Chapter 33 – It’s A Birthday!

Hi! So you know how we usually start with a list of the kids that are currently in the house? Well, Quinn had other ideas. I was moving in the next dad and I usually play them for a hot sec just to get them into their house. So when I go to open up the 100 baby house, Quinn was out and about! And where was she? Visiting the new dad! So we’re getting right to work!

“Why is it raining?”

That’s what usually happens when you have weather. You have… weather…


Knock knock!

(House totally built by me for my Drifter challenge! And it’s available on the gallery! /end shameless plug)

Meet Sterling Berlett! Made for Quinn by SalemSvartulv! Go check out their downloads on the gallery! Origin username is Ginnynena!

Needless to say… things went VERY well!

And baby #33 is on it’s way!

Now on with our regularly scheduled program! Checking up on the family! And, surprise surprise, Carly’s grabbing some food.

Also, Quinn finally reached level ten of the parenting skill so I don’t quite need Carly to stick around anymore. So I’ve decided that when it’s her time to go… I’m gonna let her go. No matter how much it’ll kill me.

And here’s kid #28, Brenden doing… I have NO idea what he’s doing…

“That’s the window into mommy’s room! We’re not allowed in there…”


Kid #29, Chase is hungry? But playing dolls? This kid definitely know how to take care of himself.

And kid #30 is actually doing something useful with her time and skilling! Even though she has all the points she needs for her A. She’s an overachiever. I like her, too bad she’s not the heir…

Baby #31 Eleana is having a shocking poop! Surprise!

And our current heir, Baby #32 Freya! Who’s having moody issues

Gardening…… Boooooo. I really need to find something else to make money. Gardening is boring. Carly did painting and then a little gardening. Quinn has done gardening with VERY little painting… I’d like to do writing, but it’s really time consuming. Maybe jingles? Ideas?

Oops. I misses Eleana’s birthday… She doesn’t look to upset about it at the moment, soooooo yay?

“Don’t be fooled. I’m actually very sad”

Of course you are.

Quinn, is that really the right place to be doing that?

“They grow up so fast! I need to instill knowledge!”

Uhhhhh. Okay. You turned out okay without all of that…


Okay fine.

Brenden, Chase, and Desiree all got A’s! So it’s birthday time!

Brenden is first!

“Wow! There air is so different up here!”

……No. No it’s not.

Then it was Chase’s turn!

“Why can’t I have cake!?”

Because the cakes are for growing up you kids. Not for eating.

“But CAKE!”


And then it was Desiree’s turn.

She’s really pretty. I love her

Here’s Quinn trying out our new swing set!

“Just like when I was a kid!”

Uh… You didn’t have one of those when you were a kid…

“Huh. Are you sure?”


Winter is coming.




Game of Thrones reference. I couldn’t help it.

Someone’s actually using the foosball table! I’ve literally only seen ONE other sim play it, and that was Quinn. So it was nice to see that I didn’t spend our money needlessly.

Baby Time!

Obligatory freak out shot.

Sterling was a poofer. *poof*

Anyway! Meet baby #33, Gavin! Welcome to the family!

Chapter 32 – Filler

We begin this chapter with Carly once again eating. It seems like last chapter was a fluke. Oh well. A gramma’s gotta eat!

Quinn looks a bit upset that she can’t have a baby in this chapter since we have a full house with one teen, four toddlers, and one infant.

Also, remember when I said I was gonna keep Carly around to help care for the babies? Yeah. I’m done with that. She can kick the bucket anytime and I’ll be okay with that. That would free up a space in the house and there wouldn’t be anymore nighttime visits from her friends…

Here’s kid #27, Asher who’s about to go to bed right before school on friday… So he’s not getting that A today… Now we have to play through the weekend and hope he gets one on monday…

Here’s #28, Brenden! He’s just sleeping the day away

Twins #29 Chase and #30 Desiree are twinning with the potty training!

Here’s the adorable barbarian, #31 Eleana

And the newest addition is little baby #32, Freya!

I literally forgot that we had a TV in the dinning area… So that was a fun discovery today lol

And then Brenden had a birthday!

What a schmooze. He’s more adorable than this pic suggests lol

He totally made the summer decorations all on his own! I’m a proud watcher!

Someone is happy that she’s just had a bath! She’s so adorable!

Eleana really is a terror toddler. It’s been a while since we’ve had a toddler terror like this. I did not miss it.

As foretold, Asher did not get that A, so he’s currently working on his homework for monday. And Brenden is working on his skills and his homework for monday too.

I can’t help but always think that they remind me of a kitty or a puppy when they do this. It’s just so cute!

If the slide was a skill, Carly would have mastered it. She’s such a pro!

This little girl with the attitude is Freya! She ended up with Quinn’s hair and Ian’s eye color.

The fridge was lacking food, so we had a cooking spree.

Spoiler: She made one dish and that was it. The fridge remained close to empty the whole play session.


And we obviously set them right to work on their homework. Since neither the twins or Brenden have been to school, the goal is to have them get A’s and all age up together so that we free up more spaces at the same time!

I’m so surprised that it took this long into the play session for her to be abducted. Could her friends be getting bored with her?!

Spoiler: They’re not.

And with homework finished, we’re skilling!

Desiree kept trying to leave and go to bed during this even though her energy was half-full… it was annoying.

Well, monday was a bust, but he managed to get the A on tuesday!

And all the kids have B’s so we’re crossing our fingers for next chapter!

So it’s birthday time!

And we now say goodbye to Asher!

Bookloverblue: He’s now uploaded under the hashtags #mojot89 and #operationrepopulation and #miskin Enjoy!

Join us next time when we get back to the baby making! We have a list of 28 fathers to get though!


Chapter 31 – Uh…Stuff Happens

Guys! I’m so glad to see that Carly is doing something besides eating when I opened the save! This is a historic moment! Let it all sink it!

Anyway! Let’s check up on everyone else!

Quinn is rocking/modeling her new hot weather look! That’s right! We’ve got seasons! Should be interesting to see how they fair in comparison to my other saves.

Anyway, she’s picking up…

Baby #28, Brenden! Who is also in his hot weather outfit

Baby #27, Asher is playing games on the computer. The boy is smart to stay out of the hot sun. Too bad he didn’t decide to play the sims though

And here’s baby #29, Chase. He looks really proud of himself for some reason. What did you do? *shifty eyes*

And baby #30, Desiree is looking like she’s got some sort of attitude going on right now. No idea what that’s about.

And our newest addition, Baby #31, Eleana!

Of course with seasons and the hot and cold temps, came the thermostat. I’ve read some not so good things about this. So we’ll see once what our bills look like to decide how we’re actually going to use it. Jury is still out

Awe cute! Although it doesn’t look like Brenden is enjoying the story. So I guess that means we can put the book back and go looking for our next daddy!

Small hallway? We must be in San Myshuno!

So! Who lives in this craphole?

Why, Ian Sutherland of course! TBH, I have no idea where in the Sutherland family he fits it. I looked ALL over azzywoods’ blog, but couldn’t find him anywhere! I have since been informed that Ian is a gender bent version of Ida, the generation 5 TH of the super awesome Sutherland ISBI Legacy and you should totally read it. The family is NUTS!


Not Pictured: All the crap I had to go though to get this baby. Ian was a jerk the whole time. (I later found out that his traits were gloomy, evil, and insane. Yikes! Let’s cross our fingers the baby is nothing like him)

Anyway we got back home just in time to watch Carly go out with her friends. This is a nightly occurance. It’s REALLY annoying.

Asher came home with an A! On his first day of school! Bless him

And as you can see, it’s also Eleana’s birthday! And since Asher’s tired I aged up Eleana first so that Asher could squeeze in a quick nap.

SPARKLES! It’s birthday time!

Aaaaaand she’s already a little terror… Just wonderful.

Woke Asher up from his nap so that he could go next!

You remember Quinn’s Parker and Reese? My only set of triplets? Yeah. Asher looks just like them only with black hair. I was hoping he would look a little bit more like Myron Miskin…

Brenden is getting MORE play time with momma. He must be a momma’s boy. That’s sooooo cute!

And it’s a toddler feeding frenzy! EVERYBODY RUN!!

And then it was baby time!

And we went back to the poofing after the obligatory freak-out shot.

Welcome to the fam, Baby #32, Freya!


And with that, I’ve run out of fathers! So please PLEASE submit some if you have them! I’ll give you full credit and link to a story if you want! ❤ toodles!