Chapter 20 – And We’re Still Waiting

Hello everyone! Is it just me, or does it feel like we’ve been waiting for Quinn to age up for forever?! Hopefully, we’ll get there in this chapter! But before that, let’s start with a check-in with the whole family! Here’s Carly, just looking happy.

Here’s kid #16, Parker, napping.

#17 Quinn, our heiress.

#18 Reese, who’s currently in a “mood”

#19 Shayne, who is eating outside for some weird reason.

And finally, #20 Theo, who’s enjoying his day

As you can see, our garden is coming along nicely. Parker is doing lots of work with it.

Someone broke our poor dollhouse! No idea who it was since none of the kids have any mean traits…Bizarre.

Shayne came home with an A! Time to wake up an have a birthday!

Hiya, Handsome!

Shayne: I need food!

He’s always hungry. Reminds me of my brother…

Gardening is a family affair! Got to keep those teens busy so they don’t get into any trouble!

These two are best friends. They’re always hanging out with each other! ❤

Gave her the best selling Author aspiration. I’m hoping to get her the free services trait. That’s a mighty big garden and we’re gonna need a gardener every once in a while to help out.

Here we go again… She’s an alien abduction MAGNET!

Theo came home with an A! (Shayne and Theo have had NO problems with getting A’s. Apparently it’s just a triplet issue *insert eye roll here*)

Duck lips!!

He looks a lot like his father!

Oh Carly… Well at least the boys are doing their homework… even if they don’t seem to care that their elderly mother just passed out in front of them. lol

bahahaha! That face! It’s so great!

Also, Quinn was the only triplet who came home with an A. Shayne did too, but as he’s younger than the triplets, I have a problem aging him up before them… So he’s stuck as a teen for now.

(I’m so eager to get this moving, I may have just played a few days without taking pics…) So here we are a couple days later and Parker and Reese both got A’s! So it’s birthday time!

Also, WHAT is Reese wearing?! lol





Gave Carly a youth potion, so that she’s able to help with the kids and the garden for a little bit.

(I’m tempted to keep all the matriarch alive throughout the challenge for multiple reasons. Child care, gardening, sentimental stuffs… but we’ll see. That would mean less space in the house for kids, but there were times during Carly’s reign that I wished there was someone else there to help out with the child care. I’ll have to think on this.)

What’s this? Where did the house go? Oh that’s right! We moved to a brand new shiny save! So unfortunately, we lost all of Carley’s kids, but I’m convinced that the reason why my game was so laggy was because there were so many and they were a reproducing and stressing out the save.

So I plopped down the house! And I also deleted all the pre-mades. I was sick of seeing the same sims walk by lol.

We sent Parker, Reese, and Shayne on their way. Bye boys!

And Carly’s officially passed off the reigns to Quinn!

So next time we’ll resume the baby-making challenge! Wish us luck!


Chapter 19 – Still Waiting

Welcome back! If you couldn’t tell, Carly looks a little different. I decided it was time to finally give her an elder makeover. She’s one good-looking gma! Okay, moving onto the kids:

Kid #15, Oliver, who looks like he’s just had a hard day at work… kid hasn’t worked a day in his life. Suck it up, buttercup!

Kid #16, Parker! He’s being a good boy and doing his homework!

Kid #17 and heir, Quinn! She’s busy skilling and being way more productive than Oliver.

Kid #18, Reese! Who is currently trying to bother his brother while he’s doing his homework.

Kid #19, Shayne. He’s busy training his voidcritter. His face is telling me that it’s not going so well…

And kid #20, Theo, who’s just having fun playing all by himself.

no rest for the old weary! She is rockin’ that new look though!

Harrison and Mariko had their baby boy who’s named Elliot. Also, I bought each of the kids a journal. Hopefully they’ll use them!

Oh! Bye Carly! Have fun!!

Oliver was tense and bugging me with all his moody faces that I sent him on a jog to “clear his mind” Doesn’t seem to be working does it?

It’s just mommy and Theo! Everyone else is at school, so it’s just the two of them! Poor Theo is nasty though, mommy needs to clean him up!

Quinn and Oliver both came home with A’s! Too bad Quinn’s brothers don’t have A’s, so no birthday for her!

But Oliver can! So birthday time!!

We wasted no time in kicking the boy out. Sorry, Oliver!

Reese is still a C student… Quinn is an A, and Parker has a B… I’m beginning to worry that they’ll have their birthday on their actual birthday and not early… So Reese is going to be micro-managed for a few days.

Oh… Bye again, Carly. Have fun?

Carly: Ugh, I don’t wanna go!

Oliver got married…to his older niece…ugh. At least they won’t be for long. As soon as Quinn ages up to a Young Adult, we’re hopping to a new save. This one is laggy and annoying the hell out of me. SO! When we move, I’ll need to populate the would with men for Quinn! So if any of my readers out there want to submit a male sim for fatherhood, please do!

What the hell!

Carly: *sigh*

She’s literally the only sim in ALL of my saves that get abducted! What is this!?

Parker is an A student! But Reese is not… I believe he’s still a C at this point with a B just on the horizon and a birthday 3 days away… Oh boy.

The older kids were at school when Theo’s birthday notification popped up. So we had his birthday while everyone else out!

He’s so cute!! I see a lot of Marcus in him, around his eyes especially.

So Saturday morning came around and I wondered I had missed the notification of Reese getting an A, so I checked…. I didn’t miss anything. *sigh* I could have sworn that he was closer to an A then THAT! But obviously I was wrong…

Which sucks because it’s the triplet’s birthday. This is the first time that I haven’t been able to age up a child or teen early… damn triplets.

So it’s birthday time!!

And here they are! From left to right: Parker, Quinn, and Reese! Parker and Reese are IDENTICAL. I literally cannot tell them apart when they’re dressed the same. Quinn is so cute and looks a lot like Carly. (Also, I changed her to a male just to see how similar to her brothers she looks and one word: IDENTICAL. I can’t even. Never had completely identical sims in this game before.)

Oh and Quinn rolled the romantic trait! I was gonna give it too her anyway if she didn’t roll it, but now I don’t have to!

Like mother like daughter!

After the triple birthday, Carly spent some time playing with Shayne and the new doll house since apparently we did NOT have one of those… We have everything else, but not that. Well, we fixed that!

Now that they’re teens, they’re expected to help around house. So Parker is fixing the sink.

He got back at me by starting a fire…Rude.

Quinn to the rescue!!

We spent literally ALL our money replacing the stove. So Carly’s painting to get us more money… We need it… lol

I don’t think I mentioned this yet or not this chapter, but I bought all the kids new and better beds. And they each have a desk and chair for homework or journal writing.

Parker’s aspiration is Freelance Botanist, so we’re expanding our garden! (I’ll probably still forget to water/tend it…)

Reese came home with a B, so he’s finally on the same level as the other triplets! It’s about damn time…

Don’t look so sad, Quinn! You need all the cooking experience you can get! You’ll be cooking for a bunch of kiddos in the future!

Quinn: Great…

And with that happy thought, we’re calling an end to this chapter! Next time, I’m playing until she ages up. So we only have one filler chapter left before we get back to the baby making! As mentioned before, if anyone has a male sim that they want to submit as a baby daddy, let me know in the comments!


Chapter 18 – The Waiting Game

Hello! Here we again with another update of my 100 baby challenge! Last time, Carly had baby #20, Theo and then she aged up into an elder. So that means that her baby-making days are over. So we’re just bidding our time until our new matriarch becomes of-age. Let’s start things off with a kid check!

We interrupt baby #14, Natalie while she’s having bowel issues. Sorry, we’ll leave now.

Natalie: Thanks

Baby #15, Oliver, who’s working on his school project

Baby #16 and triplet #1, Parker, who is also working on his school project. Looks suspiciously like Oliver’s… *shifty eyes*

Kid is adorable though…

Baby #17 and triplet #2, Quinn, who’s sleeping the day away. As Carly’s youngest daughter, she will inherit the matriarch mantel when she becomes a young adult. But we have a while to go. Parker is the only triplet with a B… and none of them have A’s… so yeah.

Baby #18 and triplet #3, Reese, who is also working on his school project.

Baby #19, Shayne, who is sleeping in his filth.

And the newest addition to the family, Baby #20, Theo!

Ummm… Natalie? That’s not very nice…

Natalie: It looked at me wrong!

It’s an inanimate object…

Natalie: I’m telling you, it looked at me wrong!


Carly finally completed her aspiration… It only took her until elderhood to do it.

Natalie came home with an A! yay!

And so did Oliver…

We had Oliver go first so that he could go rest while we deal with Natalie.

Yes, you’re tired. Go to bed.

And then it was Natalie’s turn! 

Bye Natalie! You are the spawn of Carly’s romantic nemesis, Adonis Holmberg. I won’t miss your face. Her traits are Family-oriented, romantic, and evil (Adonis right there…). Her aspiration is computer whiz.

Parker, that’s not a great spot to nap. That’s awful unsafe…

Without having to man-hunt all the time, we have more time for painting! More painting = more money!

Oliver is being such a good big bro! You can stick around!


Sorry Theo, I missed the notification telling me it was your birthday… He gained the independent trait. And look at those green eyes! *swoon*

Harrison got married! And he’s expecting with his wife, Mariko!

Why is this a random picture of the grass and trash? Oh! Because Carly got abducted! It’s been soooooo long since a sim of mine got abducted… I love it!

Okay, lots of notices in this pic:

1: Mason and wife, Eva, had twin girls, Arianna and Addison

2: Logan and wife, Kasey, had a baby boy named Jacob

3: Derrick and wife, Andrea, had a baby girl names Sophia

Who’s this sad kid? Oh… That’s Shayne. Sorry I forgot your birthday. I’m bad with the birthday thing… That’s probably why he gained the gloomy trait…

He then becomes the first kid to use the new teddy bear med kit thing that came with parenthood.

Carly looks exasperated. Like she’s over this whole parenting thing. Honestly after 20 kids, I probably would be too.

Shayne also became the first kid to roam over to the playground all on his own.

Side note: The boy he’s playing with is Sidney Coffman, Bella’s son.

What’s this?! He have a roof!? And siding!? What!? The only thing that’s missing are windows. That’s next on the list of upgrades.

We also added wall and floor coverings throughout the whole house! No more construction zone life! So the only thing that’s left to do to finish the inside would be to finish furnishing the kids’ rooms. I’d like each of them to have their own computers so that they don’t have to fight over the same one.

I was hoping to play this session until the triplets aged into teens, but this chapter is already so long and Reese is still a C student. Stupid kid. So we’re gonna leave it here and try again next time. Toodles!

Chapter 17 – The Final Countdown

Hello and welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! Last time we welcomed baby #19 into the family! Carly’s close to elder age, but we’re going to try our DAMNEDEST to get 20 babies out of her! Anyway! We’re going to start with a kid check and we’re going to start with baby #19, Shayne! Who is currently driving his mother crazy! Look at that whiny face!

Here’s #13, Mason who’s walking around the house all tense.

Baby #14, Natalie is working on her school project

Baby #15, Oliver is chatting in a kids chat room

Triplet #1 and baby #16 Parker is playing with the blocks

Triplet #2 and baby #17 Quinn is angry about everything

And triplet #3 and baby #18 Reese is using the potty.

Note: I think this is the first time we’ve started a chapter without someone being asleep. Or at least the first one in a loooooong time.

Since I’m determined to get 20 babies, we’re chatting up Marcus Flex as a potential baby daddy so that once Mason moves out, we can get things done ASAP. And I find that stargazing/cloud watching is the fastest way to raise their relationship. And with Carly only having 4 days left until her elder birthday, we’ve got no time to spare!

Joelle had her baby! It’s a boy!

Natalie came home with an A! Birthday time!

Everyone else is sleeping, so she’s celebrating by herself.

Yay for teens! Also, she gained the romantic trait.

She definitely got her dad’s nose that’s for sure lol

Literally every toddler is dirty. And since bathtime takes forever, we’re gonna be here for a looooong time…

Logan got married! Welcome to the family, Kasey!

I sold all the high chairs because they were pissing me off. Life got a lot easier after that.

I’m starting to get worried that we’re not going to get #20 from Carly. Mason is taking forever to get an A. He should get one tomorrow when he gets home, but tomorrow is also Carly’s birthday. So we’re cutting it really close here…

But I’m determined! And since he needs all the help he can get, we’re doing his school project.

Shayne grew up! He gained the clingy trait. Oh joy. And now we’re back to four effin toddlers. I never want triplets again.

Yaaaassssss! Finally!

Hurry up, Mason!

Kbai! (I felt really bad kicking him out like that, but babies.)

So we invited Marcus over to try and get this baby. At this point, Carly’s age bar has been glowing and sparkling for hours, so I hope she doesn’t spontaneously age up on me!



And then the triplets had a birthday! This is the best day EVER!

(I forgot to grab in-game pics after their makeovers, so we’ll have to make do with CAS pics… Sorry)

Here’s Parker who’s trait is self-assured with the rambunctious scamp aspiration

And Quinn who’s trait is outgoing and the social butterfly aspiration

And Reese. Who’s trait is art lover and the social butterfly aspiration.

Damn Mason! You move fast! You just moved our not even 12 hours ago!

Natalie’s having fun and Carly’s working. Typical mother/child scenario.

Parker’s being a good boy and setting the table!

Cooking is practically a full-time job in this family. Carly’s always cooking to keep up with the constant demand for food.

Logan and his wife are expecting!

And so are Derrick and his wife! Yay for MCCC!

Ohmygawd! We’re actually painting! We haven’t done this in AGES!

Homework session with all the kids! (Not gonna lie… I forget who Oliver is about 85% of the time… Sorry kid…)

All the kids came home from school with school projects! So we’re getting to work on those. Also notice how bright it is? We bought lights for the WHOLE house! LET THERE BE LIGHT! Now we can see!

It’s baby time!

Hi Marcus! (He actually stuck around long enough to have some sort of reaction before he just walked off and disappeared.

Oh! We’re in the small delivery room! This doesn’t happen very often.

Welcome to the family, baby #20 – Theo!

Came home in time to catch the little monster red-handed! Naughty Shayne!

And we finally celebrated Carly’s transition into elderhood! 😥

Still lookin’ fine! And with that… we’re not having anymore kids until Quinn is old enough because she’s officially the next matriarch! Join us next time to see if we make it to Quinn’s YA days!

Chapter 16 – A Triple Disaster

Hi again! Two chapters in one month is pretty much unheard of for us! If you remember, last time Joelle and Karissa aged up and left the house and we welcomed our first set of triplets. And there’s no need to start off with a kid check this time since the older kids are at school and Oliver is just playing with the toys. Let’s head over to Carly who’s about to start caring for the triplets for the first time.

And she’s having one hell of a time. Oh gawd… just imagine them as toddlers… I’m just gonna die now. If you remember (or don’t), their names are Parker (blue), Quinn (pink), and Reese (green).

Carly: Whoaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!

Yup. That’s how that works. Glad you’re having fun though!

Kids came back from school, so we left Logan in charge and went off man-hunting!

He’s such a good babysitter. Also, Logan is probably my favorite kid so far.

Natalie: Woooooo!! Yeah!

See Carly?! This is how you do it! Get it girl!

I’m determined to get more Mason in this chapter. He was so under represented last time. So here he is being boring and chatting on the computer…

Which we canceled for some mother/son bonding. (But not really. Neither of them interacted… they just watched the TV…)

Oliver is adorable. Of course it took us forever to get this bath in because Carly kept having other issues.

Mason came home with an A! So it’s birthday time!!!


*Insert blowing out candles pic here*


Yeah… I missed that pic… Oops. Sorry Mason

Anyways, here he is! What a cutie! Definitely doesn’t match his traits… Which are Evil and gloomy… And his aspiration is friend of the world… this kid has the strangest combo of traits/aspiration/genetics I’ve seen…

And he immediately starts his homework. On the best seat in the house. Oliver doesn’t like it.

Salim invited us out!

As you can see we made full use of this time. Reel him in, Carly! I spy daddy #13!

I’m really gonna miss this kid when he moves out. He’s close to an A… He’s got a lot of parenting to the triplets.

You know… As annoying as toddlers are, they are pretty damn cute.

Birthday time for the triplets! (send help!)

So here’s the toddler triplets. Parker is on the left in the yellow shirt and blue pants. Quinn is obviously the only girl. And Reese is in the middle in the green sweatshirt.

And just when I need him the most, Logan got an A.


I don’t want you to leave either…

But we had a birthday anyway.

He gained the insane trait to go with genius and romantic. And his aspiration is still freelance botanist.

So we moved him out very reluctantly. He doesn’t look happy about it either.

But look who I spy down the street! Move, Logan! We got baby making to do!

Logan: I’m already forgotten… *sigh*

Quick Carly! Make your move!


*One thing leads to another and another…*


And we’re preggo! I’m determined to make it to 20 babies with her. DETERMINED!

Let us just take a minute and appreciate this moment as it will probably never happen again. They’re all sleeping AT THE SAME TIME! I get a break!

And then Oliver ruins it. Also, Joelle got married!

Group potty training! Reese is independent, so he gets to do it all on his own. Parker and Quinn need the help.

Go Reese, go!!! Still my favorite toddler action. ❤

Poor Carly. A mother’s work is never done.

Passed out baby! And yes. He did end the bath time just so he could pass out. And he walked all the way outside to do it too.

This trashcan has been the best investment we’ve ever made. It is currently our only source of income since Carly hasn’t had the chance to paint recently with four toddlers in the house…

Bella had a baby boy!

Oliver’s birthday!

He gained the perfectionist trait and the artistic prodigy.

look at that face though… He looks like he’s planning evil…

*This is supposed to show that Karissa had a baby girl and that Karissa is dressed like a knight. Excuse the missing UI*

*ANOTHER MISSING UI PICTURE! This is supposed to show that the bills came and after it was paid left us with $23…*

Natalie’s working on her school project. I should probably have moved that into her room and locked the door so that the toddlers can’t destroy it…

Baby time!!

*obligatory shot before Salim disappears*

Don’t look so scared, Carly… You’ve had 18 other children… You can do this.

Welcome to the family, baby #19, Shayne.

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time when we hopefully have a triplet birthday (please god…I can’t do them as toddlers anymore…) and hopefully one more Carly pregnancy before her elder birthday!


Chapter 15 – Hi, It’s Me. It’s Been Awhile…

Oh hai! Yes, I know, it’s been a while since I last updated… I’m so horrible at this lol. But I’m back again with another chapter! Last time (if you can remember that far back…) We welcomed baby #15, Oliver into the family! Before we get going, Let’s start with a small family check before we get going to reacquaint ourselves with the family.

Here’s Joelle just playing some video games. By herself. So lonely.

Karissa is napping.

Logan is practicing his social skill so that he can age up. Good for you, kid! Gold star!

*Not pictured is Mason. Mason is the kid that I forgot in this chapter… There are literally 2 pictures with him in it… I’m so bad…*

And Natalie is sleeping as well.

Toddler bed is still the most popular seat in town. Just let her sleep!

We keep forgetting about the garden… So whenever we remember, it’s a lot of work to fix it up…

Poor Karissa… potty training her sister who needs a bath while also battling her own sickness. #girlpower

Amber got remarried. So someone named Zaiden Rivers.

Joelle was making me nervous. Still always nervous when teenagers are in the kitchen…

We bought LOTS of new items for the kids to enjoy! Should have bought lights in hindsight…

And Joelle is the first to but the new stuff to use.

Hey, Karissa… That’s not how you do it. Wait are you sleeping? That’s not how you do that either…

Glad to see Karissa survived her run-in with the water slide. And it’s a good thing too since she parents Oliver more than Carly does…lol

She’s so cute! Love her big eyes *heart eyes*

Derrick and Andrea had a baby boy! (His name is Coty)

This is a great face, Joelle! lol! Well, she finally got an A, so we can have a couple birthdays!

Joelle goes first as the oldest of the two. Her final traits are bookworm, loves outdoors, and evil. And her aspiration is soulmate.

Karissa is next. Her final traits are lazy, insider, and romantic. And her aspiration is musical genius.

And we promptly sent them packing. Neither of them look really happy about it either…

With the twins gone, we can start getting to work on some more babies! This is Rick O’Malley who’s looking to be baby daddy #12 *crosses fingers for a non-single birth*

Baby incoming!!

Oh look! Carly’s so talented that she can make two things at once!

Oliver grew up! And look out ladies! I see a lady killer coming your way!

Crazy hat means only one thing: A! So we get to have another birthday!

Side note: Here’s our first glimpse of Mason in this chapter. Almost forgot what he looked like…

So birthday time!

He gained the romantic trait to go with his genius trait. And his aspiration is freelance botanist.

And it’s also Natalie’s birthday!

She is not impressed… she gained the evil trait and the artistic prodigy aspiration.

And we’re having a super gross homework session.

Side note: this is the second and final time we see Mason in this chapter… I promise to capture more of him next time!

She’s huge! I hope she has twins in there! I need more multiples!

*excuse the missing UI* I got the notification that Bella and her husband Alonzo are expecting!

And apparently Claire got re-married to a Gunther Munch

Labor! It’s baby time! But first a quick trip to the bathroom…

No baby daddy this time… Rick didn’t even show up at all

Hey Carly, you’re in the way…

Oh. I guess we didn’t use the bathroom first… Well this birth is off to a great start…

TRIPLETS!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is going to be a long couple of days… Well, here we have Baby #16 – A boy in the blue bassinet, Parker. Baby #17 – a girl in the pink bassinet, Quinn. And baby #18 – a boy in the green bassinet, Reese.

Join us next time for Carly’s first experience with triplets…


Chapter 14 – The Battle For Babies


And here we are once again with another update of my 100 baby challenge! Last time we left off (as always) with the birth of a baby! Baby #14, Natalie, joined the family! And we begin this chapter with the twins goggling Mason. (totally not staged either. This is where they were when I opened up the game) Joelle looks excited and Karissa looks confused. lol sims.


Logan is sad. Apparently he did not want a new sibling. Well, tough luck dude! Your mom is a baby making machine!


We have still NOT completed Carly’s aspiration. She needs 2 more masterpieces to finish it. She paints allllll the time, but just can’t get it done! I have the Creative visionary reward trait but still no dice. So we paint away…


So I got this notification, and then another one right after, that Natalie needed to be fed… Now she had not cried AT ALL nor was her UI portrait blue. So I have no idea what that was about, but we fed her anyways and she’s still around, so yay?


Here we have Carly supervising the homework session. Making sure everyone gets their work done so they can get good grades and get out of the house to make room for more babies. Man, she’s a strict mom! (Not really, my mom did the same thing. Well, not the kick me out to have more babies part but whatever)


Carly was researching vampires on the computer (I want garlic braids and stuff around the house so we don’t get late night visitors like we did in my Drifter Challenge.) And those damn vampires broke our computer to keep their secrets!


Going though our relationship panel, I found this guy. His name is Lincoln Shook (Brother of Faith’s husband). We were just getting to the good part when he suddenly runs off. Jerk.


Guys! We bought the important thing! The sims in this house leave all their plates laying around all the time and don’t clean up after themselves (gosh, I sound like my mother…). So now when they leave them out, I can take care of them and make some money!! Yippie!


Cute toddler playtime!! Also, I love Carly’s face in this picture! That would be my face with a toddler on my back lol


Lots of skilling going on in this picture. Joelle is working on programming (something she started on her own by the way), Karissa is obviously working on video gaming (admire our new video game system because we can’t skill on the computer while someone else is using it), and Carly is helping Mason with the thinking.


Awe, poor guy! So much skilling for this little tyke! This is actually the first time I’ve had a toddler pass out in the high chair. So cute. I love the toddlers when they’re sleeping. Then they don’t get into cause trouble.


Invited Lincoln over again. I’m determined to get this to work without him running away again.


Success! Managed to get it done!


Erm… Okay maybe not… quick he’s still here!


So we tried again! Need to get this going!


Son of a! Seriously! This sucks! I wonder if it’s because she’s got low hygiene and energy. Well, it looks like baby is gonna have to wait, since once again, Lincoln has run away again.


We obviously don’t have showers in our house because everyone is DIRTY. It’s just not our day, guys…


I’m now officially on micromanage mode. Because apparently my sims are INCAPABLE of taking care of themselves…


So Natalie was a really easy baby… all the way up to her birthday. On the day we got the birthday pop-up, she suddenly became SUPER needy and crying every 5 minutes. At least there was an easy way to fix that!


Birthday time!!


She’s a cutie!! She rolled the independent trait (thank goodness)


Lincoln is back! I am determined to have his baby! So we tried AGAIN


And we did it! FINALLY! Baby on the way! This is becoming a really long chapter…


This is not Logan’s best chapter… poor guy.


And Karissa is right behind him. But really girl? Your bed is literally right there…


I forgot that I never bought the toddler bookshelf. Whoops (and then I realized that I didn’t actually need to buy it since I already had a bookshelf, but hey. It’s cute.)


Karissa came home from school with an A, but Joelle did not, so no birthday for you! I know, I’m sad too.


Found this guy in Carly’s relationship panel. I think he might be the receptionist at the hospital? Maybe?


Possible father material. You know, as long as he’s still alive when we’re ready for that again.




He’s got his moms eyes, that’s for sure! He rolled the gloomy trait and the social butterfly aspiration.

Also, look at Logan’s face lol. He looks kinda mischievous.


Derrick and Andrea are expecting another baby!


Ummmmmm…. okay? Well at least you saved the food, Carly. The food is most important!


Baby time! Finally! Her stats are okay for the most part (just a little hungry) so we’re having a home birth!  *crosses fingers for twins*


Aaaaaaaand it’s a single… And it’s a boy. We’ve had 4 singles in row… and 3 of those have been boys! Anyway, this is baby # 15, Oliver! And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time where we’ll hopefully move out the twins and have some more birthdays, and hopefully twins!

Chapter 13 – The Miracle Of Life

Oh hello there! Welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! Last time we had our first experience with toddlers and loved it (wait for that to change fast in this chapter), we said good-bye to babies #8 and #9, Harrison and Irene, Adonis became the target for the next pregnancy, and we welcomed baby #13 into the family! So without further ado, let’s continue!


Hmmmmm. Why are we all outside? This is weird.


Oh right! Because we changed the house! As stated at the very end of last chapter, we did a major overhaul of the house!


Here’s the first floor. It contains the main living area for the house, the kitchen, dinning room, the master and en-suite, and a bathroom for everyone to use.


The second floor contains 5 bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. There will also a deck off the front of the house, but we didn’t have money for that.


And the third floor. I has 3 bedrooms, each with it’s own bathroom. This is currently where Joelle and Karissa are sleeping (just happened to be where their claimed beds ended up)


And we also did a slight revamp of the garden. We also purchased garlic seeds. I don’t want unexpected visits from vampires like what happened in my drifter challenge…stupid Vlad…


Awe, poor Logan! He looks like he’s having a bad day! (But for real, it’s me. Bathing toddlers is such a hassle. Apparently, you can’t do it on the same floor as a baby. So stupid)


Emilie married a vampire! Noooo!


And Faith also got married! (Not sure if he’s a vampire or an alien…it doesn’t tell me. Also, I did visit all the kids and stuff to manual age up kids and stuff because I apparently had aging turned off and I found out that Amber is married to an alien! Oh my!)


Look at the kids all bonding! Joelle’s face is awesome! Look at that smirk!


Oh no…oh no no no. First my drifter is fed on by a vampire, and now Carly is abducted by aliens!


No!! Carly!! Come back! Don’t go into the light! Light is bad! Stay away!



So….Emilie and Caleb are expecting… Great… she’s going to have vampire spawn.


Stoopid aliens. Poor Carly. At least her flirty mood is overpowering it. (Pay no attention to Logan and his terrible mood. I’m ignoring it.)


Baby time! Adonis is mine! I’M SO EXCITED!!


Success! We’re pregnant! Baby #14 is on the way!


Also, Joelle and Karissa came home with A’s so, it’s birthday time!


Mason goes first!


He’s a cutie!! He rolled the Clingy trait. Great… he’s going to need a lot of attention. Logan is already a handful! What have I done?


Joelle goes next!


She rolled the loves outdoors trait and the Soulmate aspiration.


Then it’s Karissa’s turn!


She rolled the insider trait and the Musical Genius aspiration.


Karissa: “Why become a teenager if all you’re going to do is take care of children!? This blows”


Bad Watcher Moment: This was supposed to capture the UI showing that Faith is expecting a child, and that Irene got married to a Tetsu Hayashi (who’s a vampire) and they are expecting a child as well.


New stove!! Yippie!


Awkward… Claire married Byron Lake… He’s the father of babies #5 and #6, Emilie and Faith…


It’s Logan’s birthday! Like his actual birthday… At least he managed to get level 3 on all his skills… So that’s something.


He rolled the Genius and Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. He’s a cutie! I’m glad I added glasses, it really goes with his genius trait


Emilie had her baby! It’s a girl!


And then Faith had her baby! It’s a boy!


And Irene had her baby! It’s a boy!


And apparently Grayson was expecting with his wife, Jordyn and I just missed that memo… well, they had their baby! It’s a boy!


And now it’s our turn! Baby incoming!


So I was waiting for the father freakout pic, but Adonis didn’t freak out at all. He just vanished. Usually they freak out before they become masters of invisibility… oh well.


It’s a girl!


Welcome to the family, baby #14, Natalie!


And Karissa has officially lost the title of “heir” as it is now handed down to Natalie! (Also, I see you, Logan. I see you totally destroying your mother’s bathroom. Rude) Join us next time for more toddler chaos, more birthdays, and more babies!



Chapter 12 – Toddler Cuteness


Welcome back my 100 baby challenge! In the last chapter, we had two sets of twins birthdays and we also welcomed baby #12, Logan. And we begin this new chapter with Carly tending to her small garden after a tough day of child-rearing. Let’s check-in with the rest of the kids!



Here we have kids #8 and #9 twins, Harrison and Irene being super boring and sleeping.


And baby #10, Joelle is also sleeping. (I guess this is what happens when we start a chapter in the middle of the night)


And here’s baby #11, Karissa who is actually doing something! Kind of. I guess walking out of the bathroom is better than sleeping…


The next day, the kids come home from school and are immediately set to finishing their homework. As you can see, Joelle and Karissa are dutifully working on theirs while Harrison struggles and Irene plays on her phone.


Karissa derped… And Irene is not impressed.


I really need to save money to update our plumbing… Carly spends so much time repairing stuff, we don’t have as much time for painting


Irene is working on her video gaming skill so that she can get her grades up and move out


Joelle is working on her social skillz. How people learn social skills by talking to themselves in the mirror is beyond me…


I’ve never actually had a child sim have a relationship with a stuffed animal. Karissa is the first! While working on her creative skill, she’s become great friends with Mr. Dragon here. Also, notice Harrison sleeping in the background, the lazy bum


There are no upgrades to the house without money! So we’re busy painting our life away it seems like.


And here we have Karissa terrorizing little Logan just like her older siblings used to terrorize her. It’s a vicious cycle in this household.


Harrison finally woke his ass up and we immediately set him to work skilling because he’s way behind his sisters.


Irene did her extra credit work all on her own! I didn’t even have to tell her that! She’s earned favorite child status for the moment! Good for you, girl!

Irene: Yeah, I’m awesome


And I do believe that it’s time for a new baby in the house! So we invited Drake over to get down to business! As you can see, he was more than willing to help us out.


And we were successful! We have Baby M on the way!


Mother/son bonding time! For now. Carly needs to get back to painting.


Karissa’s always talking and playing with Mr. Dragon. Gurl, you need to make some real friends! Like, actual sim friends


WE HAVE A TODDLER!!! Baby Logan had his birthday, and he’s SO CUTE!!


The new toddler required a small house update (which ended up being a big update…) And of course we ran out of money, so two rooms don’t even have doors.


This is the “I’m sorry I terrorized you as an infant, now don’t keep me awake at night” hug


Gahhh! Logan is just soooooo cute and adorable!


Huh. Weird, I don’t remember putting legging on her in CAS… But then again, it’s been awhile since I created this outfit, so not surprise I don’t remember that.


Uhhhhh…. What the hell, Joelle? How did you even get out there?! Like, how did that happen?

Joelle: Talent


So we did some more daddy hunting while waiting for Baby M to arrive. We met this guy, Raj while hunting. But then we spotted the holy grail of this challenge…


ADONIS. Remember this guy? The one who always spurned ALL of our advances? It literally says “Just friends” and “Just good friends” in their relationship panel. BUT I AM DETERMINED!


HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS, PEOPLE! He’s being receptive to us! This has never happened before! I can’t even contain myself! This is so exciting!


I’M DYING! I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD HAPPEN! This is a historic moment, people!


Oh, he’s definitely going to be baby daddy #10! I saved immediately after this, I couldn’t let all this amazing progress go to waste!


Oh Logan… You silly toddler, you!


So Irene came home with an “A” but since Harrison did not, no birthday for you!

Irene: Annoying


I don’t understand why he needed to do his homework on Logan’s bed… I mean, the kid can sleep just fine without supervision…


Well, whatever was magical about Logan’s bed worked for Harrison. He came home with an “A” finally! So it’s birthday time!


Harrison goes first because oldest. (Never mind the super ugly cake… Irene made it)


And then it’s Irene’s turn! 37

And we say goodbye to baby #8, Harrison and baby #9, Irene!


Oh look! It’s labor/stank face! (She just got done passing out…) So we’re off to the hospital!


Obligatory Daddy freak out. Meanwhile, Carly’s just like “Just another day at the office”


It’s a baby! Just a single.


Welcome to the family, Baby #13, Mason!

Mason: No! Put me back!


And that’s it for this chapter! (Notice good-girl, Karissa taking out the trash) Join us next time for more toddler fun, a major house overhaul, and , hopefully, some Adonis babies!

Chapter 11 – Where Have All The Children Gone?


Well hello there! I know, I know… it’s been a while since I’ve updated my 100 baby challenge. BUT HERE WE ARE! With the introduction of TODDLERS into the game, I’m been rejuvenated! yay! So bear with me, it’s been a while since I’ve played them and as I was going through the pics for this chapter, I realized I’ve forgotten most of their names…. I know, I’m a bad Watcher. BUT I will re-learn them! So let’s get going!

*Note: These pics were taken BEFORE the update, so no toddlers…yet*


So since the teens have moved out and it’s just the infants and the kids, I’ve lost the extra help around the house. So you can find Carly doing all the housework, once again.


We’re being a cooking phenom at the moment and stocking the fridge so the kids don’t starve.


And we’re also mindful to tend the garden (not that it’s really necessary…but hey extra money)


So I’m pretty sure this pic was to show some updates to the house. But honestly, since it’s been so long I don’t know what the update was. And I didn’t mark it down in my notes… I have a feeling it has to do with more bedrooms. Goal is to have each bedroom with it’s own bathroom. I have BIG plans for this house!


It’s weird, Joelle and Karissa feel like easy babies compared to the rest of the ones we’ve had. Maybe it’s because there are less other children in the house…hmmmm


And here we have the older twins terrorizing the younger twins. Look at them! They’re positively terrified! Go away Harrison and Irene…


Yes, do something productive. Homework is good for the soul (not really, but you gotta do what you gotta do)


Empty bassinets means only one thing! Birthdays!


Joelle is the blonde one. Her trait is bookworm and aspiration is whiz kid. Karissa is the red head and her trait is lazy with the same aspiration as Joelle, whiz kid.


We wasted no time in getting Perry over to the house and getting to work on baby #12!


And we have a bun in the oven! Woot woot!


Ummm. Irene? What the heck?! ANYWAYS Harrison and Irene both came home with A’s so we can have birthdays!


Harrison goes first as the the older twin does and…


Look at that sexy face! haha he rolled the creative trait and the Friend of the world aspiration.


Irene goes next cheered on by brother Harry

Harrison: Woohoo! Join the rebellion!


And that’s not a good face to make from someone who just rolled the romantic trait… And her aspiration is The Curator.


Oh Karissa… Can you not? I didn’t realize that being lazy actually meant that you were a slob. Pick it up!


Working on the next daddy while we’re preggo. And it looks like Drake is being more receptive to us this time!


We got a sprinkler system finally. You know…for reasons. Teens make me nervous when they cook…


Whoops. Sorry Irene. I was neglecting you. My bad


True love for Karissa! (excuse the UI)


The daily grind. Carly spends her days painting, we gotta keep up with the updates! And the kids are doing their homework (Joelle is doing hers, she’s just doing it at the table)


Someone’s sick. That looks super contagious and gross. Good thing it’s a virtual virus…


Labor face! And we’re off to the hospital!


Obligatory father freak out before he vanishes.


And here’s baby #12, Logan!


EVERY TIME!!! Why is it EVERY TIME the baby ends up here?!


With the baby in the proper room, we’ll finish this chapter! Hopefully there won’t be such a long wait between updates this time, but with the introduction of toddlers, I don’t thing we’ll have to wait too long! Toodles!