Chapter 68 – Efficient

Welcome back! We start this chapter off with Xavia just standing outside for no apparent reason lol

Also, I just want to say that I added the on ley line lot trait again. Here’s hoping that we finish soon!

Kiddo #66, Noah, is browsing the web and being boring. But his homework is done and he has a B, so hopefully he’ll be getting an A later today.

Kid #67, Owen, is also at a B. His homework is also done, so hopefully they’ll both be getting A’s later.

Oh, and don’t mind his face. I have no idea what this kid was doing when I clicked on him lol

Kid #68, Preston, is watching some kids network. His homework is done and he is sitting on a B. So here’s another kid who should be getting a A later.

And here’s kid #69, Quill, who’s browsing some kid-friendly websites. Like his bros, his homework is done and he is currently at a B.

I swear, if these kids don’t all get A’s today, we’re going to have issues.

And here’s our streak-breaker, kiddo #70, Rylee! I love the faces that we’ve got going in this kid check!

Here are her skills:

Level 3: Communication

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Movement, Potty, Thinking

…Man has she got her work cut out for her in this chapter…

And here’s the newest addition and heiress, baby #71, Sarah!

She’s in need of some care, so we’ll have to get right on that.

After taking care of Sarah, we invited Laurant over.

And we made use of the newly installed closets and got right to business!

And we have baby incoming!

As predicted, all four of them came home with A’s! So it’s a mass of birthdays!!

Noah goes first

Then Owen went

Then it was Preston’s turn

And finally, it was Quill’s turn

After the cake parade, we kicked out the twins

And here are the other two after their makeovers. That’s Preston on the left and Quill on the right.

They are both on their way to do their homework.

Homework was done and we decided it was time to line up the next daddy!

Welcome to Strangerville!

Everyone meet Solomon Boswell. He was kindly donated to us by snazzle from boolprop. Thanks Snazzle!

And this was a piece of cake. Solomon actually did most of the work for us lol

The robotics station got moved. This is usually where I have to toddlers gain most of their thinking skill by watching Xavia. So in order to keep them contained, it needed to move lol

1st day of high school and these boys come home with A’s! Whoop whoop!

So Preston gets his cake first!

And then it was Quill’s turn!

And then they were kicked out!

I feel practically like an empty-nester right now lol

It feels really weird to only have one kids with constant needs. Sarah is easy to take care of with the super-efficient baby care, but Rylee needs more of my attention since she’s struggling to get her skills up lol

Sarah had a birthday! Hopefully she doesn’t struggle as much as Rylee to get her skills up

And this is Rylee FINALLY getting her skills up to level 3!

Ignore the dirt. Sacrifices had to be made lol

So she finally gets her cake!

After a makeover and a shower, here she is! She gets started on her homework, but passes out a few minutes later. So we’ll have to tackle that tomorrow.

And it’s finally baby time!!

With the On Ley Line lot trait added back in, we’re back to home births. No more daddy freak outs!

Which is kinda sad…

And it’s twin girls! Everyone meet baby #72, Talia (In Xavia’s hands) and baby #73, Uma (in the bassinet)!!!