Chapter 83 – 100 Babies

*Sorry, this chapter was supposed to be posted a week ago, but I ended up with the ER with severe back pain (which turned out to be a kidney stone…) and that made it physically impossible for me to sit at my computer. So sorry for the delay! I know you guys are ready to finish too! I know I am!*

HELLO THERE! I’M SO EXCITED THAT YOU’VE MADE IT TO THE FINAL CHAPTER OF MY 100 BABY CHALLENGE! It’s been a long ride. This blog first came into existence September 1, 2016. Almost FOUR years ago! Of course there were some loooooong breaks in there when I took a break from simming (a few times…..) But persistence paid off and here we are at the end!

But we still need to age up all the kids to young adult to be officially finished! So let’s finish this!

Here we have kid #97 Simon (left) and #98 Tanner (right) reading up on the vampire lore skill so that they can complete their school requirements. They also have already finished their homework.

It is currently 4am Monday morning and they don’t got to their first day of school until tomorrow… So they’ll get a short break before heading to school tomorrow

And here are our newest additions to the family! Baby #99 Uriel and Baby #100 Vivian!

They have a long way to go before they age up, so let’s get started!

Ah yes, our Servo is still here too. I knew I forgot someone lol

Servo has been going around cleaning up all the messes, but the boys aren’t having any of it and just keep making them lol

I literally never use this thing, so I figured since I was bored, I’d have the boys play around since their just waiting for school now haha

Servo created an RC Quadcopter

I’m bored lol

Off to their first day of school!

I was wondering why none of the kids ever used this thing anymore and it turns out it had been struck by lightning at some point so it was “broke” (no idea how that happens…) But it didn’t turn charred like items normally do when struck by lightning. Which is probably why I didn’t notice it lol

Fun fact: Servos can use the lawn slide. It just KILLS their durability really fast lol

B students after day 1! Good job kiddos!

That evening, we celebrated Xavia’s adult birthday. She had 50 babies in her young adult stage… She had the same number of babies in that stage that Carly and Quinn had in their whole lives combined.

Xavia could have had more, but I slowed down at the end lol

Figures. As soon as I fix it, the kids find it lol

Final toddler birthdays! Here’s Uriel

And here’s Vivian!

And we got RIGHT to skilling.

Day 2 of school

For as long as this game has been out, I’ve never once used this cupcake machine. Which is a crime since irl I’m known for my cupcakes lol

Damn, I wish it was actually that fast and easy to make cupcakes lol

Home from school… Simon didn’t get an A… But Tanner did!

…But Simon… Not cool dude. Not. Cool.

We’re working really hard on skills. But I’m not really pushing them since they won’t be able to go to school until monday anyway so meh

Simon finally got that A! So it’s birthday time!

So Simon goes first

And then it was Tanner’s turn

And they get started on their homework right after makeovers. I want them out of the house before the weekend. That means they better come home with A’s tomorrow (friday)…

Ouch. That looks like it hurts…

Uriel is the first toddler to get all his skills to level 3

Ya’ll better come home with A’s…

Vivian finally got her skills to level 3!

So Uriel gets the cake first!

And then Vivian goes

Here’s Uriel after makeover

And here is Vivian

Damn it… Tanner got an A, but Simon (again) did not… I guess we’ll have them around all weekend…


Simon helped himself to the cupcake machine…

And he failed. Cupcakes aren’t as easy as you think!

Simon has taken to stealing stuff. It’s annoying. I’ve noticed 2 missing trash cans…

What the hell?! Where did all of our money trees go!? They were there earlier! *double checks* Yeah, you can see them in the background of Uriel and Vivian’s birthday pics!

Da Fuq?

Ice Creme for breakfast? Why not!

Off to school! Do me proud kids

Fast Forward and Uriel and Vivian now have B’s and Simon and Tanner both have A’s!

So it’s cake time for Simon and Tanner! Simon goes first

And then Tanner goes

And then we kicked them out.

Some rando grilled us some tofu dogs.

Thanks but no thanks…

Doing homework like good kiddos. Vivian just finished hers

Xavia just gave up on cooking halfway through.

….You could at least finish the chili…

Off to school!

While the kids are in school, I send Xavia and Servo off to volunteer so that way we ultra speed through the day lol

Kiddos are home with A’s! Birthday time!

Uriel gets the cake first

And then Vivian got her cake

And here they are post-makeovers

Breakfast convos before the (hopefully) last day of school!

Off to school!

*please bring home A’s…*

It’s like 95F (35C) by me right now, so I’m really jealous that Xavia can just have so much fun on the lawn slide like this…

I’m drowning in my own sweat while making this chapter…

And here’s a look at the new A students!

So it’s cake time! First up is Uriel

And then it was Vivian’s turn!

And then we kicked them out of the house!

And that wraps up this challenge! I can’t believe it! I’ve attempted multiple 100 baby challenges before, but I’ve never completed one. The only reason I was able to complete this was because of you wonderful readers! Thanks for sticking with me, even through all the breaks that I would take. You guys seriously made it worth chugging on! I couldn’t have done it without you!

I also want to thank everyone who donated a dad to the challenge!

  • Azzywoods
  • LegacySims2017
  • icmnfrsh
  • Kaylaholiday
  • bookloverblue
  • Tribbo24
  • 15aewar
  • PurplishSimEater
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  • Ashley745
  • LivvieLove
  • Teresa
  • BlossomSims
  • Snazzle
  • DesignerGirl81
  • JagPacker26
  • Ciyrose

Literally couldn’t do it without your contributions!

We ended up with 56 boys and 44 girls. We had 37 single births, 27 sets of twins, and 3 sets of triplets. Of the twins, we had 12 boy/boy combos, 7 boy/girl combos, and 8 girl/girl combos. Of the triplets, we had 2 boy/boy/girl combos and 1 boy/girl/girl combo. We had 3 total matriarchs. Carly had 20 kids, Quinn had 30 kids and Xavia had 50 kids.

If anyone is interested, all the kids are available on the gallery if you search for #operationrepopulation. (some might be labeled CC, so I would hit that button just to be sure. Even though I don’t have any adult CC lol)

Also, shameless plug for all my other stories that you can find in the appropriately named “my other stories” menu at the top of the screen lol

Once again, thanks for all the support and sticking with me until the end! It was a wild ride! Toodles!


Chapter 82 – Almost There…

Welcome back! I hope you’re ready for more 100 baby challenge “fun”! And I say “fun” because my save has been anything but lately… damn trolls.

But I’m not gonna finish the challenge complaining about it! So let’s go!

We start things off with kid #96 Raelle playing some video games. And Servo is keeping her company.

And her homework is done, so she can keep playing too!

And then we have our newest set of trolls, baby #97 Simon (left) and #98 Tanner (right)

And we wasted no time in inviting Flintlock over. And just in time too. It’s 11:30 pm. We were close to the “sleeping” response.

And right to the closet.

If you’re keeping track, they’ve woohoo’d in a bush, a shower, and now a closet. There’s nothing “normal” about this couple 😉

And success! Leave it to the pirate to do things right the first time

Raelle is off to hopefully her last day of school!

Caught Xavia working out autonomously. What a weirdo

Also, fun fact, I went through her family tree… and she has a grandson who’s an ELDER. She’s still a young adult…

And she snagged that A!

So it’s cake time!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to move her out or not. I mean, she’s “technically” the heir. But we only need two more kids and I’m *hoping* that Xavia is having twins.

Watch Murphy’s Law come a bit me in the butt.

This girl is obsessed… Geez

Servo tried to make a break for it. Thankfully, Alan stopped him

Troll birthdays! Here’s Simon

And here’s Tanner

See! Servo keeps trying to escape! Look how far away from the house he is!

Toddlers were tired, so we read them both too sleep. Gotta get as much skilling in when I can! lol

It’s new skill day! So we took the opportunity to get the trolls started on the potty skill!

Simon (on the right) has all his skill to level 3! And Tanner is about to get his final skill to level 3! Thank you new skill day! lol

Yup! All skills to level 3!

You know what that means!

Cake time! First up is Simon

And then it was Tanner’s turn.

Fun Fact: They spent a whole ONE DAY as toddlers.

And here they are after makeovers! That’s Simon on the left and Tanner on the right.

They grew up too late Sunday night to go to school on Monday, so they’ll go on Tuesday.

It’s baby time!

And it’s twins! Baby #99 Uriel and baby #100 Vivian!

I was hoping baby 100 would be a girl! It’s just kinda perfect!

Now technically the challenge doesn’t end until we age them all up to young adults, so I’m going to leave this chapter here and we’ll focus on aging up the last kiddos in the LAST chapter!

So join us next time for the FINAL chapter of my 100 baby challenge!


Chapter 81 – Speechless

Hello and welcome back! We’re down the final 4 kiddos needed! And I can’t wait to be done! So we’re going to jump right into it!

If you remember, we had a single baby girl last chapter! Baby #96 who we named Raelle!

Meanwhile, all the other kids are doing their homework. Right where we left them at the end of the last chapter.

From left to right: #91 Maya, #92 Niko, #93 Octavia, #94 Porter, #95 Quinton.

And because it’s still around, here’s Servo recharging lol

Now the house is full, so we can’t make more babies until the triplets move out. Today is thursday in game, so hopefully the triplets get A’s at school tomorrow that way they aren’t stuck around all weekend.

Because that would suck so close to the end of the challenge lol

Niko decides to chow down on some spoiled food. Because the NUMEROUS plates of not spoiled food weren’t good enough for him lol

Apparently Xavia was struck by lightning… NOT COOL! IF YOU DIE BEFORE THIS CHALLENGE ENDS I’M QUITTING.

….I’m so annoyed. Maya and Niko came home with A’s. But Octavia did not. So now we have to wait ALL WEEKEND before the triplets can (hopefully) move out Monday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the twins are still at C’s. So all around, it was a bad day at school…

This is going to be a long weekend… Time to 3x speed through this lol

Apparently this is the most amount of money you can have in a household. That’s kind of disappointing…

Maya is being an overachiever and is doing her extra credit work…

Raelle had her birthday. She’s adorable! And I can’t believe she’s blonde…

And she gets right to skilling. It’s really weird to only have one toddler to worry about lol

Ugh. This game… it’s just really testing me at the moment.

Octavia got her A, so the triplets can have birthdays. Quinton got a B. Porter would have had one too, but nooooooooooo, he had to be sick.

So it’s cake time! Maya goes first!

And then Niko went

And then it was Octavia’s turn

And then it was time to say goodbye

And we wasted no time in calling over Kris Kringle. We have no time to spare!

And right to bed we went

Damn it!

Round 2!


Round 3…


And this is when I realized that this ENTIRE situation is what happened with Alvin. And Alvin gave us triplets.

I swear, if we get triplets again…

*flips table*

Raelle got all her skills to level 3! So it’s cake time!


And after a makeover and a moodlet solver, she’s ready to gets started on her school work

Boys are home from school. Quinton has an A and Porter has a B. Surprise surprise…

And the next day with all the kiddos at school, we left to find the guy who will (hopefully) be our last daddy!

So we headed off to Sulani! And we visited the shipwreck! And who would you think would live in a shipwreck?

Why, a pirate of course! Everyone meet Flintlock Typhoon! He was kindly donated to us by bookloverblue!

(Also he was the very last sim on my list. So we better finish with him otherwise I know a few Huckle boys who would gladly join the fun…)

He’s a really good looking sim lol and I’m a sucker for some guyliner!

Anyway, things went really well with them lol

This lot doesn’t have a double bed, closet, or working shower (it’s off the grid) so I had to add a bush for some woohoo. But I don’t mind.

And then I discovered that you can actually woohoo in a shower while off the grid. So that’s fun. We did it twice lol

Kids are home from school and the twins now both have A’s and Raelle even managed to get a B on her first day of school!

So it’s cake time! Porter first

And then it was Quinton’s turn

And here’s the after makeover shot! That’s Porter on the left and Quinton on the right.

The grove is back! Yay! It looks so much better now that it’s not missing 10  trees…

Everyone came home from school with an A today! So more birthdays!

Porter goes first

And then Quinton goes

And then Raelle got to go!

And here’s Raelle after her makeover!

And we said goodbye to the trolls.

Xavia made tea! Weird. I guess this is what happens when she’s left on free will for a while lol

Baby time!

…well, after we pee

PLEASE don’t be triplets…

Guys… I just… I don’t have any words anymore… Why are there SO MANY BOYS?!

Well, that’s #97 Simon on the left and #98 Tanner on the right…


Join us next time for probably more freaking boys.

Chapter 80 – Birthday Parade

Alright, we’re back again with another 100 baby challenge chapter. *hopefully* we’ll only have a couple updates left. I can see the lights at the end of this tunnel and I’ve floored the gas! Let’s go!

Xavia doesn’t care. She just wants food

Our Servo now has the eco-friendly tech behavior module, so he now autonomously gardens for us which is a HUGE help lol

kID #91, Maya, is up and about. She’s playing with the dollhouse for now working on her imagination.

Her skill levels are:

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 2: Potty

Level 1: Imagination

And here’s kid #92, Niko, who’s sleeping. But not for long. Ima wake him up, feed him, then send him for some skillz

Here’s how he stands right now:

Level 4: (What?) Communication

Level 3: Movement, Thinking

Level 2: Potty

Level 1: Imagination

And this is kiddo #93, Octavia, who is in the same boat as Niko. Wake up, food, skills.

And here’s her list of skills at the moment

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Potty

Aaaand then there’s the newest set of trolls to join our family. That’s baby #94 Porter on the left and baby #95 Quinton on the right.

And then Xavia runs away from her responsibilities by getting abducted.

…Thank a lot, Xavia…

And when she gets back, it is now after midnight, so Brodie is sleeping. And since I don’t want to interrupt the triplet’s skilling, we now have to wait until morning.


Potty training sucks. It’s literally the longest skill to do. It’s the girls’ last skill that they need to level 3. Niko needs potty and to also finish imagination before birthdays.

Xavia takes a moment away from the kids to fix Servo. Not because he’s broken, but so that she can make it help us lol

Maya and Niko both max potty at the same time. That means that Maya is ready for a birthday, she just needs to wait on the rest of the triplets. So she’s on free will for a while. Niko still needs Imagination (which is at level 1) so he’s off to the next station lol

A while later, Octavia also maxes potty which makes her a happy toddler, so she’s ready for a birthday. We’re just waiting on Niko now

It’s daylight out now, so we took the opportunity (while Niko was stuck at the play table) to invite over Brodie!

He obviously said yes and just walked right in the house lol

And we made our way into the bedroom

Success! So we thanked Brodie for a fun time and then kicked him out

Just in time too! Since Niko just got his imagination to level 3!

So it’s birthday time for the triplets!

First up is Maya

Then Niko got to go

And then finally it was Octavia’s turn

After makeovers, all the triplets got moodlet solvers and got right to work on their homework.

From left to right: Niko, Maya, Octavia

I gotta say, Servo has been a LIFESAVER during the last part of this challenge. Between the cooking, nannying, and gardening, it would have made the troll situation worse if I didn’t have the Servo lol

Uhhhhh, Brodie? Why da fuq are you here? Go away

And then we had the twins’ birthday!

Here’s Porter

And here’s Quinton

The triplets came home from their first day of school with B’s! Congrats guys!

Porter and Quinton are allowed to sleep since Xavia took so long getting pregnant. She’s not even in her 3rd trimester yet. So the toddlers get a little break

Well damn. Lots of our tree died…

…not like I need them anymore lol

I ended up losing a total of 10 trees. I did revive them though, so we’ll see how long they last this time lol


These two decided they DIDN’T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL! So they were a couple of hours late… I bet they don’t get A’s today…

Sure enough. They didn’t get A’s. And they look so happy about it too. Meanwhile, Maya (who did get an A) is pissed now that she can’t age up to a teen.

And then I remembered that we hadn’t yet gone to line up the next daddy. So we headed out to find him in Sulani. At 5:30 in the morning.

So, everyone meet Kris Kringle! (heehee, he’s on vacation obviously) He was donated to us by Snazzle!

Oh god… He’s as easy as Alvin was…

Like Alvin, we only needed a total of 3 interactions before the deed was done…

Back home, Quinton just got all his skills to level 3!

And then Porter got all his to level 3 as well

And then Xavia went into labor! …I’m going to do the toddler birthdays first. And by that time, the triplets should be home with A’s so we’ll do those too. And then baby.

Yup. A’s. So let’s start the birthday parade

Starting with the twins, Porter goes first.

Quinton goes next.

Moving onto the triplets, Maya goes first

Then Niko goes

And then, finally, it was Octavia’s turn

Right as the cake spoiled

And it’s the after makeover homework session! From left to right: Maya, Niko (he looked really good in a hat, soooooo), Octavia, Porter, and Quinton

And then it was baby time!!

And it’s a GIRL! Thank god. I think I would have died if the game gave me a boy lol

Anyway, everyone meet baby #96, Raelle!


Chapter 79 – You’ve Gotta Be Kidding

Why hello there! I’m glad that you’ve decided to come back and watch my game continue to torment me. But this time I’m playing on my laptop, so hopefully it’ll treat me better than my desktop does lol

We start off with Xavia squeezing in a quick nap in between all the crying

And let us not forget the Servo who keeps our house running while Xavia is busy. It can even repair itself now.

Thank god lol

Here’s kiddo #89, Killian playing some video games. And he’s not finished his homework, so we’re going to kick him off and make him finish

And here’s kiddo #90, Liam, who is playing games on the computer. Like Killian, he hasn’t finished his homework either, so I’ll be kicking him off as well so that we can get them aged up and moved out before the weekend (it’s Thursday afternoon in game at this point)

And here’s the newest disaster set of triplets to grace my game. *sigh* My game has it out for me guys. I’m sure of it.

Anyway, that’s baby #91 Maya on the left, baby #92 Niko in the middle, and baby #93 Octavia on the right.

Now, normally I go right to find the next dad, but we’re going to wait a bit while I wait for the triplets to get on a schedule of some sort.

And then I got impatient and invited Chase over anyway lol

So we got right to business when he arrived. And we went right for the closet because obviously that’s what works according to the last chapter lol

And success! On the first try this time!

Liam gets a brain freeze while eating some ice cream. I love this animation!

I gotta say, it’s a lot easier to take care of infant triplets when you have super efficient baby care and no toddlers to deal with at the same time lol

Oh no! My grove is dying!!

(I did have to revive a dead tree in the last chapter, I just forgot to take a picture of it… whoops)

With the older boys in school and the triplets in good needs, we took this quick opportunity to go find the next daddy!

So we headed to Brindleton Bay. In the rain. In a heavy rain. In a thunderstorm actually… This seems like a sign…

Please don’t be a sign…

So, everyone meet Brodie Otts! He’s from ciyrose’s Otts ISBI (which you should definitely check out!)

…I was unsure about choosing a blonde as a donor, but since we haven’t had one in a while and the challenge is almost done (and I likely won’t need an heir) I felt that we were going to be okay with a blonde baby daddy.

So here we are!

And we had him under our spell in a matter of moments!

And with Brodie lined up, it was time for us to go home!

Thanks for the social and fun, Brodie!

The boys came home from their first (and now last) day of high school! They got A’s!

So Killian goes first

And then Liam goes

And then we kicked them out. Adios kiddos!

Pretty sure our house hasn’t been this “young” since Xavia took over as matriarch.

It’s really weird lol

It’s a triple birthday! First up is Maya

Then Niko got to go!

Then finally Octavia went

And they were sent to the toddler room for training lol

Baby time!!

You gotta be kidding me… MORE TROLLS!!!! I can’t believe this. Well obviously, the save doesn’t behave any differently on my laptop than my desktop…

Well, Xavia is holding troll #94, Porter and troll #95, Quinton is in the bassinet.

*sigh* I can’t even with this challenge anymore.

I guess join us next time for when we (most likely) have more trolls…

Chapter 78 – Not Again!

Welcome back to the annoying save that is my 100 baby challenge. If you remember from not that long ago, we just welcomed baby #89 and #90 into the family. Much to my dismay they were both BOYS. Killian and Liam.


Moving on, we have kid #85, Grant, who’s taking a quick nap before I make him do his homework.

Meanwhile, kid #86, Howie is already working on his homework.

What a kid

Kid #87, Ivy is busy working on her imagination skill. What a good kid! Skilling without me telling her too!

Here’s how all her skills break down:

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 1: Imagination, Potty

And then there’s kid #88, Jensen. I’m about to wake him up and get him skilling too. After food

Here’s how his skills break down:

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 1: Imagination, Potty

With a full house, we have to wait until Grant and Howie move out to continue. I’m hoping that they get that done tomorrow (friday) otherwise they’re stuck here all weekend…

We’ll see though

They wouldn’t have finished the potty skill (their last skill to get to level 3) before being eligible for school on Friday, so I allowed them to sleep. They’ll age up sometime Friday afternoon which will leave them all weekend to do the child stuff necessary for school on monday.

Friday afternoon and the boys are home with A’s! So it’s time to say goodbye!

First up is Grant

And then Howie got to go

And they were sent on their own

Awe, look at them comparing poops! That’s adorable lol

At this point, usually I’m ready to get Xavia pregnant. But even if I did that now, I wouldn’t have space for more babies in the next chapter since it’s her pregnancy would last until about Monday. And at that point, Ivy and Jensen would still be children. So we’ll wait to get Xavia pregnant until after the weekend.

That will allow us to do lots of toddler training with Killian and Liam before the new baby arrives.

Jensen finishes his potty skill first, followed very closely by Ivy!

So it’s cake time! Ivy goes first

And then in between birthdays, our cake (made by CARLY when she was still alive) spoiled…

So we brought out a different cake from the family inventory and we were ready for Jensen to have his birthday

And right to homework after their makeovers!

Our ghosts were culled… 😥

I wondered why our plumbing was never broken anymore lol

Someone cast a spell on our floating popcorn bowl lol

Birthdays! Here’s Killian

And here’s Liam

Next thing I knew, it was Monday morning! So Xavia called up Alvin for a baby makin’ session while Jensen got himself stuck in the island so that he didn’t have to go to school.

Nice try buddy *resets*

Alvin arrives and they head straight for the shower. Xavia’s hygiene was “low”

Well damn. This is what I get for waiting

So round 2!


Then he tried to LEAVE so we had to convince him to stay…

for round 3!



That literally took 8 hours. Woohoo is a full time job.

The kiddos came home from their first day of school with B’s! Yay!

Potty training is hard work. But it’s their last skill to work on!

What the hell Ivy?! No one asked you to start a fire!

And just like that, both boys finished the potty skill, so it’s cake time!

First up is Killian

And then Liam got to go

After makeovers, here we are! Killian is on the right and Liam is on the left.

Also, I forgot to mention this at their toddler birthday, but they are mermaids!

Um, I think someone needs to tune up the Servo… It’s malfunctioning.

These kiddos came home with A’s!

Ivy goes first!

And then Jensen goes. Jeered on by Liam

Here’s Ivy after her makeover

And here’s Jensen

The next day, while all the kids were in school, we headed out to Oasis Springs to find the next baby daddy!

Everyone meet Chase Cardwell! (donated by Azzywoods) As you can see, we used my new favorite greeting: Enchanting

He wasn’t as into it as Alvin was last chapter

So we had to work for it…

But it didn’t take too long

Back home, our fridge was completely empty, so we had to cook for the first time in a long time lol

Meanwhile, the kids came home from school! The teens both got A’s, so they get birthdays and the kiddos both got B’s!

Heading to the cake first is Ivy

And then it was Jensen’s turn

Now, since Ivy is the heiress, I (once again) cannot move her out.


Xavia better be pregnant with a girl

BUT I did get to move out Jensen!

Xavia helped out her boys with their homework!

Ivy has a sweet tooth and made some ice cream. We’re trying to eat healthy  in this family, Ivy. Ice Cream does not fit in with that.

Our Servo is going around updating all of our sink. Because I’m bored…

Xavia is in labor!

But I’m expecting the boys to get A’s so we’re going to wait for babies until after they get home

Sorry Xavia

Sure enough, they got A’s! So birthdays!

So Killian goes first

And then Liam goes

And here they are. That’s Killian standing and Liam sitting lol

With that done, we can have the baby!



Not again!

At least 2 of them are girls lol

Anyway from left to right: #91 Maya, #92 Niko, #93 Octavia

At least we get to kick out Ivy…

Well I guess join us next time… For triplet madness. Again.

Chapter 77 – I Can’t Anymore…

Oh hello there! Are you ready for more 100 baby challenge fun? Well you must be otherwise you wouldn’t be here…

And since I would hate to deprive you of that fun, let’s get started!

Also, let us not forget that we activated our Servo in the last chapter!

But it’s not important lol

Here’s kid # 85, Grant finishing his rest before he eats and finishes skilling.

Here are his skills right now:

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Potty

And kid #86, Howie is doing the same as Grant. Finish sleeping, food, and then finish skilling

And here are what his skills look like:

Level 3: Communication, Movement, Thinking

Level 1: Imagination, Potty

And let us not forget that we welcomed our new heiress into the family last time! Baby #87, Ivy!

Oh and her twin brother I guess. Baby #88, Jensen

After taking care of Jensen and his needy-ness, we called up Oxkar!

But he was sleeping. Because duh, it’s 3am

Now, usually, I would head off to his house and do it there. But in order to finish this challenge like I want to, I need to make sure that we have twins for every pregnancy. And since I have the On Ley Line lot trait, I want it to be as effective as possible, so we’re doing all the conceiving here. So we have to wait until he wakes up.

Also, the toddlers are about to wake up and I want to make sure they get their skills done as fast as possible lol

Grant is working on his final skill, potty! He’s level 3 in everything else.

In a rare occurance, Howie’s final skill is imagination. He’s level 3 in all the other skills

…I lost track of time with the toddlers and forgot to invite Oxkar over for woohoo until almost 1:30 pm… Whoops

But in the end, we still got the woohoo

And we had success! More babies incoming!

It better be twins.

I never thought I’d say that…

So we became just friends with Oxkar and he took the news pretty well. I had one dude (don’t remember which one. I think it was Enrique) who lost ALL relationship with her, friendly included, because he was mad. He even shouted the forbidden words! *gasp*

Howie is the first to get all his skills to level 3! Which I was not expecting since he came into the chapter needing the most work

Grant was too busy trying to sneak away for food and that’s why he got behind. But he finally managed to get all his skills to level 3 as well.

For the first time in a really long time, someone other than Xavia brings a toddler for their cake lol

Anyway, Grant goes first

And then Howie gets to go!

And here they are getting right to work on their homework! (after some moodlet solvers obviously lol)

That’s Grant on the left and Howie on the right

Servo is working on some of the aspirations so that we can earn more SP so we can buy more moodlet solvers

The boys are off to their first day of school!

I’ve noticed that I keep better care of this garden now that it’s a grove of money trees and not a regular garden lol

Boys came home from their first day of school tired and with B’s!

(skipping forward 24 hours…) And the next day, Grant got an A, but Howie did not.

I’m disappointed.

But at least someone has a birthday! Everyone meet Ivy!

And the brother, Jensen

And then I realized we hadn’t yet met the next dad, so we headed off to Windenburg to find him

Everyone meet Alvin Wiggins (donated to us by Snazzle). He was so excited to be part of the challenge, that after one enchanting introduction, we were able to have our first kiss. He wastes no time

And neither do we. Our 3rd ever interaction was woohoo.

Easily the easiest sim we’ve ever had lol

Got back and we set the toddler right to skilling

Xavia and Servo both entered the lottery. Not because we need it, but because I was bored lol

Well we did didn’t win. But our boy Preston did!

This time Howie came home with an A, so it’s birthday time!

Grant goes first

And then Howie goes

And after makeovers, here’s Grant

And here’s Howie!

And with all that excitement, I almost missed the fact that Xavia is in labor!

So it’s baby time!!



Well, everyone meet baby #89, Killian and baby #90, Liam.


Chapter 76 – No Trolling Please

Hello! And welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! …I’m really mad at this save and almost decided to say screw it and just call it finished. 86 babies is close enough to 100, right? Yeah, well, I couldn’t do it. 86 babies is too close to 100 for me to quit at this point. SO! To get done with this challenge as soon as possible, I’m going to solely focus on this one until it’s done.

The goal is to have it finished before Eco Lifestyle comes out. So June 5th. So 14 days. 2 weeks. I can do that. Right?


Anyway, Xavia is tired because she keeps having boys when all she wants is a girl. And I feel the same way.

Because all I want at this point is to feel okay with kicking out kid #78, Zola… My goodness lol

Kid #83, Ezra,

and kid #84, Forrest,

Are both ready for school tomorrow. They’re ready for that A. And so am I. Because I really don’t want them hanging around the house for the whole weekend. Yeah – Tomorrow’s friday… So it’s now or never boys!

And then there’s the newest set of Trolls. Um, I mean boys… baby #85, Grant on the left and baby #86, Howie on the left.

Well, we wasted no time in inviting Enrique over!

And we’re not even trying to hide it from the kids at this point.

Xavia: They’re old enough.

Still gross to see your mom doing that…

Success!! Everyone pray to the Sim Gods that it’s a girl!!

I gotta say, it’s really weird to start a chapter off with no toddlers what-so-ever. Like, I dunno what to do with all my free time without toddlers to micro manage lol

So with nothing left to do, Xavia works on the Servo. Still not sure I wanna have it in the household, but I guess it would be any different than having a kid you can’t move out because you don’t have any younger heiresses…

Fun Fact: Xavia is only 2 days older than Zola at this point lol Which is weird to think about since Xavia is kid #50 and Zola is kid #78 lol

So by the end of this chapter, Zola will be older than her mom

Huh. Someone actually uses the tea pot that we have in the house. We’ve had it for ages, but I didn’t realize that sims actually used it lol

Thankfully, the boys came home from school with A’s so they get to start the weekend off on their own!

So Ezra goes first

And then Forrest gets to go!

And then they were moved out.

And now our house feels really empty. Almost too empty for a 100 baby challenge…

So I was an idiot and started spending reward points on sleep, fun, and hygiene replacements when I should have done MOODLET SOLVERS WHICH FILL ALL THE DAMN NEEDS.

I am apparently a sims n00b even though I’ve been playing for 20 years…

…And now I feel old…

Well, with an empty house and nothing to do (at 4am) we went looking for the next baby daddies!

Everyone meet Oxkar Latte! Yup, he’s another sim from Ciyrose’s Latte Name Game! (Which you should check out if you haven’t already)

Also, this is the first time we’ve used our new “enchanting introduction!”

It didn’t take us long until we were able to make out move. Nowhere near his lips apparently…

Seriously, this animation makes me mad every time. They never actually kiss each other.

But it doesn’t matter because we still ended up in bed lol

I think I forgot to mention that, not only do we have a grove of money trees, but we also get interest money because Xavia finished the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration

Servo activated!

…And I changed it’s color. I like the white better lol

…And it went right outside to play in the snow. Which seems like a logical thing for a robot to do

Kiddos finally grew up! Here’s Grant

And here’s Howie!

So I’m pretty sure this toddler hair is broke lol it does randomly snap back to their heads though, so that’s funny

Whoops. The robot broke…

It’s baby time!

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

Please be a girl

FINALLY! I’ll take one girl over no girls! So everyone meet baby #87 Ivy and baby #88, Jensen!

I normally like to end chapters with the births of the new babies, but I didn’t want to waste ANY time in kick out Zola.

So BYE! We’ll see you never again!

And we’ll see all you readers in the next chapter! Until then, toodles!