Chapter 70 – Full House; Full Life

Hello and welcome back! We start things off right away with Xavia mopping up a non-existent puddle.

No idea why.

Kid #70, Rylee is taking out the trash, just killing time until school tomorrow. She’s got a B right now and her homework is done, so she should be getting an A.

Kid #71, Sarah is on her way to chat on the computer. She’s in the same boat as Rylee. B in school and homework is done. Just waiting for school tomorrow.

Kid #72, Talia is snoozing. But not for long. The toddlers with be skilling non-stop so that they can age up. If they pass out, oh well. The only breaks allowed are food breaks lol

Her skills are currently at:

Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Thinking

Level 1: Imagination, Potty

Kid #73, Uma is skilling. Good girl. She knows what’s up.

Her skills are at:

Level 3: Communication, Thinking

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Movement, Potty

And our newest kiddos. Triplets…… Baby #74, Violet, is the girl on the left, Baby #75, Wyatt, is the boy on the right, and Baby #76, Xander, is the boy in the middle.

And with this our house is FULL. This is the first time that Xavia has had a full household. She’s had 26 kids so far and this is the first time we’ve had to pause on the baby making.

Also, fun fact: She’s only 3 days into her YA life stage lol So we still have plenty of time.

Uma is working on her final skill: Potty

And Talia is working on her last skill: Imagination. Talia rolled the Independent trait which is why her’s wasn’t potty, she didn’t need mommy’s help lol

The older girls (Sarah weirdly turned invisible at the bottom of the stairs) are off to *hopefully* their last day of grade school

Uma finishes her skills first, so she gets to nap while waiting for Talia

And as predicted, the older girls came home with A’s!

So Rylee goes first!

And then Sarah gets the cake!

And while Sarah was aging up, Talia got her final skill to level 3! So the twins get birthdays too!

Talia goes first!

And then Uma

Alright, after makeovers, everyone gets started on their homework!

From left to right: Rylee, Sarah, Talia, and Uma

And then after the homework was done, Talia and Uma got right to work on the vampire lore skill. And the both got to level 4, so they are officially good to go!

There was a lull in caring for the triplets that we had time to take care of the garden

Successful day at school! The teens now have A’s and the twins have B’s!

So Rylee gets another cake!

And so does Sarah!

And then we said goodbye to them

And with space in the house, we invited Indigo over to continue the baby making

And we got right to work!

Well then. That’s rude.

So we tried again


Since she was sad because of the failed pregnancy tests, she was too sad to try again. So we had to get a moodlet solver to fix that

Maybe he’s just can’t perform in a shower. So we moved to a closet

And this time it worked. Thank goodness, because Indigo left after that last round. Too much woohoo for him I guess.

Then it was time for the triplets’ birthdays. Ugh. Now they’re toddlers…

After makeovers: Here’s Violet

Here’s Wyatt

And here’s Xander!

These two came home with A’s! So it’s cake time!

Talia goes first

And then Uma!

And here they are in all their teenage glory! …working on homework

I allowed the toddlers to sleep. They were being unproductive lol

Potty training triplets sucks lol At least Wyatt is independent, so he doesn’t need mom to get him to level 2 lol

And then the twins came home with A’s! Thank goodness, since today was Friday…

So it’s cake time!

Talia goes first!

Then it was Uma’s turn!

Then we kicked them out.

Hard to believe they started this chapter as Toddlers lol

And with the twins out of the house, I took this moment to send the triplets to daycare and went to look for the next baby daddy

Everyone meet Dean Stevenson! He was kindly donated by Azzywoods!

Hook, line, sinker. He’s ready!

Violet and Wyatt both have all their skills to level 3 except for potty.

Xander has level 3 in communication, imagination, and potty. And level 2 in movement and thinking.

And Xavia is just about to get into her 3rd trimester, so they should be aged up before the next nooboos arrive.

Xander is the first to get his skills to level 3

Followed immediately by Wyatt.

Violet JUST got her potty skill to level 2, so she’s got a bit yet. But the other two can now sleep!

Mom was finally called in to help Violet finish the potty skill

So birthdays!

Violet goes first

And then it was Wyatt’s turn

And finally, Xander

After makeovers: Here’s Violet

Here’s Wyatt

And finally, Xander. Now it’s Saturday and all their needs are trash. So I’m gonna let them get back into good moods before I start doing homework and skills.

Your welcome kids.

And it’s baby time! Now, I know I said no more hospital births, but I want the needs boost for Xavia right now. So we’re off to the hospital!

Hospital trips of course mean father freak outs!

And it’s a single baby girl! This is gonna be a breeze after twins and then triplets lol

Everyone meet baby #77, Yanna!

And with that, we bring this REALLY long post to a close! Join us next time!

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