Chapter 83 – 100 Babies

*Sorry, this chapter was supposed to be posted a week ago, but I ended up with the ER with severe back pain (which turned out to be a kidney stone…) and that made it physically impossible for me to sit at my computer. So sorry for the delay! I know you guys are ready to finish too! I know I am!*

HELLO THERE! I’M SO EXCITED THAT YOU’VE MADE IT TO THE FINAL CHAPTER OF MY 100 BABY CHALLENGE! It’s been a long ride. This blog first came into existence September 1, 2016. Almost FOUR years ago! Of course there were some loooooong breaks in there when I took a break from simming (a few times…..) But persistence paid off and here we are at the end!

But we still need to age up all the kids to young adult to be officially finished! So let’s finish this!

Here we have kid #97 Simon (left) and #98 Tanner (right) reading up on the vampire lore skill so that they can complete their school requirements. They also have already finished their homework.

It is currently 4am Monday morning and they don’t got to their first day of school until tomorrow… So they’ll get a short break before heading to school tomorrow

And here are our newest additions to the family! Baby #99 Uriel and Baby #100 Vivian!

They have a long way to go before they age up, so let’s get started!

Ah yes, our Servo is still here too. I knew I forgot someone lol

Servo has been going around cleaning up all the messes, but the boys aren’t having any of it and just keep making them lol

I literally never use this thing, so I figured since I was bored, I’d have the boys play around since their just waiting for school now haha

Servo created an RC Quadcopter

I’m bored lol

Off to their first day of school!

I was wondering why none of the kids ever used this thing anymore and it turns out it had been struck by lightning at some point so it was “broke” (no idea how that happens…) But it didn’t turn charred like items normally do when struck by lightning. Which is probably why I didn’t notice it lol

Fun fact: Servos can use the lawn slide. It just KILLS their durability really fast lol

B students after day 1! Good job kiddos!

That evening, we celebrated Xavia’s adult birthday. She had 50 babies in her young adult stage… She had the same number of babies in that stage that Carly and Quinn had in their whole lives combined.

Xavia could have had more, but I slowed down at the end lol

Figures. As soon as I fix it, the kids find it lol

Final toddler birthdays! Here’s Uriel

And here’s Vivian!

And we got RIGHT to skilling.

Day 2 of school

For as long as this game has been out, I’ve never once used this cupcake machine. Which is a crime since irl I’m known for my cupcakes lol

Damn, I wish it was actually that fast and easy to make cupcakes lol

Home from school… Simon didn’t get an A… But Tanner did!

…But Simon… Not cool dude. Not. Cool.

We’re working really hard on skills. But I’m not really pushing them since they won’t be able to go to school until monday anyway so meh

Simon finally got that A! So it’s birthday time!

So Simon goes first

And then it was Tanner’s turn

And they get started on their homework right after makeovers. I want them out of the house before the weekend. That means they better come home with A’s tomorrow (friday)…

Ouch. That looks like it hurts…

Uriel is the first toddler to get all his skills to level 3

Ya’ll better come home with A’s…

Vivian finally got her skills to level 3!

So Uriel gets the cake first!

And then Vivian goes

Here’s Uriel after makeover

And here is Vivian

Damn it… Tanner got an A, but Simon (again) did not… I guess we’ll have them around all weekend…


Simon helped himself to the cupcake machine…

And he failed. Cupcakes aren’t as easy as you think!

Simon has taken to stealing stuff. It’s annoying. I’ve noticed 2 missing trash cans…

What the hell?! Where did all of our money trees go!? They were there earlier! *double checks* Yeah, you can see them in the background of Uriel and Vivian’s birthday pics!

Da Fuq?

Ice Creme for breakfast? Why not!

Off to school! Do me proud kids

Fast Forward and Uriel and Vivian now have B’s and Simon and Tanner both have A’s!

So it’s cake time for Simon and Tanner! Simon goes first

And then Tanner goes

And then we kicked them out.

Some rando grilled us some tofu dogs.

Thanks but no thanks…

Doing homework like good kiddos. Vivian just finished hers

Xavia just gave up on cooking halfway through.

….You could at least finish the chili…

Off to school!

While the kids are in school, I send Xavia and Servo off to volunteer so that way we ultra speed through the day lol

Kiddos are home with A’s! Birthday time!

Uriel gets the cake first

And then Vivian got her cake

And here they are post-makeovers

Breakfast convos before the (hopefully) last day of school!

Off to school!

*please bring home A’s…*

It’s like 95F (35C) by me right now, so I’m really jealous that Xavia can just have so much fun on the lawn slide like this…

I’m drowning in my own sweat while making this chapter…

And here’s a look at the new A students!

So it’s cake time! First up is Uriel

And then it was Vivian’s turn!

And then we kicked them out of the house!

And that wraps up this challenge! I can’t believe it! I’ve attempted multiple 100 baby challenges before, but I’ve never completed one. The only reason I was able to complete this was because of you wonderful readers! Thanks for sticking with me, even through all the breaks that I would take. You guys seriously made it worth chugging on! I couldn’t have done it without you!

I also want to thank everyone who donated a dad to the challenge!

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Literally couldn’t do it without your contributions!

We ended up with 56 boys and 44 girls. We had 37 single births, 27 sets of twins, and 3 sets of triplets. Of the twins, we had 12 boy/boy combos, 7 boy/girl combos, and 8 girl/girl combos. Of the triplets, we had 2 boy/boy/girl combos and 1 boy/girl/girl combo. We had 3 total matriarchs. Carly had 20 kids, Quinn had 30 kids and Xavia had 50 kids.

If anyone is interested, all the kids are available on the gallery if you search for #operationrepopulation. (some might be labeled CC, so I would hit that button just to be sure. Even though I don’t have any adult CC lol)

Also, shameless plug for all my other stories that you can find in the appropriately named “my other stories” menu at the top of the screen lol

Once again, thanks for all the support and sticking with me until the end! It was a wild ride! Toodles!


Chapter 82 – Almost There…

Welcome back! I hope you’re ready for more 100 baby challenge “fun”! And I say “fun” because my save has been anything but lately… damn trolls.

But I’m not gonna finish the challenge complaining about it! So let’s go!

We start things off with kid #96 Raelle playing some video games. And Servo is keeping her company.

And her homework is done, so she can keep playing too!

And then we have our newest set of trolls, baby #97 Simon (left) and #98 Tanner (right)

And we wasted no time in inviting Flintlock over. And just in time too. It’s 11:30 pm. We were close to the “sleeping” response.

And right to the closet.

If you’re keeping track, they’ve woohoo’d in a bush, a shower, and now a closet. There’s nothing “normal” about this couple 😉

And success! Leave it to the pirate to do things right the first time

Raelle is off to hopefully her last day of school!

Caught Xavia working out autonomously. What a weirdo

Also, fun fact, I went through her family tree… and she has a grandson who’s an ELDER. She’s still a young adult…

And she snagged that A!

So it’s cake time!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to move her out or not. I mean, she’s “technically” the heir. But we only need two more kids and I’m *hoping* that Xavia is having twins.

Watch Murphy’s Law come a bit me in the butt.

This girl is obsessed… Geez

Servo tried to make a break for it. Thankfully, Alan stopped him

Troll birthdays! Here’s Simon

And here’s Tanner

See! Servo keeps trying to escape! Look how far away from the house he is!

Toddlers were tired, so we read them both too sleep. Gotta get as much skilling in when I can! lol

It’s new skill day! So we took the opportunity to get the trolls started on the potty skill!

Simon (on the right) has all his skill to level 3! And Tanner is about to get his final skill to level 3! Thank you new skill day! lol

Yup! All skills to level 3!

You know what that means!

Cake time! First up is Simon

And then it was Tanner’s turn.

Fun Fact: They spent a whole ONE DAY as toddlers.

And here they are after makeovers! That’s Simon on the left and Tanner on the right.

They grew up too late Sunday night to go to school on Monday, so they’ll go on Tuesday.

It’s baby time!

And it’s twins! Baby #99 Uriel and baby #100 Vivian!

I was hoping baby 100 would be a girl! It’s just kinda perfect!

Now technically the challenge doesn’t end until we age them all up to young adults, so I’m going to leave this chapter here and we’ll focus on aging up the last kiddos in the LAST chapter!

So join us next time for the FINAL chapter of my 100 baby challenge!