Chapter 71 – No Moar Chaos

Hello and welcome back! After that last chapter, I needed a small break from this challenge lol Skilling those triplets took a lot out of me ahahaha!

But we’re back and Xavia is READY to keep this challenge moving!

Here’s kiddo #74, Violet, playing on the monkey bars. As it’s Sunday, we’ll be kicking her off soon so that she can do her homework and get her skills up.

Because at this point, she’s hasn’t completed any of those things lol

And here’s kiddos #75, Wyatt (blue) and #76, Xander (yellow) who are both browsing the web. And like Violet, neither of them have their homework done or the skills needed. So they get kicked off the computers

And here’s our newest addition, baby #77, Yanna!

And moving on, we get right to inviting Dean over!

……………………and then I got the notification that DeAn Is SlEePiNg so we have to go to him.


And what do you know? We get there and he is most definitely NOT sleeping.


We didn’t waste anytime with foreplay and got right to it.

Success on the first try. So we said “See you never” to Dean and left

typical. We get home and the baby needs attention.

So we sacrificed Yanna to the Super efficient baby gods

Wyatt is an erratic sim. So he’s telling himself a story. And by the looks of it, it doesn’t look like a particularly nice story.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m sick of this garden lol

So later, I redo the garden. I sold all the regular plants and planted 14 more money trees.

We’re going to be ROLLING in cash. Damn

…It turns out Violet isn’t having it any easier as a child than she did as a toddler lol

This chapter is really weird… There’s no toddlers in the house occupying all my time.

I feel like I’m forgetting to do something lol

The kids are off to their first day of school! And Wyatt is dead on his feet. Damn.

School is done for the day and they’re all at B’s now!

Also, they all definitely had different experiences at their first day of schools lol

With the kids home from school and Yanna just taken care of, we went in search of our next baby daddy!

Everyone, meet Yuri Latte. Of ciyrose’s Latte name game challenge! It’s hilarious and you should definitely check it out here!

Also, he was somewhat of a celebrity. And he wanted nothing to do with Xavia.

Now we can’t have that, so I made him normal again.

Also, nice to know his evil ways have made their way into my game lol

With their terrible introduction, we actually have to work for this one.

Damn Yuri.

Okay, I may have spoke too soon. He was actually REALLY receptive to Xavia advances.

AND THEN HE GAVE US A FLOWER! I’m pretty sure that’s a first for this challenge. Wow.

Man I wish I could woohoo with a view like that! Wow!

Back home, Yanna aged up! Now we’re back to the toddler grind.

Violet snuck herself into the toddler wing. Which is LOCKED for children. And now she can’t get herself out.

So when she finishes that food, I’ll have to teleport her out.


This guy is determined not to do his homework. I’ve had the most trouble getting him to finish. The other triplets haven’t had any issues.

Oh damn. I forgot about the bills. Whoops.

The kiddos came home with A’s! So it’s cake time!

Also, Xander is always in a good mood. I’m gonna miss that kid when he’s gone lol

Violet goes first as the oldest

And then Wyatt goes

And finally, Xander gets the cake

And here they are! And as you can see, we started right on the homework

Yanna gets started on her potty skill!

….and then she passes out… whoops

Baby time!!


And it’s a girl! And a single! Wow, I’m shocked lol

So everyone meet baby #78, Zola!

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time when we restart the alphabet!

Chapter 70 – Full House; Full Life

Hello and welcome back! We start things off right away with Xavia mopping up a non-existent puddle.

No idea why.

Kid #70, Rylee is taking out the trash, just killing time until school tomorrow. She’s got a B right now and her homework is done, so she should be getting an A.

Kid #71, Sarah is on her way to chat on the computer. She’s in the same boat as Rylee. B in school and homework is done. Just waiting for school tomorrow.

Kid #72, Talia is snoozing. But not for long. The toddlers with be skilling non-stop so that they can age up. If they pass out, oh well. The only breaks allowed are food breaks lol

Her skills are currently at:

Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Thinking

Level 1: Imagination, Potty

Kid #73, Uma is skilling. Good girl. She knows what’s up.

Her skills are at:

Level 3: Communication, Thinking

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Movement, Potty

And our newest kiddos. Triplets…… Baby #74, Violet, is the girl on the left, Baby #75, Wyatt, is the boy on the right, and Baby #76, Xander, is the boy in the middle.

And with this our house is FULL. This is the first time that Xavia has had a full household. She’s had 26 kids so far and this is the first time we’ve had to pause on the baby making.

Also, fun fact: She’s only 3 days into her YA life stage lol So we still have plenty of time.

Uma is working on her final skill: Potty

And Talia is working on her last skill: Imagination. Talia rolled the Independent trait which is why her’s wasn’t potty, she didn’t need mommy’s help lol

The older girls (Sarah weirdly turned invisible at the bottom of the stairs) are off to *hopefully* their last day of grade school

Uma finishes her skills first, so she gets to nap while waiting for Talia

And as predicted, the older girls came home with A’s!

So Rylee goes first!

And then Sarah gets the cake!

And while Sarah was aging up, Talia got her final skill to level 3! So the twins get birthdays too!

Talia goes first!

And then Uma

Alright, after makeovers, everyone gets started on their homework!

From left to right: Rylee, Sarah, Talia, and Uma

And then after the homework was done, Talia and Uma got right to work on the vampire lore skill. And the both got to level 4, so they are officially good to go!

There was a lull in caring for the triplets that we had time to take care of the garden

Successful day at school! The teens now have A’s and the twins have B’s!

So Rylee gets another cake!

And so does Sarah!

And then we said goodbye to them

And with space in the house, we invited Indigo over to continue the baby making

And we got right to work!

Well then. That’s rude.

So we tried again


Since she was sad because of the failed pregnancy tests, she was too sad to try again. So we had to get a moodlet solver to fix that

Maybe he’s just can’t perform in a shower. So we moved to a closet

And this time it worked. Thank goodness, because Indigo left after that last round. Too much woohoo for him I guess.

Then it was time for the triplets’ birthdays. Ugh. Now they’re toddlers…

After makeovers: Here’s Violet

Here’s Wyatt

And here’s Xander!

These two came home with A’s! So it’s cake time!

Talia goes first

And then Uma!

And here they are in all their teenage glory! …working on homework

I allowed the toddlers to sleep. They were being unproductive lol

Potty training triplets sucks lol At least Wyatt is independent, so he doesn’t need mom to get him to level 2 lol

And then the twins came home with A’s! Thank goodness, since today was Friday…

So it’s cake time!

Talia goes first!

Then it was Uma’s turn!

Then we kicked them out.

Hard to believe they started this chapter as Toddlers lol

And with the twins out of the house, I took this moment to send the triplets to daycare and went to look for the next baby daddy

Everyone meet Dean Stevenson! He was kindly donated by Azzywoods!

Hook, line, sinker. He’s ready!

Violet and Wyatt both have all their skills to level 3 except for potty.

Xander has level 3 in communication, imagination, and potty. And level 2 in movement and thinking.

And Xavia is just about to get into her 3rd trimester, so they should be aged up before the next nooboos arrive.

Xander is the first to get his skills to level 3

Followed immediately by Wyatt.

Violet JUST got her potty skill to level 2, so she’s got a bit yet. But the other two can now sleep!

Mom was finally called in to help Violet finish the potty skill

So birthdays!

Violet goes first

And then it was Wyatt’s turn

And finally, Xander

After makeovers: Here’s Violet

Here’s Wyatt

And finally, Xander. Now it’s Saturday and all their needs are trash. So I’m gonna let them get back into good moods before I start doing homework and skills.

Your welcome kids.

And it’s baby time! Now, I know I said no more hospital births, but I want the needs boost for Xavia right now. So we’re off to the hospital!

Hospital trips of course mean father freak outs!

And it’s a single baby girl! This is gonna be a breeze after twins and then triplets lol

Everyone meet baby #77, Yanna!

And with that, we bring this REALLY long post to a close! Join us next time!

Chapter 69 – Oh No…

Welcome back everyone! We’re going to jump right in here with Xavia cleaning up and reminiscing about the good time that she just recently had in that closet.

Kid #70, Rylee is browsing some kid-friendly websites. But not for long. She still needs a skill to level 4 and she needs to do her homework. She’s at a C right now and will stay like that for a few days because it is Friday afternoon. Welcome to the weekend…

Kid #71, Sarah is on her way to get some popcorn

Here’s how her skills are at the moment:

Level 3: Communication

Level 2: Movement

Level 1: Imagination, Potty, Thinking

And here are the newest members, Twins #72, Talia (right) and #73, Uma (left)

Uma is in need of a diaper change…

We took care of Uma and called up Solomon right away!

And things got hot and heavy real quick.

He was so excited to see if he was going to be a father that he FOLLOWED her into the bathroom lol

Well, his wish came true and we’re expecting!

Rylee is good to go for school on monday! Vampire skill to level 4 and her homework is done!

And we’re off to Oasis Springs to look for the new dad!

Everyone meet Indigo Maxwell! He was kindly donated to us by Bookloverblue! Thank you so much!

Oh my god, her boobs are HUGE! It hurts my back just thinking about it…

And he’s ready for the next chapter!

Sarah finally got her last skill to level 3, so it’s time for a birthday!

So it’s cake time!!

And here she is! Excited to get started on her homework! …Okay maybe not excited…

And the twins had a birthday! Here’s Talia

And here is Uma!

And they both got right to work skilling!

This is Sarah getting her Vampire Lore skill to level 4 and her homework is done, so she is also ready for school on Monday! So Sarah and Rylee should be on the same schedule to move out together. *cross fingers*

Everyone is sleeping at the same time! I can’t believe it!

Also, we’re rolling in the money. Thank goodness for money trees!

I honestly can’t remember the last time I repaired anything. I usually just replace it since I have all the money lol

I still can’t get over the boobs lol

Obligatory garden shot.

Honestly I don’t care about anything except the money trees lol

The older girls came home from school with B’s! So they’re having no problems!

(So far…)

And the younger girls are enjoying an early dinner together

In the middle of giving Talia a bath, Xavia goes into labor!

We did give Uma a bath too before we headed to the bassinets.

Baby time!


*if you read my ISBI, you know just how much I loathe triplets at the moment. But at least I can control these ones lol)

SO! Everyone meet (from left to right) baby #74 – Violet, Baby #76 – Xander, and Baby #75 – Wyatt!

Well that’s it for this update! Join us next time for hopefully no hair pulling out by mojo.

Chapter 68 – Efficient

Welcome back! We start this chapter off with Xavia just standing outside for no apparent reason lol

Also, I just want to say that I added the on ley line lot trait again. Here’s hoping that we finish soon!

Kiddo #66, Noah, is browsing the web and being boring. But his homework is done and he has a B, so hopefully he’ll be getting an A later today.

Kid #67, Owen, is also at a B. His homework is also done, so hopefully they’ll both be getting A’s later.

Oh, and don’t mind his face. I have no idea what this kid was doing when I clicked on him lol

Kid #68, Preston, is watching some kids network. His homework is done and he is sitting on a B. So here’s another kid who should be getting a A later.

And here’s kid #69, Quill, who’s browsing some kid-friendly websites. Like his bros, his homework is done and he is currently at a B.

I swear, if these kids don’t all get A’s today, we’re going to have issues.

And here’s our streak-breaker, kiddo #70, Rylee! I love the faces that we’ve got going in this kid check!

Here are her skills:

Level 3: Communication

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Movement, Potty, Thinking

…Man has she got her work cut out for her in this chapter…

And here’s the newest addition and heiress, baby #71, Sarah!

She’s in need of some care, so we’ll have to get right on that.

After taking care of Sarah, we invited Laurant over.

And we made use of the newly installed closets and got right to business!

And we have baby incoming!

As predicted, all four of them came home with A’s! So it’s a mass of birthdays!!

Noah goes first

Then Owen went

Then it was Preston’s turn

And finally, it was Quill’s turn

After the cake parade, we kicked out the twins

And here are the other two after their makeovers. That’s Preston on the left and Quill on the right.

They are both on their way to do their homework.

Homework was done and we decided it was time to line up the next daddy!

Welcome to Strangerville!

Everyone meet Solomon Boswell. He was kindly donated to us by snazzle from boolprop. Thanks Snazzle!

And this was a piece of cake. Solomon actually did most of the work for us lol

The robotics station got moved. This is usually where I have to toddlers gain most of their thinking skill by watching Xavia. So in order to keep them contained, it needed to move lol

1st day of high school and these boys come home with A’s! Whoop whoop!

So Preston gets his cake first!

And then it was Quill’s turn!

And then they were kicked out!

I feel practically like an empty-nester right now lol

It feels really weird to only have one kids with constant needs. Sarah is easy to take care of with the super-efficient baby care, but Rylee needs more of my attention since she’s struggling to get her skills up lol

Sarah had a birthday! Hopefully she doesn’t struggle as much as Rylee to get her skills up

And this is Rylee FINALLY getting her skills up to level 3!

Ignore the dirt. Sacrifices had to be made lol

So she finally gets her cake!

After a makeover and a shower, here she is! She gets started on her homework, but passes out a few minutes later. So we’ll have to tackle that tomorrow.

And it’s finally baby time!!

With the On Ley Line lot trait added back in, we’re back to home births. No more daddy freak outs!

Which is kinda sad…

And it’s twin girls! Everyone meet baby #72, Talia (In Xavia’s hands) and baby #73, Uma (in the bassinet)!!!