Chapter 77 – I Can’t Anymore…

Oh hello there! Are you ready for more 100 baby challenge fun? Well you must be otherwise you wouldn’t be here…

And since I would hate to deprive you of that fun, let’s get started!

Also, let us not forget that we activated our Servo in the last chapter!

But it’s not important lol

Here’s kid # 85, Grant finishing his rest before he eats and finishes skilling.

Here are his skills right now:

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Potty

And kid #86, Howie is doing the same as Grant. Finish sleeping, food, and then finish skilling

And here are what his skills look like:

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 1: Imagination, Potty

And let us not forget that we welcomed our new heiress into the family last time! Baby #87, Ivy!

Oh and her twin brother I guess. Baby #88, Jensen

After taking care of Jensen and his needy-ness, we called up Oxkar!

But he was sleeping. Because duh, it’s 3am

Now, usually, I would head off to his house and do it there. But in order to finish this challenge like I want to, I need to make sure that we have twins for every pregnancy. And since I have the On Ley Line lot trait, I want it to be as effective as possible, so we’re doing all the conceiving here. So we have to wait until he wakes up.

Also, the toddlers are about to wake up and I want to make sure they get their skills done as fast as possible lol

Grant is working on his final skill, potty! He’s level 3 in everything else.

In a rare occurance, Howie’s final skill is imagination. He’s level 3 in all the other skills

…I lost track of time with the toddlers and forgot to invite Oxkar over for woohoo until almost 1:30 pm… Whoops

But in the end, we still got the woohoo

And we had success! More babies incoming!

It better be twins.

I never thought I’d say that…

So we became just friends with Oxkar and he took the news pretty well. I had one dude (don’t remember which one. I think it was Enrique) who lost ALL relationship with her, friendly included, because he was mad. He even shouted the forbidden words! *gasp*

Howie is the first to get all his skills to level 3! Which I was not expecting since he came into the chapter needing the most work

Grant was too busy trying to sneak away for food and that’s why he got behind. But he finally managed to get all his skills to level 3 as well.

For the first time in a really long time, someone other than Xavia brings a toddler for their cake lol

Anyway, Grant goes first

And then Howie gets to go!

And here they are getting right to work on their homework! (after some moodlet solvers obviously lol)

That’s Grant on the left and Howie on the right

Servo is working on some of the aspirations so that we can earn more SP so we can buy more moodlet solvers

The boys are off to their first day of school!

I’ve noticed that I keep better care of this garden now that it’s a grove of money trees and not a regular garden lol

Boys came home from their first day of school tired and with B’s!

(skipping forward 24 hours…) And the next day, Grant got an A, but Howie did not.

I’m disappointed.

But at least someone has a birthday! Everyone meet Ivy!

And the brother, Jensen

And then I realized we hadn’t yet met the next dad, so we headed off to Windenburg to find him

Everyone meet Alvin Wiggins (donated to us by Snazzle). He was so excited to be part of the challenge, that after one enchanting introduction, we were able to have our first kiss. He wastes no time

And neither do we. Our 3rd ever interaction was woohoo.

Easily the easiest sim we’ve ever had lol

Got back and we set the toddler right to skilling

Xavia and Servo both entered the lottery. Not because we need it, but because I was bored lol

Well we did didn’t win. But our boy Preston did!

This time Howie came home with an A, so it’s birthday time!

Grant goes first

And then Howie goes

And after makeovers, here’s Grant

And here’s Howie!

And with all that excitement, I almost missed the fact that Xavia is in labor!

So it’s baby time!!



Well, everyone meet baby #89, Killian and baby #90, Liam.


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