Chapter 10 – Phase Two: Start


Oh Hi! So this chapter was originally supposed to be a part of last chapter, but then it was getting too long, so I split it into two! And we begin this part 2 with Carly sleeping in her brand new bed! Hopefully this will help with her mood and she’ll have better luck with the men. *crosses fingers*



*excuse the UI* Emilie and Faith came home with A’s! So we’re off to make a cake!


NOOO! You’re not supposed to eat the cake BEFORE you blow out the candles! Goodness Faith! Can’t you even have a proper birthday?


New cake, so BIRTHDAY!


Nope. False alarm. I dunno what happened, but Emilie blew out the candles and everything, but then she bugged out and would actually age up. And then Faith took a piece of THAT cake so we had to start over AGAIN!


Third time was the charm. We finally were able to age them up. (Hours later than I had hoped…) But Emilie rolled the Non-Committal trait to go with good and outgoing. Her aspiration is Renaissance sim if you recall.


And finally, Faith was able to blow out her candles as well. She rolled gloomy to go with snob and loves the outdoors and her aspiration was musical genius.


And they were kicked out without a goodbye. After the fiasco with the birthday, I was glad to have them leave.


There were so many broken objects in the house. But between Carly and Grayson, we got them all fixed. Teamwork for the win!


It’s Carly’s birthday!! (nooo!!)


Now that she’s an adult, we gave her a little mini-makeover. So we ended up with 9 babies in her young adulthood. That’s not too bad! And so she’s officially entered her second phase of her baby journey!


Look! We invited over Pat! Let’s see if all that space I’ve been giving him since the welcome wagon has payed off. We’re off to a good start, he accepted our rose!


Carly puts on the moves.

Carly: You like my new dress?

Pat: New dress? What? I don’t even remember you from before.



This is the first action Carly’s seen in a long time! Good for you girl!


Thank goodness! Our challenge continues!


Yeah, yeah. I know. All we eat is cake. I’d be sick of it too.


Sold a masterpiece that Carly painted and we were able to buy a new fridge. This is the second to best fridge that we could buy. I eventually want to buy all the unbreakable appliances and utilities and stuff, but for now, this’ll work.


Grayson came home with an A! (He doesn’t look happy about it though…)



Carly: No.

Move your hand. Let him age up and move out.

Carly: No.

Grayson: MOM! MOVE!

Carly. No.


Well, Carly eventually moved and he was able to grow up. He earned the…Uhhh. I don’t remember. I apparently didn’t write that down. Whoops. My bad people.


We worked on a future baby daddy. You will succumb! I promise!


And here we’ve got a new TV and a new sofa! We’re moving on up people!


Labor face! And we’re off to the hospital!


I don’t even know why I invite the fathers anymore. They never stick around…Pat didn’t even react. He just stood like that, turned around, then vanished…


Well, it didn’t stop her from having more babies! Twins again! Both girls! The baby in the hospital bassinet is Joelle and the baby in the green bassinet is Karissa.


And just like that, we’re at 11 babies! (Why are the bassinets blue?) Join us next time for more babies!

Chapter 9 – Denied



Welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! Last time we welcomed baby number 8, Harrison and baby number 9, Irene. Well, we begin this chapter with Derrick doing a little cleaning. Okay, maybe a lot of cleaning. That’s totally gross.


Derrick also had this sitting in his inventory. It kinda cool. Faith was using it, until she decided to not dance on it anymore. Why have a dance floor if no one wants to dance on it? Laaame


We bought upgraded toilets for the house! They’re not the unbreakable ones, but they’re more reliable so that’s cool


Oh yeah, we also bought a shower for the upstairs bathroom.


Harrison and Irene have been pretty decent babies. So far anyway…We’ll see how long this lasts.


This guy got an A! And even while sick! Good Boy!


Hmmm…It’s like all we eat around here is cake….


And now we’ve got more cake! Birthday time!


He rolled the mean trait to go with his outgoing and creative traits. And if you recall, his aspiration is fabulously wealthy.


And we sent him out with a full bladder. Bye Derrick! I hope you find a toilet!


We did a little father hunting. This is Perry Doe and in the background, is Pat. Pat was the guy from the welcome wagon a long time ago who spurned all of our advances.


We’re working on skilling the teens so they can get A’s! Emilie’s doing the video game skill and Faith is working on charisma.


Harrison and Irene aged up! Irene is freaking adorable! Harrison rolled the insane trait and the aspiration whiz kid. Irene rolled the geek trait and the rambunctious scamp aspiration.


Look who we invited over! Mr. Doe! 09-24-16_8-19-24-pm

And we’re striking out again people!


This ended in disaster… He dug through our trash and then tried to blame it on Irene. Can’t fool me dude, I watched you do it.


Carly was sleeping and Emilie needed something to do so she’s keeping up her mother’s garden!


Adonis invited us out! Woohoo! Of course we accepted!


It’s a dance party! Hopefully we’ll be able to get another baby out of this trip!


*waves* Hi Claire!

Claire: Who are you?



We are not having a good night guys…Adonis has ignored us since we got here, red shirt here has declined all of our advances, and Jeffery (Derrick’s dad) in the background has been running around a pissed because we’re flirting with other guys.


Uh oh, Carly…I think Derrick know’s what you’re up too.


Guys…I think Claire is pregnant…And I checked…She IS! She’s having twin girls…


Don’t be fooled. This probably won’t work out. Especially with Herbert and Jeffrey hanging around ready to ruin it all…


What?! He accepted!? I can’t even believe it! We might have something here!


Guys! I just don’t even know! I’m so excited that it’s working out!


Ummm…Amber is also pregnant…with twin girls…


Party ended, so we decided to go home.


But not for long! We invited Drake (That’s his name, I forgot to mention it earlier) out to the museum!


Did a little cloud watching to get him in a good mood.


Well…We weren’t having any luck at all. Well, screw you too Mister! We gave up and went home…


And when we got home, we found this guy hanging outside the house when we got home. So we hung out a while. Nothing happened so I didn’t document it. After a while he literally just vanished from view. One second he was there, the next second he was gone. Well that was rude.

And that’s where we’re going to leave this chapter. No baby. We’ve hit a dry spell. Join us next time to see if we can fix that. Tootles!

Chapter 8 – Holy Birthdays Batman!


Hello! And welcome back to Operation Repopulation! My attempt at the 100 baby challenge! We begin this chapter with a family dance party! The Fairchild kids really know how to bust a move! (Pay no attention to Derrick showering in the back…)


Erm…Tell me again how you harvested a Lilly flower from the mushroom plant?

Carly: I’ll never reveal my secrets!


Claire’s mad. Why, you ask? Oh yeah, that’s right she’s got the hot-headed trait. So she gets mad for no reason what-so-ever. Fun times people!


This is Carly’s first masterpiece! This painting brought in over $800 simoleons! Yus!


And with that money we were able to buy a computer! A really dated computer…but still its a computer! Bookshelf got moved over by the dinning table since that’s where everyone wants to read books anyway.


I got the notification that it was Emilie and Faith’s birthday in 2 days. So we’re frantically skilling them to see if we can “beat the clock” so to speak.


Kids are all at school, so we invited over the next baby daddy!


It’s Herbert Rea, who we met in the last chapter!


We were just getting this romantic party started when we had a REALLY unexpected visitor…


London. Apparently he’s our mailman…I was NOT aware of this fact…


ABORT! ABORT!! Move the party inside!


And we didn’t just move it inside, we moved it under the covers.

Wow…that was a really sleezy thing to write…gross.


But our adventure was successful! Bun in the oven!


Emilie and Faith were also successful at getting those A’s! Faith looks really proud of herself, too. What a cutie!


So it’s birthday time! First up, Emilie!


She rolled outgoing to go with her good trait and the aspiration Renaissance sim.


Next up is Faith!


She rolled Snob to go with her loves the outdoors trait and the musical genius aspiration. She’s really pretty too. I love the red hair/green eyes combo.


Grayson spends a lot of time with the stuffed animals. At least it’s building his social skill.


The teens in the house are busy working on their homework! Claire and Grayson both had finished theirs earlier in the day. I definitely don’t miss that part of school. Homework sucked.


We did the thing! Carly had enough satisfaction points for the fertility trait! (Not that she needs it, as she’s had no problem having twins on her own.) And she even had enough left over for the speed cleaner trait. And that has been a HUGE time saver! Especially with all the stuff that gets dirty in this house…


Claire came home from school with an A!


So it’s birthday time! Woohoo! She rolled perfectionist to go with slob and hot-headed. And her aspiration is joke star. Side Note: I haven’t done that aspiration because I’m afraid that it’ll end up killing my sims since now they laugh to death…


Claire gave her mom a quick hug


Before it was out the door. I’ve moved her into the same house as her sisters so she won’t be alone. Bye Claire!



House Progress! We’ve got lights in all the rooms now, so we can see what we’re doing. Also, we’ve got two actual bedrooms upstairs! I don’t really like where the stairs are located right now. I’ll have to do some playing around with the layout.


It’s so weird being able to see. With LIGHT! I’ve grown used to the darkness, so this is a big change…lol


And look! Grayson came home with an A! And a new outfit? What? That’s weird. NO HATS!


After a quick change, it was time for a(nother) birthday!


He rolled loves the outdoors to go with self assured and his aspiration is party animal.


And immediately after he blew out his candles, he passed out. Almost right into his mother’s bladder fail puddle of pee that happened literally RIGHT before he passed out. These sims…


Carly had a low social need, so we used the new computer to chat up a potential baby daddy. Remember the guy from a couple chapters ago who was mad when we started talking to him then became embarrassed when we tried flirting with him? Yeah, his name is Adonis and he’s being a pain. That’s who we’re trying to chat with. Wish us luck! lol


Labor face! And we’re off to the hospital!


And as always, the pressure of looming fatherhood was too much for Herbert so he vaporized after this was taken. Men.


And we’ve got twins again! The baby boy Carly is holding is Harrison and the baby girl in the bassinet is Irene.


Why do the babies always end up in the weirdest places? Like there’s all kinds of room downstairs, but they shove them here. Wut?


And this is where we are going to end this, what seems like, a really long update! Join us next time for more babies and more birthdays!

Chapter 7 – Get ‘Em Out


Welcome back to another chapter of my 100 baby challenge! Last chapter left me in complete shambles and hopefully this chapter will go a lot better for me! We start off with a shot of Carly doing some painting for da moneyz, Bella sleeping on the couch (yes, she DOES have a bed…), and Derrick walking…somewhere.


And we’re going to head right into this chapter’s first birthday! Also, right went I opened the save, the kids came home from school and Claire came home with an A (yay!) Then I switched to her and looked at her sim panel and found that it’s her ACTUAL birthday as well. Nice. She comes home with an A the day she’s going to age up anyway…


Her new trait is Hot headed…So she’s a hot headed slob who wants to be a joke star…What? Like how does that happen? lol! And then her first Teen action was to care for Grayson, so at least she’s not a horrible person…lol


We did the thing! It’s missing a shower, but at least there’s now a third toilet in the place!


Claire started learning some cooking skillz. Thank you for not burning the house down on your first go at it. Side note: Why does it look like Derrick is totally checking out his sister’s butt? Can you not? That’s disturbing.


Just another day in the Fairchild household. Always something that needs to be cleaned. I hate having slobs in the house.



Homework session! And I have NO idea why they separated themselves by age… it was really weird. Also, it looks like it would be really uncomfortable to do your homework on your knees like that…


This kid…always wants to come over to the house. I once told him no and he came over anyway. I think him and Emilie are going to get married in the future…


We may not have room in the house for another baby, but we can still prepare for when there is room!


Amber makes me happy that this isn’t an ISBI challenge. (Which I’m currently getting set up for publishing!)



SHHHHH!!! No one make a move or sound! This is a VERY rare occurance in my game. (Grayson was awake, but he was happy)


Autonomous gardening FTW! And even while sick! I ❤ her!


Grayson aged up! He’s a little cutie! He’s Self-assured and his child aspiration is Social butterfly! He’s got his dad’s eyes and his mom’s hair.


We expanded the upstairs again. We needed room for a bed for Grayson. So now they all fit up there comfortably. Also we have 9 Coolala lights. That had better be enough.


As you can see from the multiple scrap piles, we were busy while the kiddos were at school. It’s nice to have an empty house while all the kids are at school. Gives me time to focus really on Carly and the house.


Bella came home with another A but once again, we have to wait for Amber to get an A…Come on Amber, get it together! lol


New toys! Derrick and Emilie got to enjoy them first. Hey Emilie, just don’t breath on it. I don’t want the rest of the house catching whatever it is that you’ve got.


So I was definitely not aware that if you didn’t empty out your trash can that it would overflow. This was new for me. And gross.


Seriously Amber? I know you worked hard for that A you came home with, but tone down the dramatics will ya?


Oh? What this what Bella’s cooking?


Her own birthday cake! And just in time too. Seeing as she decided to start a fire…rude.


At least Carly’s on top of it! And yes Bella, you are definitely guilty of this crime.


Okay, let’s get these birthdays going before anything else goes wrong… Amber goes first, as the oldest. She rolled Active. So her traits are gloomy, goofball, and active with an aspiration of nerd brain.


Bella goes next! (Grayson looks mad that his sisters are leaving) She rolled outgoing. So her traits are slob, loves the outdoors, and outgoing with an aspiration of leader of the pack.


Oh? What’s this? Derrick is having a birthday? Yup, he came home with an A as well today! Woohoo!


He rolled the outgoing trait to go with creative. His aspiration is fabulously wealthy (pft! Not in this house!) He’s a handsome fellow!


And we bid adiou to the first babies of the challenge, Amber and Bella! Bye girls! (They don’t look happy do they?)

And this is where we end this chapter! No babies, but now that the girls are gone, we can have more! Join us next time for hopefully a baby (or two!), some birthdays, and hopefully some major upgrades to the house!


Chapter 6 – I’m Pulling Out My Hair!

OKAY! First off, hello and welcome to my 100 baby challenge! This chapter is longer than usual, almost 3 whole pages of notes (compared to usually 1-1.5) because…man I struggled this chapter. Seriously I was almost reduced to tears! Things just did NOT want to work out for me at all! But we managed to get through it! So bear with me while I try and get though this! lol


Alright, last chapter we left off with the newest additions to the family, twins Emilie and Faith! *crosses fingers* hopefully they’re easier to take care of then their siblings. Spoiler Alert: They aren’t


The kids were at school and the babies were in the green, so we took that free time to make some money! Carly is pondering her next brush stroke.


Bella came home from school with an A! But since I’m weird about aging and stuff, I won’t age her up until Amber also gets an A. I like them to keep their birth order, I’m weird like that. I wasn’t going to age them up at all until their actual birthday, but I’ve changed my mind about that little detail. lol


Claire is the favorite child title holder at the moment. She’s a great helper for her mother.


I figured one of the kids would get the “unwanted sibling” moodlet. And sure enough…Amber held my predictions true! In Amber’s case she was mad. Get over it girl! Weird that it’s only happened with the younger twins. There were no negative moodlets for Claire or Derrick…


The best part about these twins though, is that they don’t typically get needy at the same time. That’s such a help.


I was DYING with only one bathroom. So I finally bought items for the second bathroom. And I added a back deck. So it’s easier and faster for Carly to get to the garden from the house.


I’d look like that too Bella if I was carrying that many dirty dishes. But be happy you’re the new favorite child!


Did some daddy hunting! This is London Hansen.


Pretty much just gave him a rose and then Emilie became needy so we had to run back home.


Bills? Hmmm. I don’t remember getting a notification about them being due. At least not until this one. Well we paid them and went on our way.


So we tried some more Daddy hunting. Carly was in a bad mood, so Mr. Bobby McMahon was NOT having it. All interactions were a disaster.

*insert pic of 4 lady sims BBQing*

I seem to be short on guys in this area of town…I might have to explore community lots.


Amber brought home a friend from school! Side note: All the girls are exhausted. Even Derrick has a frown on his face.


This guy looks mad…maybe we can cheer him up a little bit 😉


Nope we just made him feel worse…wonderful. Maybe we’ll have a baby by the end of this chapter…


NOOOOOOO!!!!!! We have the lights!!!!! Why are there still monsters!!!


Poor Carly is running herself ragged…Had to spray the monster and downstairs the babies are crying and she just wants to sleep.


I took advantage of one of Carly’s flirty moods to create a flirty painting. Maybe this will help a little with the man problem we seem to be having.


Emilie and Faith grew up! Emilie is the blonde and her trait is good and her aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp. Faith is the red head and her trait is Loves the outdoors and her aspiration is also rambunctious scamp. Emilie has her mom’s hair and eye color. And Faith has her dad’s eye color and I’m assuming his not-elder hair color. And as of right now, Faith is our heir!

Also, Emilie grew up sad because of an unwanted sibling. ummm, what? Is that supposed to be Faith? Is Faith her unwanted sibling? #confused


Amber came home from school with an A! So we can age up the older twins! Yay! (Amber doesn’t look to happy about that though…)


So Amber gets the candles first!


She rolled goofball for her new trait. Which goes REALLY well with gloomy. #sarcasm. And her aspiration is nerd brain.


Bella is next!


Her new trait is loves the outdoors. Which, again, pairs well with slob. *le sigh* Her aspiration is leader of the pack.


And this is right around the time where I wanted to THROW things at my computer. It seemed like no matter what I did, everything was broken or dirty ALL the time. Seriously. Carly was miserable for DAYS


I spent a couple of days just focusing on Carly so that I could get her mood better. It helped that the kids could reasonably take care of themselves, so it was easier to concentrate on her. And because of that, we were able to get on with the challenge! London came over!







Haaaaa! London did NOT take the news well. lol. Too bad dude!


We have a new table! And it’s full! The kids are doing homework and Carly is eating (obviously). Notice that the same kid from a little bit ago came over again. I think his name is Duncan…


Even the two bathrooms that we have are not enough. I can’t wait till the house is finished and all the kids have their own rooms and bathrooms.


You can just barely see it, but we bought a stereo so that Carly can listen to music and paint at the same time since apparently painting isn’t fun. #simlogic


Working on some skills for the teens for school. Amber is working on cooking and Bella is working on handiness. She makes repair work look hot in those heels! And I’ve noticed that I’ve mentioned Derrick literally ONCE this chapter. My bad. I get one boy and he gets ignored…


Labor! Woohoo!


As per usual, London showed up and then left right away. Why? This is really annoying.


Meet the newest addition to the family! And the last baby for a while since Baby Grayson makes our household count 8! Join us next time for more birthdays and hopefully an easier time of play! Lol


Chapter 5 – Can We Keep Him?


Welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! As you can see we uprooted the family an moved them to an empty lot in Newcrest. The other house was getting cramped with four kids and we needed more room. So here we are. I kept all the old furniture from the old house so we didn’t have to buy those. We just gotta build the house, which is something I’m used to doing now because of the Drifter challenge. Side Note: Look at poor Derrick sitting alllll the way in the corner of the lot. Poor kid.


Here’s the main floor of the house. I added the stairs because I’m planning on having all the kids upstairs in their own rooms. But I ran out of money so this is why the beds are in the middle of the kitchen and living room.


JUST KIDDING! I found collectibles in Carly’s inventory that I didn’t know I had. So I sold those which gave us time to add a room upstairs for the girls. Also, WE BOUGHT COOLALA LIGHTS! So no more monsters! Woohoo!


Our garden managed to make the move with us! So we got to work evolving some of the plants.


Bella and Claire are doing their homework. Amber was doing hers but…she was too uncomfortable. No, she didn’t bladder fail, she just came home from school like that.


Sweet dreams, girls! Literally! So far these lights are working!


Felt like it’s been too long without being being pregnant, so we went man hunting. This is our next target – Byron Lake!


When we meet him, he was already flirty to we didn’t need to do much.



They really hit it off! Took no time at all to get him ready to be Daddy #4. But then Derrick became needy so we had to go home.


But as soon as we took care of Derrick, we flirty texted and invited over Byron.


He came over right away!


Poor Derrick is not impressed with his mother at the moment. Hmmm…Maybe I should think about adding a nursery off the master…


Byron thinks he’s hot stuff since he got to be part of the challenge. Also, he took care of Derrick. All the other dads just looked at the kids and then ignored them. He’s the first one to care for the kids all on their own.


Baby incoming! Yippie!


Okay. I’m in love with this guy. He takes care of kids AND he takes out the trash. Which is weird because one of his traits is slob…but he’s so handy! I wish I could move him in!


Girls came home from school ans we set them to work on their homework. Also, why does at least one of them always come home dirty? That’s weird.


Our cheap fridge broke. So we had to send the pregnant lady to fix it. We so smart.


I need a second bathroom…asap. Amber was using the bathroom which meant we didn’t make it there in time and ended up puking all over the floor in the living room. Also, did you know that when your sim vomits on the floor, it doesn’t leave any trace. Which is weird. And gross.


Amber was in there forever! Long enough for Carly to have a bladder fail as well as puke on the floor. Goodness, Amber!


We finally got Carly all sorted out and then we looked at all the girls’ progress for school. Bella needed another skill point so since she was already at level 3 with her social skill, we worked on that.


Derrick is literally one of the most needy babies I’ve ever had. He’s definitely more needy than his sisters were…


The best part of this new lot is that there are activities for the kids to do! So the girls went out to play on the playground! Notice that Bella is sick…poor kid.


And Claire’s not going to be too far behind Bella if she keeps eating around the nasty dirty plates…


Derrick aged up! Aahhh! He’s got his dad’s hair AND eye color! I can’t wait to see what he looks like when he gets older!


What’s the first thing we do after a birthday? Homework. We’ve got our priorities in line.


Labor face!! Off to the hospital!


TWINS!!! Again! And no, we do NOT have the fertility treatment. I’ve never had this many natural twins without that trait before. And their both GIRLS! I can’t believe it. I have no shortage of girls in this challenge. It’s really weird. The baby on the bottom is Emilie and the baby on top is Faith.


Twins again with no teens…This will be fun…Well, join us next time for more babies and hopefully some birthdays!

Chapter 4 – Sibling Love


Welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! Last chapter we had our 3rd baby, 3rd girl, and current heir, Claire! And she is currently sleeping so we went out collecting to earn a little money. I really need to buckle down on this money thing…I’m thinking about just moving to an empty lot and building my own house from the ground up.


Carly taking care of the wonderfully strange tree next to our house.


Couldn’t actually make it into the glade, because someone needed to pee. And then I figured we should probably clean the thing…It was gross.


The next day, the girls were at school, so we invited Jeffery over! I’m determined to have her pregnant by the end of the day.


The Move. Classic. Look at his eyes, he knows what’s up.


I don’t usually do my wooing while sitting, so I don’t see these interactions very often. This/they’re so cute!


Carly: Will you be my baby daddy?

Jeffrey: Erm…no.

DENIED! Well this won’t do! Quick spam the romance actions!


It worked! Nice save! Side note: Look at Jeffrey’s lusty eyes staring at Carly’s boobs. He’s thinking “Oh yeah!” Where was this enthusiasm when we first asked for the woohoo?!


Baby incoming!! Watch out! Also, who throws confetti and streamers while on the toilet after taking a pregnancy test? So weird. #simlogic


And we kicked Jeffrey out and went to the glade!


This place really is beautiful. Well done design team!


We did some quick collecting and then left. Not sure if it’s against the rules or not to travel to hidden locations. So we didn’t stay long


And now the girls are back from school, so we had some homework to do!


They’re so autonomously cute! I just get to sit back and enjoy the show!


Yup this was totally autonomous. And cute.


Okay, this one was me. But still. I know you can’t really tell when their kids, but the biggest difference between the two of them is their eyes. Amber’s are smaller and blue and Bella’s are big and brown.


Amber’s making an even bigger mess. No, not really. It’s just her gloomy trait rearing it’s ugly head.


Here we go with the monsters again. I can’t wait til I play again. That’s the FIRST thing I’m doing is getting those Coolala lights. Because this is annoying.


Claire aged up! Her rolled trait is slob, just like her sister, Bella (seriously, what the heck is with these traits!) Her aspiration is whiz kid. She’s a cutie too! With all the hassle her father gave us, she better be an angel to make up for it.


I sold the dresser so we had room for a bed for Claire. I take back what I said about the lights. First thing I’m going to do is move. I need more space. Then I’m getting those lights.


Amber is a good kid. She’s out meeting potential father’s for Carly while she takes a much needed nap.


Our first signs of morning sickness in this challenge. We didn’t have any sickness with the other two pregnancies.


Girls won’t sleep in their beds because of the monsters and they keep waking up Carly so then she doesn’t get any sleep. This is a major problem in this game.


Labor face!! *let’s cross our fingers for a boy*


Welcome to the family, little baby Derrick, our first boy! Also, notice Bella in the back freaking out about the monsters…Well that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for more shenanigans!

Chapter 3 – Adjustments


Welcome back to Operation Repopulation! Last chapter we welcomed babies #1 and #2 into the family and found out we’re expecting baby #3! So let’s continue on with the thrilling journey!


We got the option to evolve some of our plants! Woohoo! Now we’ll have somewhat better harvestables!



It’s been awhile since I’ve had multiples in any of my saves. So I forgot how much harder it was with one parent. Right now I’m wishing that I had some teens in the house to help out! haha




So Carly’s out trying to meet new potential fathers, but that’s really hard to do when…


You have two very needy babies at the house.


The only reason it is okay for things to break is because of the upgrade parts that we can sell for money. That’s the only reason. Otherwise, it’s really annoying.


The babies were in the green so we went around the area collecting.


The twins had their birthday! That’s Amber in the aqua sweatshirt, she rolled the trait gloomy (oh great…) and the aspiration is social butterfly. Bella’s in the pink polka dots and she rolled the traits slob (what’s with these girls?!) and the aspiration is social butterfly.


Carly looks absolutely terrified. And I agree. With those traits, you’ve got some interesting kids on your hands!


I like to think that this is Bella watching over her mom so that no creeps do anything creepy. Literally though, Bella just watched while her mom passed out.


And the monster trouble begins! (This was before I found out there was a special light for this)


Amber tries to talk to it. She was unsuccessful. Has anyone ever been successful? I’ve never once had any of my sims be successful talking to that thing.


Now that they are kids and can feed themselves, we have to serve meals so they can eat something substantial besides cereal.


Gloomy trait = one sad Amber. I don’t usually play with this trait for this exact reason. She’s always moping…


Plants are also gloomy and looking in need of a little TLC, so we sent Carly to take care of them.


Homework session! It feels nice telling the kids to do their homework. It’d be nice if my drifters would do theirs…


Labor face!! Off to the hospital we go!


Obligatory father freak out face! And just like Cyrus, he made like a banana and split right after this was shot.


Meet the newest addition to the family, Baby #3 Claire!


Awe! The girls welcomed mom home from the hospital! Family lovin’ right here!


Well, it was time to find another daddy! And so we found this guy wandering the neighborhood! This is Jeffrey!


We used our special romantic suave to seduce him. And it worked! (Also, what’s with the sky? It looks awful dark doesn’t it? Weird.)


We went in for the kiss and then suddenly they had to relocate to the river’s edge in order to actually do it. That’s weird. But it went okay, so whatever.


And then Claire became needy, so we had to say goodbye to Jeffrey to take care of her.

And that’s where we’ll cut off this chapter! Join us next time when we’ll hopefully get Jeffrey’s baby!

Chapter 2 – Double Trouble

08-30-16_6-49-21 PM

Hullo everyone! Welcome back to my wonderful 100 baby challenge! In the last chapter we meet our baby daddy #1, Cyrus and he was kind enough to donate us some sperm! So we pick up the story with a sleepy and stinky Carly. Time for a shower and a nap!

08-30-16_6-54-06 PM

Wait, that doesn’t look like a shower! Or a nap! What is this? Well Jayce called and asked us on a date! This has never happened to me before in the game, so I was super excited!

08-30-16_6-55-36 PM

Awe! They are so cute! They would totally be a thing if, you know, she wasn’t carrying another man’s baby. Details.

08-30-16_6-57-11 PM

Hmmm.. what are they doing in the bushes? *shifty eyes* Putting a lock on daddy number two, that’s what!


08-30-16_7-01-17 PM

Ummm…What the actual F**k! Seriously? You just did woohoo and then you blow her off!? Scum bag.

08-30-16_7-11-09 PM

Carly doesn’t look like she’s happy about the outcome of that date. She’s picking that apple with attitude. Don’t worry, I’d be pissed too.

08-30-16_7-24-04 PM

Sad face. And I have no idea why (at this point the date is forgotten). She was watching TV, so maybe something on there made her sad? Oh well.

08-30-16_7-28-41 PM

I’ve noticed that, if I don’t direct her otherwise, cereal is her go-to meal option. No judgement here, it is for me too.

08-30-16_7-35-15 PM

Poor girl pee’d herself while waddling back home from collecting.

Carly: *pulls out phone* *looks up “How to not be embarrassed from peeing yourself*

08-30-16_7-38-15 PM

She got home and cleaned up, only to go into labor. So we’re off to the hospital!

08-30-16_7-42-14 PM

Cyrus looks freaked out. Probably why he didn’t stay for the actual birth. He vanished right after this.

08-30-16_7-43-46 PM

Hahaha! It’s been so long since I’ve had a baby at the hospital that I completely forgot how to check in for a hot second. But we figured it out in the end!

08-30-16_7-45-12 PM

Carly: What are you doing?! What is that whisk thing going to do? I’ve changed my mind! I’ll have a natural birth at home!

Too late!

08-30-16_7-48-36 PM

And this was quite the surprise! TWINS! On our first pregnancy! No fertility or anything! The bottom baby is Amber and the baby on top is Bella. (I’m going to name the kids alphabetically, just to kinda keep it organized-ish.)

08-30-16_7-51-07 PM

Really EA? That’s how you’re going to do that? How am I supposed to care for which every baby that is facing the wall. There was all kinds of room literally ANYWHERE else in the house, and you had to sick them there. Nice. #simlogic

08-30-16_7-55-13 PM

So we moved everything around, and now we are able to care for both babies.

08-30-16_8-18-40 PM

Awe, this shot is soooo cute!

08-30-16_8-30-16 PM


08-30-16_8-34-10 PM

The babies were both sleeping, so we “ran away” for a bit and even did a little fishing! I didn’t want to send her too far away, so fishing was a nice compromise.

08-30-16_8-43-45 PM

Look who came over! Bad date forgotten, we were determined to make him daddy #2!

08-30-16_8-44-51 PM

And, well, one thing led to another…

08-30-16_8-46-45 PM

Bella looks absolutely terrified of Jayce…hahaha

08-30-16_8-48-17 PM

And we are now expecting baby #3! That’s if for this chapter! Join us next time for the twins’ birthday, another nooboo, and monsters. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 1 – Getting Started

08-30-16_6-02-32 PM

Hello and welcome to my 100 baby challenge! Let’s get right into it! Here’s our founder and current matriarch of the family, Carly Fairchild. She’s moved into a house and ready to start meeting guys and popping those babies!

08-30-16_6-02-47 PM

And here is the lovely small house that we moved into! I don’t foresee us staying here long…there’s not a lot of room for kids. Well see how long we’re able to hold out in this tiny hole house.

08-30-16_6-04-05 PM

I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to have her make money. I might do gardening and sell her harvestables, but since we just started, none of that is loaded yet, so we’re fishing right now while we wait for the men to start coming by.

08-30-16_6-04-42 PM

We didn’t have to wait long until this handsome specimen walked by. His name is Jayce Dixon. We dropped the fishing pole and ran to introduce ourselves.

08-30-16_6-07-15 PM

Offered him a rose (because we can do that with the romantic trait. I’ve never played with this trait before, so that’s fun!). He happily accepted!

08-30-16_6-08-11 PM

Carly: Whoops! *pretends to fall on Jayce* *kisses him*

At least that worked out for you. Haha, not really. The dude literally ran away from her right after this.

08-30-16_6-09-04 PM

Which we were okay with since the welcome wagon had started, so we went to find more donors. This is Pat. He lives with his mother (the old lady walking up the steps). Red flag, girl, run away!

Carly: But I need his sperm!

There are other sperm.

08-30-16_6-09-43 PM

Like this guy. This is Cyrus. He is not single. He’s married and his wife is also part of the welcome wagon. So I guess Pat will have to do for now.

08-30-16_6-18-30 PM

Which is going to be a major problem. Pat doesn’t seem too interested in being a sperm donor for us. Carly’s got more chemistry with the married dude who’s wife is just outside.

08-30-16_6-21-56 PM

I tried to see if pulling Pat outside would help him easy up around her, so we tried our charms on him and…

08-30-16_6-22-24 PM

08-30-16_6-22-41 PM

Denied. Dude must be to scared to try anything with his mother around. This is just not working for us right now.

08-30-16_6-23-20 PM

We abandoned all attempts with Pat and switched our attentions. I’m determined to get her pregnant by the end of the day. So we monopolized Cyrus for the rest of the welcome wagon. Nothing romantic yet since his wife is here.

08-30-16_6-24-04 PM

And she’s keeping an annoyingly close eye on us too. I haven’t even done anything with him besides watching the clouds and she’s just hovering over us. Go away!

08-30-16_6-25-15 PM

Welcome wagon is over so now we can make our move! We went in to kiss his hand and…

08-30-16_6-26-09 PM

DENIED! AGAIN! We’re striking out all over the place today! But I am determined!

08-30-16_6-27-42 PM

We moved the party indoors and we tried again. How can you say no to the rose?

Carly: Cyrus, this is the final rose tonight, will you please accept this rose?

08-30-16_6-27-49 PM

Cyrus: Of course!

SUCCESS! Now we’re getting somewhere! Let’s move this party along!

08-30-16_6-28-08 PM

Creepy, sexy eyes from Cyrus. Also, he kind of looks like a gorilla.

08-30-16_6-28-44 PM

08-30-16_6-29-31 PM

08-30-16_6-29-58 PM

08-30-16_6-30-30 PM

08-30-16_6-34-11 PM

And we’ve got a baby incoming! Third guy was the charm! Thank you, Cyrus!

08-30-16_6-34-31 PM

Hmmm. He doesn’t look really happy about it does he?

Cyrus: But what will my wife say!? I love my wife!

Carly: Not my problem!

08-30-16_6-35-38 PM

We kicked Cyrus out and went collecting to earn some extra money.

08-30-16_6-44-18 PM

And we end this chapter with the teeny garden we’ve got set up. See you next time for our first birth baby and some hormonal imbalances. Thanks for reading!