduction takes all the fight outta the hunt man! Too easy!

(But that’s okay! Because the last thing I need is for donors to fight me on this lol)

This picture is funny lol. Her face looks like she’s unsure, but her reflection in the mirror looks like she’s really happy hahaha

Got in some woohoo and it was time to go home

And a few hours later, it was baby time!

Obligatory father freak out!

I tried to keep him from poofing. I used the “calm emotions” interaction in the hopes that he would stick around.

Spoiler: It didn’t work. He’s a poofer.

Fun Fact: our doctor is our half-sister-in-law lol

She’s married to Roman. From waaaaaaaaaaaay back when lol

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s twins… geez.

So! Everyone welcome baby #53, Arlo on the left and baby #54, Brock on the right!

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for more babies!


Chapter 51 – It’s A New Era

It has arrived. The moment I’ve been waiting for for forever! A matriarch that doesn’t have blonde hair OR blue eyes! I’m soooooo looking forward all the red-haired babies and the green eyes!

I have high expectations for you, Xavia! Are you ready?

Xavia: Hell yeah!

Good to hear! Let’s find a donor!

So we wasted absolutely NO TIME in hunting down a donor!

And then this is when I realized that I moved him into an empty shell… Whoops… I guess we woo him and then invite him over lol

I gotta say, the polite introduction is niiiiiiice. Instant friends!

Any ways! This is Darius Sephiroth. Kindly donated by SalemSvartulv! Thank you!

Also, I’m gonna do the blonde donors early, so that if we need a 4th matriarch, they aren’t blonde lol

And lemme tell you, he was super easy! He should at least make her work for it since it’s her first time lol

ah. Winter. This puts a damper on things. I guess we’re moving the party home sooner than I planned lol

This may look like a regular hug, but it’s something new that I haven’t seen before… It’s called “Warm up with body heat”

I thought that was cool.

I’ve not used the shower woohoo since it was added with University. And what better way to try it out than with some baby-makin?!

Worth. Every. Second.

And we wasted no time in taking the test, which was easy since it was in the same room as the shower we just got out of lol

But we were successful! Baby incoming!

And we got Xavia started on the gardening right away. Have to keep the garden (read money trees) alive!

And speaking of our money trees, remember last chapter when I said that we lost two and needed to wait until Xavia could revive them? Well apparently, sometime between them dying, me closing the game, reopening the game, they revived themselves. So that’s cool! Now we just need them to grow lol

Xavia managed to successfully make food without really burning anything. And as I just typed that I remembered that she did some grilling before aging up, so her cooking still is already at level 3 lol

We’re doing a little bit of programming. Working on some aspirations. We have rewards traits to buy!

We do already have the fertile trait, but now I want some of the weather related ones.

So something different that I’m going to do with Xavia’s reign is that I’m going to already have the next donor lined up before she gives birth. To hopefully keep her pregnant long enough to make it through LOTS more babies than Quinn and Carly.

Hey! This one’s furnished! Yay!

Everyone, meet Sir Milton Hedgeworthy! Kindly donated to us by bookloverblue!

In keeping with my determination to choose blonde males first, I made sure to double check that he was blonde underneath that helm.

He is.

oh man! Look at that super “sexy” pose! He’s really working it!

Hmmm… I wonder how that works?

Well, we woohoo’d and then went home. He’s already to go when we’re ready!

More aspiration stuff.

Man, I forgot how boring it is when you only have one sim…

…She’s gone crazy! She’s talking with the weathersim in the TV!

More aspiration stuff.

Also don’t mind her sad face. Some relation died. No idea who it was though. I can’t keep track of people anymore lol


We went to the hospital. I might do this with Xavia. I love the daddy freak outs lol

Also, it’s nice to know that the immediate poof after the freak out is still a thing lol

TWINS! Damn, Xavia is out like a rocket on the first pregnancy!

So! Everyone meet the first babies of Xavia’s reign! Baby #51, Yvette on the right and Baby #52, Zoey on the left!

So we’ll end this one here! Join us next time for MORE BABIES!


Chapter 50 – Wonder Child

Hello hello! We’re back again with my 100 baby challenge! I’ve decided to make this one my main challenge for the time being (I’ll still update the other ones, but this will be my main focus) since it’s probably the next closest one to being finished.

And as always we start a chapter with a check in of all the kiddos! Here’s kid (adult…) #48, Valerie! She’s being a good caretaker and tending the garden for me since Xavia is still too young to do so.

Kiddo #49 is busy taking a nap. Which is dumb. It’s 8:30 pm. She should just go to bed. *sigh*

And finally, kiddo #50, Xavia. As you can see, Xavia is quite the character and I can already tell her reign as matriarch is gonna be a wild one!

Also, I know I said last chapter that I was gonna age her up right away and try and squeeze in a nooboo in this chapter, but I feel it’s only right to officially end Quinn’s chapters with Xavia becoming a YA. So this chapter might be a bit shorter than normal, but I’ll try and get in as much content as I can. I want to try to get a few of the character value traits, but I’m not going to strain myself to do them…

Especially since two of them are in the red lol

Xavia is hard at work trying to raise her responsibility. It’s one of the ones in the red. She did her homework and her extra credit and now she’s working on projects.

I’ve also been having Valerie teach her how to say sorry since it’s one of the easiest ways that I know of to try and raise conflict resolution.

Willow and Xavia aged up! Naturally! lol That’s Willow on the left and Xavia on the right.

Fun Fact: Xavia managed to get manners and conflict resolution all the way to the top of the green bar before aging up. And Responsibility is just below the range for the responsible trait.

Emotional control is still in the red and emapthy is half-way filled to the green.

We did some midnight volunteering to help with our empathy. And in doing so tanked the little progress we had made on our emotional control.

So we went for a jog to clear our mind. Which doubled as emotional control building and her get fit scouting badge!

Obviously ranting about stress is stressful. I’ve left her with no fun for a couple of days now. Just so that there’s always something to write about to help her with her emotional control.

We lost two money trees 😥 of all the plants that could have died, why did it have to be two of these? *sigh* Well, now they’re just gonna sit there and hopefully don’t go anywhere before Xavia can revive them. I have not idea how long they can sit before something happens.

Everyone was freezing to death because I forgot to adjust the thermostat. Whoops. Problem solved and situation fixed!

The girls came home with A’s!! Normally I would say AGE THEM UP! But Xavia is so close to finishing scouts. She’s halfway through her final badge, so we’ll get that finished. And she has all the character values in range except responsibility. But doing her homework and extra credit will get that in range. So hopefully we’ll have them aged up before they have to go to school tomorrow!

That finishes the character traits!

And this completes the scouts!

Which means only one thing!!

It’s birthday time!! Obviously Willow goes first

And then it was finally Xavia’s turn!

Then it was time to kick our Valerie and Willow. Bye girls!

Guys. This is ridiculous. I’ve never done this with a sim before. Getting all the special traits before aging up to young adult.

And I’ve just realized that I essentially completed a wonder child challenge inside my 100 baby challenge.


And that officially wraps up Quinn’s reign! Xavia officially takes over starting in the next chapter!