Chapter 11 – Where Have All The Children Gone?


Well hello there! I know, I know… it’s been a while since I’ve updated my 100 baby challenge. BUT HERE WE ARE! With the introduction of TODDLERS into the game, I’m been rejuvenated! yay! So bear with me, it’s been a while since I’ve played them and as I was going through the pics for this chapter, I realized I’ve forgotten most of their names…. I know, I’m a bad Watcher. BUT I will re-learn them! So let’s get going!

*Note: These pics were taken BEFORE the update, so no toddlers…yet*


So since the teens have moved out and it’s just the infants and the kids, I’ve lost the extra help around the house. So you can find Carly doing all the housework, once again.


We’re being a cooking phenom at the moment and stocking the fridge so the kids don’t starve.


And we’re also mindful to tend the garden (not that it’s really necessary…but hey extra money)


So I’m pretty sure this pic was to show some updates to the house. But honestly, since it’s been so long I don’t know what the update was. And I didn’t mark it down in my notes… I have a feeling it has to do with more bedrooms. Goal is to have each bedroom with it’s own bathroom. I have BIG plans for this house!


It’s weird, Joelle and Karissa feel like easy babies compared to the rest of the ones we’ve had. Maybe it’s because there are less other children in the house…hmmmm


And here we have the older twins terrorizing the younger twins. Look at them! They’re positively terrified! Go away Harrison and Irene…


Yes, do something productive. Homework is good for the soul (not really, but you gotta do what you gotta do)


Empty bassinets means only one thing! Birthdays!


Joelle is the blonde one. Her trait is bookworm and aspiration is whiz kid. Karissa is the red head and her trait is lazy with the same aspiration as Joelle, whiz kid.


We wasted no time in getting Perry over to the house and getting to work on baby #12!


And we have a bun in the oven! Woot woot!


Ummm. Irene? What the heck?! ANYWAYS Harrison and Irene both came home with A’s so we can have birthdays!


Harrison goes first as the the older twin does and…


Look at that sexy face! haha he rolled the creative trait and the Friend of the world aspiration.


Irene goes next cheered on by brother Harry

Harrison: Woohoo! Join the rebellion!


And that’s not a good face to make from someone who just rolled the romantic trait… And her aspiration is The Curator.


Oh Karissa… Can you not? I didn’t realize that being lazy actually meant that you were a slob. Pick it up!


Working on the next daddy while we’re preggo. And it looks like Drake is being more receptive to us this time!


We got a sprinkler system finally. You know…for reasons. Teens make me nervous when they cook…


Whoops. Sorry Irene. I was neglecting you. My bad


True love for Karissa! (excuse the UI)


The daily grind. Carly spends her days painting, we gotta keep up with the updates! And the kids are doing their homework (Joelle is doing hers, she’s just doing it at the table)


Someone’s sick. That looks super contagious and gross. Good thing it’s a virtual virus…


Labor face! And we’re off to the hospital!


Obligatory father freak out before he vanishes.


And here’s baby #12, Logan!


EVERY TIME!!! Why is it EVERY TIME the baby ends up here?!


With the baby in the proper room, we’ll finish this chapter! Hopefully there won’t be such a long wait between updates this time, but with the introduction of toddlers, I don’t thing we’ll have to wait too long! Toodles!

5 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – Where Have All The Children Gone?

  1. I remember being so happy when they introduced toddlers to the game. Then once they did, the hype was still up because they were so cute. Then after I bought Parenthood, I wanted the madness to stop. I regret buying that damn game.


  2. I love the toddlers, I think they’re super realistic, adorable, and add a ton of dimension to the game. I’m certain it will be more challenging, but it’s a short life stage!


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