Chapter 48 – Milestones Baby!

Welcome back! With my baby boom challenge FINALLY finished! We can actually focus on other challenges! Including this one!

So here we go!!

We start with Quinn, who’s hard at work napping.

Kiddo #45, Sadie is cleaning up in the kitchen and dinning room

And kiddo #46, Tessa is sleeping.

Kid #47, Uriah, is on his way up to bed

And the newest addition is baby #48, Valerie!

With Quinn one day till her elder birthday, it was time to hurry up and invite over the man we were wooing in secret in the last chapter.


Everyone, meet Cole Andrews! He’s one of the spares of The Andrews Legacy. He was kindly loaned to me by Ashley745.

If you’re wondering, I’ve already used his brother, Chase as a dad! He fathered twins! Babies #36 and 37!

So here’s hoping the twin thing runs in the family!

And there was NO TIME TO WASTE! Her age bar hit zero at this exact moment!

And success!!! woohoo!

*please be a redhead…*

Sadie decides that Ice Cream is an acceptable breakfast.

I can’t say I disagree.

And Tessa decides to skip the bathroom before heading off to school

Yes, I’m gonna sell your bush. It should not be your first choice to pee or vomit.

Don’t give me that look!


Sadie and Tessa both came home with A’s! So it’s time for birthdays!

Uriah’s still a B student

Sadie first!

And then it was Tessa’s turn!

Bye girls!

This is quite the photo. Eating an ice cream cone while it snows outside lol

Also, with the girls gone, it’s just Quinn, Uriah, and the nooboo. It’s been a REALLY long time since the house was this empty. And I love it lol

Mother/son bonding! Uriah’s enjoying all the extra time he gets with his momma right now since he’s the only kiddo.

(Valerie doesn’t count since we don’t do anything with her besides super-efficient baby care lol)

But she counts now! Look at her in her super adorable toddlerness!

Also she grew up with a brand new sad moodlet from a dead sibling. The full two days. Meanwhile, Quinn and Uriah’s moddlet is at 16 hours. How is it possible she had the full TWO DAYS!?

All of our money trees finally sprouted!

… You were literally RIGHT there. What the hell.

Yes, that’s where the peepee goes. Not on the floor, like your momma

It’s baby time!!

And it’s TWINS!! YUS!

Quinn is holding baby #49, Willow and baby #50 Xavia is in the bassinet!

I’m so glad we made it to 50 kiddos! We won’t technically be halfway through the challenge until Willow and Xavia are young adults, but IT’S RIGHT THERE AND I CAN TOUCH IT!

And with that over, it was finally time for Quinn’s birthday.

Join us next time as we work towards ending Quinn’s reign.

Chapter 47 – Technical Difficulties

Hello! We’re back again with my 100 baby challenge! Last time we were able to finally kick out some kiddos to make room. So this time we’ll be able to move the challenge along! Hopefully.

We start with Quinn watching kid #43, Qiana play around with the video game.

And then my game crashed for some reason…

Restart the game and we pick up right back where we were. Here’s kid #44 Roman cleaning one of our many sinks!

And here’s kid #45, Sadie playing around in momma’s bathtub

And her twin sister, kid #46 Tessa. She’s also our current heiress

And finally, here’s kid #47, Uriah. He looks like he’s up to no good.

Wasting no time, we went off to find our next donor!

Meet Nikk Redman! Happily donated to us from SalemSvartulv! And he was mainly picked because of his lack of blonde hair lol

He was like putty in our hands. The dude didn’t even know what hit him.

And soon enough, we had him in our clutches and right where we wanted him. And he went willingly

And success!!! Nailed it!

So we left and went home, but not before we friend-zoned Nikk

When we got home I checked all the kids to see where they were at for school. And not a single one of them had done their homework. So we set all of them to work. At 11pm. We’re killing this school thing lol

This was cute! They all crowded into Qiana’s room to do their homework.

Well… all of them besides Tessa who was doing hers at the kitchen table.

As the current Heir, Tessa’s hard at work oh the scouting badges. And because of that, she needs a sleep replacement before school

Gotta take care of those money trees!!

Who let Quinn have a knife!?

Quinn: You did!

…oh right

Wait, why are we in Sulani? Quinn’s already pregnant!

Oh! We’re there to meet our next donor! Who we will hopefully get to with Quinn. She is at one day before her elder birthday, but I’m hoping that she’ll at least get to have child #50 before she ages up.

BUT you don’t get to actually meet the donor until next chapter!

Kids all came home from school WITH B’S!!!!! ugh. They are driving me NUTS

Tessa is insane and I LOVE IT!

And then my game crashed again. wtf

Yes, we do still have the rest of the garden. We just don’t care about it as much as the money trees lol

Our fridge was getting low, so it was time to cook some more meals!


Except Uriah who came home with a B

And then it was birthday time!

First up was Qiana!

… and then my game crashed. again

I have been saving like every two minutes, so I don’t actually lose too much

And I save after all the important stuff

And then it was Roman’s turn!

And then we kicked them out. After Qiana passes out.

And then it was Sadie’s turn

And then it was Tessa’s turn

And here they are! That’s Sadie in the back and Tessa in the front

Tessa is working on her final scouting badge!

And success!! This is the first time I’ve ever completed this! Nailed it!

And then my game crashed again. ugh

At this point, I restarted my computer and repaired my game. *Cross our fingers that this helps. But it might just be time to move these guys into a new save again.

We bought an ice cream machine!!

And now I want ice cream… lol


Hahahaha she haunted on of our inner counters and now the illusion is RUINED!

How rude of Quinn to make food just for herself and not the rest of the family. Selfish.

Everyone is sad because one of their siblings died.

It was Zelena. I just looked it up

I’m gonna sell this. She keeps walking past perfectly good bathrooms to use this.

With the money trees raking in the dough, I felt it was time to sell the beloved money making trash cans. It was a sad day

And it’s baby time! Finally!

And we welcome our new Heiress, baby #48, Valerie into the family!

And that’s it for this chapter! I gotta quit now before my game crashes on me