Chapter 49 – NEVER AGAIN

Hello! Welcome back again! I took the month of October off of simming, but we’re back! Now you have to bear with me for a bit here, I started this chapter at the end of September, so I’ll have to remember what I was doing lol. We begin this chapter right where we left off, with a newly elder-fied Quinn! So since we’re not getting any more babies out of her, we get to wait until the new heiress is of age.

Hopefully it doesn’t take too long…

Here’s kiddo #47, Uriah fast asleep. Which is what good kids should be doing at 2 in the morning.

And kiddo #48, Valerie is also being a good kid and sleeping.

And here’s the newest members of the family. Baby #49, Willow is sleeping like a good kid. And of course our next heiress, Baby #50 Xavia, is being fussy and crying. Typical.

Valerie is not impressed with her new sisters. In fact, she’s going to take this new found anger and is going to go destroy our dollhouse. Thanks a lot, Val.

One of our money trees is growing through the wall. And I can’t get it to go away completely without totally rearranging the whole greenhouse. So we’re stuck with leaves. I mean, I got it down to only two, but that’s really going to annoy me lol

This is adorable. This will forever be one of my favorite interactions in TS4! The faces are just so cute!

Uriah is sad because he had a “bummer school day” but he should be happy because he came home with an A! Which means that it’s his birthday!

Cake time!

Speaking of cake, I made one for a friend today!

It was really hard not to stick my finger in that frosting lol

Anyway, moving on…

Here he is after his makeover! He’s a cutie, that’s for sure!

And he’s completed his homework for the day and he has the needed skills for the A. So I’m expecting him to come home with an A tomorrow.

Do. Not. Fail. Me.

Seasons came out a whole year ago and I STILL have not figured out the point of shoveling snow. There is literally no purpose for it in this game. It’s almost like the creators have never lived anywhere that gets a lot of snow.

I guarantee you, you would NOT find my ass outside shoveling snow for no reason. I don’t even like shoveling my driveway so I can leave the house…


And he did not disappoint! He got that A!

And it’s another cake!

He was a teen for a whole 24 hours before aging up lol

It was at this point that I forgot that moving him out would mean that the younger kiddos would be alone if Quinn were to die. So we moved him back in lol

Then it was finally time for the twin’s birthday! And Willow went first. And she grew up with RED HAIR! Which actually made me mad because they way my game works for is that it does the opposite of what I want. And since I wanted Xavia to have red hair and Willow grew up with red hair, I was sure that Xavia was gonna be blonde…









XAVIA, OUR HEIRESS, ALSO HAS RED HAIR! I’ve died and gone to heaven!

Also, they both have green eyes! So hopefully we’ll have A LOT LESS of the blonde hair/blue eyes combo. I’ve seen enough of those to last a lifetime! lol

I have this goal that the next heiress with have all the extra traits you can get before taking over. We’ll see if that happens, but here we go! Top Notch toddler, here we come!

Probably not taking a lot of photos during this lol

This cracked me up. Mostly because Quinn didn’t paint it. Carly did on one of the nights she haunted lol and now Quinn is getting all the credit

And this is where the September stuff ends and the November stuff starts. Let’s see if I can remember lol

As you can see we’ve hit the imagination part of her skilling.

She’s maxed communication, movement and potty

We finally reached Valerie’s birthday! It’s about time! I thought they were gonna be toddlers for forever! …Well I mean they’ve been toddlers since September so….

And here she is! She looks super sad to have had her birthday. Enjoy childhood! You probably won’t have much of one lol

And then she somehow got stuck under the stairs and was over 4 hours late… idiot

Just a random photo of Willow to remind me that she actually exists lol

Xavia maxed all her skills!!! Yush! Top-notch toddler!

Valerie’s almost at an A. We just need to get to level 4 in a skill. And like always, vamp lore is the easiest!

lol whoops!

*pays bills*

Awe crap. At least it’s the twin’s birthday…

Case and point, I missed their birthdays… whoops…

And here they are after their makeovers. The crazy looking one in the green is Willow. Xavia is the nice calm one in blue.

And I’m still gonna try and get all those extra traits for funzies, so Xavia’s gonna be hard at work.

Valerie came home with an A! So we’re off to the cake!


And just like that, we have a TEEN in the house again!

Which means…

That we can finally kick Uriah out of the house! Adios!

Awe crap. There goes Quinn…

And she was laid to rest next to her momma.

Damn! Quinn dies and all of a sudden there’s food ALL OVER THE HOUSE! GEEZ!!

Aspiration 1 of 4 complete!

It’s Quinn’s first haunting! Hi Quinn! *waves*

Homework session! Nice to see they’re not neglecting their studies!

Valerie came back home today with an A! So you know what that means!


And here she is… a tired mess lol

And she has to stick around. What. A. Bummer.

Yeah, I agree. I’m never vowing to do all the kid aspirations with one kid ever again!

The girls came home with A’s. But Xavia still has aspirations to complete so no birthdays for them!

And that’s 2 of 4 complete.

And that’s 3 of 4! Woohoo! Now just for the Rambunctious Scamp one. AND THEN NEVER AGAIN!

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Way. To. Go.


And this is 4 of 4. We’re done. And I’ve never never never NEVER doing that again! Yuck.

And we’re gonna end this chapter here because I need a break lol. So we’ll see you next time for the twins’ birthday and some scouting. And maybe even a nooboo! We’ll see how long it takes for her to finish scouting. She just needs the outdoors and get fit badges yet to finish that.