Chapter 71 – No Moar Chaos

Hello and welcome back! After that last chapter, I needed a small break from this challenge lol Skilling those triplets took a lot out of me ahahaha!

But we’re back and Xavia is READY to keep this challenge moving!

Here’s kiddo #74, Violet, playing on the monkey bars. As it’s Sunday, we’ll be kicking her off soon so that she can do her homework and get her skills up.

Because at this point, she’s hasn’t completed any of those things lol

And here’s kiddos #75, Wyatt (blue) and #76, Xander (yellow) who are both browsing the web. And like Violet, neither of them have their homework done or the skills needed. So they get kicked off the computers

And here’s our newest addition, baby #77, Yanna!

And moving on, we get right to inviting Dean over!

……………………and then I got the notification that DeAn Is SlEePiNg so we have to go to him.


And what do you know? We get there and he is most definitely NOT sleeping.


We didn’t waste anytime with foreplay and got right to it.

Success on the first try. So we said “See you never” to Dean and left

typical. We get home and the baby needs attention.

So we sacrificed Yanna to the Super efficient baby gods

Wyatt is an erratic sim. So he’s telling himself a story. And by the looks of it, it doesn’t look like a particularly nice story.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m sick of this garden lol

So later, I redo the garden. I sold all the regular plants and planted 14 more money trees.

We’re going to be ROLLING in cash. Damn

…It turns out Violet isn’t having it any easier as a child than she did as a toddler lol

This chapter is really weird… There’s no toddlers in the house occupying all my time.

I feel like I’m forgetting to do something lol

The kids are off to their first day of school! And Wyatt is dead on his feet. Damn.

School is done for the day and they’re all at B’s now!

Also, they all definitely had different experiences at their first day of schools lol

With the kids home from school and Yanna just taken care of, we went in search of our next baby daddy!

Everyone, meet Yuri Latte. Of ciyrose’s Latte name game challenge! It’s hilarious and you should definitely check it out here!

Also, he was somewhat of a celebrity. And he wanted nothing to do with Xavia.

Now we can’t have that, so I made him normal again.

Also, nice to know his evil ways have made their way into my game lol

With their terrible introduction, we actually have to work for this one.

Damn Yuri.

Okay, I may have spoke too soon. He was actually REALLY receptive to Xavia advances.

AND THEN HE GAVE US A FLOWER! I’m pretty sure that’s a first for this challenge. Wow.

Man I wish I could woohoo with a view like that! Wow!

Back home, Yanna aged up! Now we’re back to the toddler grind.

Violet snuck herself into the toddler wing. Which is LOCKED for children. And now she can’t get herself out.

So when she finishes that food, I’ll have to teleport her out.


This guy is determined not to do his homework. I’ve had the most trouble getting him to finish. The other triplets haven’t had any issues.

Oh damn. I forgot about the bills. Whoops.

The kiddos came home with A’s! So it’s cake time!

Also, Xander is always in a good mood. I’m gonna miss that kid when he’s gone lol

Violet goes first as the oldest

And then Wyatt goes

And finally, Xander gets the cake

And here they are! And as you can see, we started right on the homework

Yanna gets started on her potty skill!

….and then she passes out… whoops

Baby time!!


And it’s a girl! And a single! Wow, I’m shocked lol

So everyone meet baby #78, Zola!

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time when we restart the alphabet!