Chapter 30 – So. Many. Toddlers.

Welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! Here we find Carly doing what she does best: eat. She only does 5 things and two of them are what I make her do. She 1)eats 2)sleeps 3)gardens 4)uses the slip n’ slide and 5) cares for the baby.

Quinn looks happy. She has no idea that she’ll be pregnant again in a few hours.

Quinn: What was that?


Kid #26, Zelena is currently caring for invisible baby #30, Desiree. Why Des is invisible is beyond me! I hope this isn’t permanent!

Here’s little Asher. Kid #27 is having a slight attitude

And kid #28, Brenden is also having a slight attitude. There must be something in the water…

And here we have the newest members of the family! Left is baby #29, Chase. And on the right is a non-invisible baby #30 Desiree!

Time to put the dishes down, Quinn! There’s an empty space in the house so it’s time to find the next daddy!

Look at her face. It’s like she knows what’s coming and is ready for it.

We headed off to Willow Creek! Hey, it’s our old house in the background! Gosh that seems like so long ago… We were only there for, like, 4 kids with Carly. Ahhh, the good olde days

Quinn: Wow! Look! He has a window! Amazing!


Anyway… Here’s Seamus Mulligan, our next father! He was submitted by PurplishSimEater. He’s gonna make some cute babies!

And, well, obviously one thing lead to another and we’re expecting! Baby #31 is on the way!

Zelena came home with an A! So it’s birthday time!

Bye! I’ll miss all your help with the little ones!

Getting some MUCH needed potty training done. The toddlers have been seriously neglected… my bad.

It took much longer for her to be abducted in this chapter than normal. The Aliens must have hit snooze a few times.

Yeah… I completely forgot alllllll about our gigantic garden. No idea what I’m going to do with this once I get seasons going in this save…

PSA: Pregnant sims should sit while gaming. EAxis is not responsible for any early labor that might result in pregnant sims NOT USING THE COUCH RIGHT BEHIND THEM!

Chase and Desiree aged up! I’ll let you try and figure out which one is Chase and which one is Des.

No. Quinn literally JUST made that for herself. And Asher stole it. Typical life with toddlers.

Quinn is not impressed.

She’s so tiny. I’m not sure I remember the last time a sim of mine was this small in their third trimester.

Let us take a moment and thank the sim gods that EVERYONE is asleep at the same time. This is such a rare thing that it has to be documented!

Asher aged up! Look at that smirk lol

And then it was baby time!

Quinn: How do I always get into this situation?

Because I make you duh.

So I was going to say this was the obligatory pre-poof picture. BUT HE DIDN’T POOF! He just stopped freaking out and calmly walked all the way to the police station and then vanished. It was really weird!

lolololol she’s at the point where she’s just over it

Meet baby #31 and current heir, Eleana!

And she already says no. lol

Join us next time for hopefully some birthdays to free up some space and the next baby!

Chapter 29 – New Experiences

Yes yes yes. I know. Long time no see. But honestly, work kicked my ass lol. But you don’t want to hear about that! You’re here for sims! So let’s begin!

Here we see Carly enjoying her fish dish.

Quinn is having a 30 second dance party.

Kids #24 Xavier and #25 Yuma both came home with A’s! So after the kid check, we’ll get them aged up and moved out!

Kid #26 Zelena has a really weird rainbow thing above her head. No idea what that is… Does anyone know what this is? I’ve never seen this before.

Baby #27, Asher is sleeping the day away

And here’s the newest addition to the family, #28 Brenden!

Birthdays! Xavier first!

Bye kiddo!

And then Yuma was up!

Bye buddy!

With empty spaces in the house, it’s time to go off hunting for the next daddy! But first just a little baby rearing.

So we made our first trip into Forgotten Hallow!

And he’s home! Let’s go meet him!

Here’s Cicero the Keeper! He’s made by 15aewar (modeled after the Keeper of the Nightmother of the Dark Brotherhood in the game Skyrim, with I LOVE!) Go check out their story The Shadow Over Newcrest!

And he was very receptive to our advances!

And we had a little closet woohoo this time! Looks like they’ve had a great time! *wink wink*

And it was a success! Baby #29 is on the way!

Carly spends WAY too much time on this slide. Well, at least she’s enjoying it! lol

Zelena’s working on getting that A! Maybe I should slow down with her… Right now, she’s the current heir. That would suck if she ages up too early…

That face! Asher is soooo adorable! Gahh!

These. Are. Literally. The. WORST. Things. Ever. In. This. Game.

Well, I guess we’re not slowing down with her, she got her A!

So it’s birthday time!

She looks a LOT like her dad. Just blonde.

And this little cutie is Brenden! He just had his birthday!

Baby time!

lololololololol She looks so bored!

Quinn: Here we go again…

Welcome to the family baby #29, Chase on the left, and Baby #30, Desiree!

Join us next time for more baby fun and kiddie cuteness!