Chapter 74 – Oh. My. Boys.

Oh hi! Yes, we did have an update earlier today! But I didn’t want to stop, so I kept playing! So we’re back! And in the time that it took to get a new daddy moved in and settled, Xavia moved to the grill lol

Yanna and Zola are at school, so we pick up the child check in with kids #79 Alec and #80 Brent.

Alec’s skills:

Level 3: Communication, Imagination, Movement, Thinking

Level 1: Potty

lol, I don’t know how it happened, but he KILLED the skilling earlier

Brent’s skills:

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 1: Imagination, Potty

Brent has a little bit more work to do, but he’s not being productive until he gets some sleep

And here are our newest additions, baby #81, Cooper (on the left) and baby #82, Dylan

So with kids either at school or sleeping, we invited over Alan to keep this baby train moving!

And we headed right for the closet when he got here

Blasphemy! How dare she not get pregnant!?

Tried the shower this time

Magic shower time did the trick! We’re expecting!

Girls are home from school! Zola got a B and Yanna got an A!

And here she is after her makeover. I always forget about that sweater that came with Realm of Magic, but I love it!

She’s obviously on her way to do her new high school homework.

Homework done and Yanna gets roped into helping Xavia with the toddlers

Next up is potty training

Brent also needs a bath, but he’s currently busy trying to catch up to Alec

Our orchard of money trees take a lot of care. I should hire a gardener.

Fun Fact: We make $246,400 every time we sell our money fruit.

I forgot about our bills… again…

Alec is the first to get his skills to level 3 (shocker) So now he has to wait for his brother to finish the potty skill and their ready for a birthday

Yanna is an hour and a half late to school. She overslept. I hope this doesn’t affect her getting an A…

For some reason a bath was more important than getting that last skill point…

…And then he passed out…

Called it. Yanna did not get that A and I’m convinced it’s because she didn’t go to school on time.

On the plus side, Zola got an A! So she gets a birthday!

So she gets the cake!

She seems surprised at her new makeover lol But I love it!

Brent finally got all his skills to level 3 so it’s birthday time again!

Alec goes first!

And then Brent got to go!

And they got right to work on their homework. That’s Alec on the left and Brent on the right.

The kids headed off to school and Xavia and I headed off to find the next daddy!

Everyone meet Lucian Virgil Laetorius who was created and donated by bookloverblue

And in no time, he was ready for his turn in the next chapter

Kids are home from school! Zola stayed a B, Alec and Brent both earned B’s, and Yanna earned an A!

So Yanna gets the cake!

And then she was sent off to join the story progression

And back inside the house, it was birthday time for some little kiddos!

Here’s Cooper!

And here’s Dylan!

And we got right to skilling!

Baby time!


So, everyone meet baby #83, Ezra (held by Xavia) and baby #84, Forrest (in the green bassinet)

Thanks for joining our special second chapter today! Join us next time for more twin fun! Yeesh.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 74 – Oh. My. Boys.

  1. Holy crap 3 sets of twins in a row…. I would have died. I only have had 2 sets of twins my whole game and I’m up to like 45ish kids for my 100 baby challenge.

    Liked by 1 person

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