Chapter 45 – Weirdos

Oh hello there! Welcome back! I’ve been dreading this chapter… 3 sets of twins, 4 toddlers, and 2 infants… Here’s hoping my hair is still attached to my head at the end of this chapter…

Also, for those keeping track, Quinn has 11 days before her elder birthday

Baby #41, Oakleigh is starting off this chapter as a mess. Wonderful. Great way to start the show.

And Baby #42, Pierce is also having a rough day.

Someone needs to get on diaper duty…

And here we have Baby #43 Qiana and Baby #44 Roman. Both of whom are hungry and in need of a diaper change.

Also, every toddler is dealing with the death of Theo. Even though none of them actually MET him. *eye roll*

And here’s the newest set of terrors, Baby #45 Sadie who’s napping and baby #46 Tessa, our new heir, with Quinn

Before we went off in search of the next baby daddy, we headed down the looooooooong road of toddler care. 1st up: baths

then came food.

I wanted a pic of all of them together eating, but they all decided to eat in different areas.


And then finally, playtime.

And then it was finally time to head out and find the next daddy!

And we headed off to Del Sol Valley! Maybe we’ll see a famous person!

Meet Ronan Williams! He was part of a group household made for me by snazzle for the secret santa gift exchange on boolprop. And you should definitely go check out her dumpster diver turned ISBI, We’ve Got Spirits! It’s hilarious!

Also, I had to go with him first because we share a surname lol

Quinn is still sad from Theo’s death too, so we needed to get her into a different emotion, and this is the easiest way to do that.

Success! Thanks Ronan! Bye!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plates and bowls ALL OVER THE DAMN HOUSE.

Hey Carly! Thanks for the help! But maybe fix the sink and fix the problem… Just a thought

We had a vamp break in. As you can see, Carly and Quinn are not worried. lol

It was a false alarm. All she did was walk through the house and then leave.


GUYS! EVERYONE IS ASLEEP! AT THE SAME TIME! I mean, it took until 9:30 in the morning, but hey it happened.

Of allllllll the toilets in the house, Quinn chose the woohoo bush to puke in…


That has GOT to hurt…

Baby sparkles!

And here they are! That’s Sadie on the left and Tessa on the right.

No comment on the fact that they’re both blonde.

And then it was the oldest twins’ birthday! Of course, Oakleigh goes first

And then it was Pierce’s turn!

And here they are! Obviously, that’s Oakleigh on the right and Pierce on the left.


They’re on their way too read vampire books and get skills up for school. And also homework.

Ughhhhhhhh. Toddler terrors. Remind me again why I thought a 100 baby challenge was a good idea?

And then there’s Tessa hahahahahaha Wild toddlers are the BEST!!!

Baby time!!!! Finally.

Well, after we feed the toddler…

Hey look! Zelena got a job as the receptionist! She’s also married.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

Challenge rules. Sorry

Meet baby #47 – Uriah!

I’m calling it quits this chapter Quinn is now 10 days from her elder bday. And the older twins have at LEAST 3 school days before aging up and it’s saturday. So we should be able to get a couple more pregnancies out of her before we have a new matriarch.

Chapter 44 – All The Toddlers

Hellllloooooo! Welcome back! Now that the holidays and my brother’s wedding are over, we can get back to our regularly scheduled simming!

We begin with Quinn “taking care of some business”

Kid #39 Madilynn is stuffing her face. Carly would be proud

And Kid #40 Nikki is enjoying our new entry with LOTS of windows

Kid #41 Oakleigh is enjoying playing with the slide. Well, she thinks she playing, but really I’m just masking it as skilling.

Kid #42 Pierce is sad. No idea why. Wait, I just saw the stink cloud. Someone has a stinky diaper

And here are the newest recruits! Baby #43 Qiana and Baby #44 Roman!

Lacie is still hanging around. Even though I kicked her out. But that’s fine, Pierce is enjoying the time with her.

This is the face of a woman who is going through the motions. She’s ready for more kids! Or not. But Madilynn has a B and Nikki has an A and it’s the weekend. But I don’t feel like waiting until monday, so we’re off!

Hey! This house looks familiar! (Follow my Drifter challenge to find out why! 😉 #shamelessplug)

Meet Wyatt Lewis! He was “donated” by BlossomSims! Go check out her story, The Clemonte Family Legacy!

He’s so cuteeeeee!!!

And we were successful! So we of course just friended him and then left without a second glace.


The twins are having, what is hopefully their last, homework session! I’m determined that Madilynn gets an A and we get them moved out once Monday comes around

Quinn’s giving that punching bag the evil eye! Everyone back away from the pregnant person!

lololololololololol I keep forgetting that our garden is inside now and that the plants are always in season… lololol

The girls are being productive.

Well. Madilynn is being semi-productive.

Nikki is being a grumpus

By the look of all those phone calls, someone died.


Yup, it was Theo. Rest in Piece


And here they are. Sad little buggers.

I was disappointed to see that Qiana had blonde hair. But she also has brown eyes, so that’s good!

Success! The girls came home from school with A’s!!!! yay!! (This is when I realized that I never fixed the path and the mailbox…)

Obviously, Madilynn goes first!

and then Nikki!

Oh well, she tried… hahahahahaha

And we tried it again! Second times the charm!

Bye girls! (Notice the fixed path)

Look at alllllllllll of them sleeping! This was a rare moment of peace for me lol

And moment was ruined by the baby.

I wanted to have the baby at the hospital. But I accidentally clicked that “have baby” option… Whoops

Welcome to the family! MORE TWINS!!!!! *dies*

Quinn is holding Baby #45 Sadie and in the bassinet is Baby #46 and our new heir, Tessa!