Chapter 12 – Toddler Cuteness


Welcome back my 100 baby challenge! In the last chapter, we had two sets of twins birthdays and we also welcomed baby #12, Logan. And we begin this new chapter with Carly tending to her small garden after a tough day of child-rearing. Let’s check-in with the rest of the kids!



Here we have kids #8 and #9 twins, Harrison and Irene being super boring and sleeping.


And baby #10, Joelle is also sleeping. (I guess this is what happens when we start a chapter in the middle of the night)


And here’s baby #11, Karissa who is actually doing something! Kind of. I guess walking out of the bathroom is better than sleeping…


The next day, the kids come home from school and are immediately set to finishing their homework. As you can see, Joelle and Karissa are dutifully working on theirs while Harrison struggles and Irene plays on her phone.


Karissa derped… And Irene is not impressed.


I really need to save money to update our plumbing… Carly spends so much time repairing stuff, we don’t have as much time for painting


Irene is working on her video gaming skill so that she can get her grades up and move out


Joelle is working on her social skillz. How people learn social skills by talking to themselves in the mirror is beyond me…


I’ve never actually had a child sim have a relationship with a stuffed animal. Karissa is the first! While working on her creative skill, she’s become great friends with Mr. Dragon here. Also, notice Harrison sleeping in the background, the lazy bum


There are no upgrades to the house without money! So we’re busy painting our life away it seems like.


And here we have Karissa terrorizing little Logan just like her older siblings used to terrorize her. It’s a vicious cycle in this household.


Harrison finally woke his ass up and we immediately set him to work skilling because he’s way behind his sisters.


Irene did her extra credit work all on her own! I didn’t even have to tell her that! She’s earned favorite child status for the moment! Good for you, girl!

Irene: Yeah, I’m awesome


And I do believe that it’s time for a new baby in the house! So we invited Drake over to get down to business! As you can see, he was more than willing to help us out.


And we were successful! We have Baby M on the way!


Mother/son bonding time! For now. Carly needs to get back to painting.


Karissa’s always talking and playing with Mr. Dragon. Gurl, you need to make some real friends! Like, actual sim friends


WE HAVE A TODDLER!!! Baby Logan had his birthday, and he’s SO CUTE!!


The new toddler required a small house update (which ended up being a big update…) And of course we ran out of money, so two rooms don’t even have doors.


This is the “I’m sorry I terrorized you as an infant, now don’t keep me awake at night” hug


Gahhh! Logan is just soooooo cute and adorable!


Huh. Weird, I don’t remember putting legging on her in CAS… But then again, it’s been awhile since I created this outfit, so not surprise I don’t remember that.


Uhhhhh…. What the hell, Joelle? How did you even get out there?! Like, how did that happen?

Joelle: Talent


So we did some more daddy hunting while waiting for Baby M to arrive. We met this guy, Raj while hunting. But then we spotted the holy grail of this challenge…


ADONIS. Remember this guy? The one who always spurned ALL of our advances? It literally says “Just friends” and “Just good friends” in their relationship panel. BUT I AM DETERMINED!


HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS, PEOPLE! He’s being receptive to us! This has never happened before! I can’t even contain myself! This is so exciting!


I’M DYING! I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD HAPPEN! This is a historic moment, people!


Oh, he’s definitely going to be baby daddy #10! I saved immediately after this, I couldn’t let all this amazing progress go to waste!


Oh Logan… You silly toddler, you!


So Irene came home with an “A” but since Harrison did not, no birthday for you!

Irene: Annoying


I don’t understand why he needed to do his homework on Logan’s bed… I mean, the kid can sleep just fine without supervision…


Well, whatever was magical about Logan’s bed worked for Harrison. He came home with an “A” finally! So it’s birthday time!


Harrison goes first because oldest. (Never mind the super ugly cake… Irene made it)


And then it’s Irene’s turn! 37

And we say goodbye to baby #8, Harrison and baby #9, Irene!


Oh look! It’s labor/stank face! (She just got done passing out…) So we’re off to the hospital!


Obligatory Daddy freak out. Meanwhile, Carly’s just like “Just another day at the office”


It’s a baby! Just a single.


Welcome to the family, Baby #13, Mason!

Mason: No! Put me back!


And that’s it for this chapter! (Notice good-girl, Karissa taking out the trash) Join us next time for more toddler fun, a major house overhaul, and , hopefully, some Adonis babies!

Chapter 11 – Where Have All The Children Gone?


Well hello there! I know, I know… it’s been a while since I’ve updated my 100 baby challenge. BUT HERE WE ARE! With the introduction of TODDLERS into the game, I’m been rejuvenated! yay! So bear with me, it’s been a while since I’ve played them and as I was going through the pics for this chapter, I realized I’ve forgotten most of their names…. I know, I’m a bad Watcher. BUT I will re-learn them! So let’s get going!

*Note: These pics were taken BEFORE the update, so no toddlers…yet*


So since the teens have moved out and it’s just the infants and the kids, I’ve lost the extra help around the house. So you can find Carly doing all the housework, once again.


We’re being a cooking phenom at the moment and stocking the fridge so the kids don’t starve.


And we’re also mindful to tend the garden (not that it’s really necessary…but hey extra money)


So I’m pretty sure this pic was to show some updates to the house. But honestly, since it’s been so long I don’t know what the update was. And I didn’t mark it down in my notes… I have a feeling it has to do with more bedrooms. Goal is to have each bedroom with it’s own bathroom. I have BIG plans for this house!


It’s weird, Joelle and Karissa feel like easy babies compared to the rest of the ones we’ve had. Maybe it’s because there are less other children in the house…hmmmm


And here we have the older twins terrorizing the younger twins. Look at them! They’re positively terrified! Go away Harrison and Irene…


Yes, do something productive. Homework is good for the soul (not really, but you gotta do what you gotta do)


Empty bassinets means only one thing! Birthdays!


Joelle is the blonde one. Her trait is bookworm and aspiration is whiz kid. Karissa is the red head and her trait is lazy with the same aspiration as Joelle, whiz kid.


We wasted no time in getting Perry over to the house and getting to work on baby #12!


And we have a bun in the oven! Woot woot!


Ummm. Irene? What the heck?! ANYWAYS Harrison and Irene both came home with A’s so we can have birthdays!


Harrison goes first as the the older twin does and…


Look at that sexy face! haha he rolled the creative trait and the Friend of the world aspiration.


Irene goes next cheered on by brother Harry

Harrison: Woohoo! Join the rebellion!


And that’s not a good face to make from someone who just rolled the romantic trait… And her aspiration is The Curator.


Oh Karissa… Can you not? I didn’t realize that being lazy actually meant that you were a slob. Pick it up!


Working on the next daddy while we’re preggo. And it looks like Drake is being more receptive to us this time!


We got a sprinkler system finally. You know…for reasons. Teens make me nervous when they cook…


Whoops. Sorry Irene. I was neglecting you. My bad


True love for Karissa! (excuse the UI)


The daily grind. Carly spends her days painting, we gotta keep up with the updates! And the kids are doing their homework (Joelle is doing hers, she’s just doing it at the table)


Someone’s sick. That looks super contagious and gross. Good thing it’s a virtual virus…


Labor face! And we’re off to the hospital!


Obligatory father freak out before he vanishes.


And here’s baby #12, Logan!


EVERY TIME!!! Why is it EVERY TIME the baby ends up here?!


With the baby in the proper room, we’ll finish this chapter! Hopefully there won’t be such a long wait between updates this time, but with the introduction of toddlers, I don’t thing we’ll have to wait too long! Toodles!