Chapter 79 – You’ve Gotta Be Kidding

Why hello there! I’m glad that you’ve decided to come back and watch my game continue to torment me. But this time I’m playing on my laptop, so hopefully it’ll treat me better than my desktop does lol

We start off with Xavia squeezing in a quick nap in between all the crying

And let us not forget the Servo who keeps our house running while Xavia is busy. It can even repair itself now.

Thank god lol

Here’s kiddo #89, Killian playing some video games. And he’s not finished his homework, so we’re going to kick him off and make him finish

And here’s kiddo #90, Liam, who is playing games on the computer. Like Killian, he hasn’t finished his homework either, so I’ll be kicking him off as well so that we can get them aged up and moved out before the weekend (it’s Thursday afternoon in game at this point)

And here’s the newest disaster set of triplets to grace my game. *sigh* My game has it out for me guys. I’m sure of it.

Anyway, that’s baby #91 Maya on the left, baby #92 Niko in the middle, and baby #93 Octavia on the right.

Now, normally I go right to find the next dad, but we’re going to wait a bit while I wait for the triplets to get on a schedule of some sort.

And then I got impatient and invited Chase over anyway lol

So we got right to business when he arrived. And we went right for the closet because obviously that’s what works according to the last chapter lol

And success! On the first try this time!

Liam gets a brain freeze while eating some ice cream. I love this animation!

I gotta say, it’s a lot easier to take care of infant triplets when you have super efficient baby care and no toddlers to deal with at the same time lol

Oh no! My grove is dying!!

(I did have to revive a dead tree in the last chapter, I just forgot to take a picture of it… whoops)

With the older boys in school and the triplets in good needs, we took this quick opportunity to go find the next daddy!

So we headed to Brindleton Bay. In the rain. In a heavy rain. In a thunderstorm actually… This seems like a sign…

Please don’t be a sign…

So, everyone meet Brodie Otts! He’s from ciyrose’s Otts ISBI (which you should definitely check out!)

…I was unsure about choosing a blonde as a donor, but since we haven’t had one in a while and the challenge is almost done (and I likely won’t need an heir) I felt that we were going to be okay with a blonde baby daddy.

So here we are!

And we had him under our spell in a matter of moments!

And with Brodie lined up, it was time for us to go home!

Thanks for the social and fun, Brodie!

The boys came home from their first (and now last) day of high school! They got A’s!

So Killian goes first

And then Liam goes

And then we kicked them out. Adios kiddos!

Pretty sure our house hasn’t been this “young” since Xavia took over as matriarch.

It’s really weird lol

It’s a triple birthday! First up is Maya

Then Niko got to go!

Then finally Octavia went

And they were sent to the toddler room for training lol

Baby time!!

You gotta be kidding me… MORE TROLLS!!!! I can’t believe this. Well obviously, the save doesn’t behave any differently on my laptop than my desktop…

Well, Xavia is holding troll #94, Porter and troll #95, Quinton is in the bassinet.

*sigh* I can’t even with this challenge anymore.

I guess join us next time for when we (most likely) have more trolls…

4 thoughts on “Chapter 79 – You’ve Gotta Be Kidding

  1. I’ll be honest, when I read the title my mind went straight to thinking Xavia had birthed another set of tripplets lol thankfully not the case! Even if they’re little trolls again lol

    Liked by 1 person

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