Chapter 35 – Glitchy Games

Very easy check-in with the fam! Quinn and Kid #31, Eleana are running back into the house, Carly is potty walking back inside, and kid #32 Freya’s going to check on the newest baby, #33 Gavin

Also, I have no idea why they’re outside.

Made a trip to Windenberg for the next daddy! We have spaces to fill!

Meet Charles Ashworth! He was made by VanPelt81! Thanks so much! I can’t wait to see his kids!

lol two different reactions! Charles looks like he’s just had the time of his life and Quinn’s face just says “What did I just do?”

Awe yeah! Baby time!

Goodness! Windenberg is sooooooo pretty in the winter!

Charles really took a lot out of Quinn hahaha


So at this point I remembered our GINORMOUS bills. So Carly got to work

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And then, I had no option to pay bills. Soooooo no idea what happened with that. I know I didn’t pay them, so… yeah. But I’m not complaining!

Okay… How do you bladder fail… RIGHT BY THE DAMN TOILET!!?? I fear for her…

I finally decided on how Quinn’s going to make money. She’s gonna do programming. We’ll get royalties and we can hack. So she’s going to focus on that while Carly’s still around to take care of the kids

Sir Pokesalot is doing hedgehog things.

The girls are hard at work earning those A’s!

So Eleana got an A. On Winterfest. When there’s no school. No idea how that happens, but I’m going to wait until she goes to school and comes back so that I don’t feel like I’m cheating lol

I got a notification that Zelena had babies, but I wasn’t even aware that she was married or even pregnant. So yeah. lol

Now the girls have for real A’s! So birthdays for both!

Eleana First!

She’s a cutie!

And then it was Freya’s turn!

Eleana: “You go girl! Blow out those candles!”

Gavin: “No! Not da candles!”

She’s so pretty! Saving her for other games!

Baby time!

Obligatory daddy freakout!

He’s a poofer.


I don’t think Quinn will ever get used to having a baby

Welcome to the family, Baby #34, Hadley!

I’m a little annoyed. MCCC said that she was gonna have twins, but we only got 1. It was supposed to be a boy and a girl… #annoyed

Chapter 34 – Filler v2

I have a wish and a hope that one day, ONE DAY, I’ll start a chapter off without Carly eating something… Just maybe…

At least she’s consistent…

Kid #28, Brenden is skilling. I think. I can’t remember. He looks bored, so he must be skilling…

Kids #29 Chase and #30 Desiree are ransacking the kitchen. Nice to see that Des is following in Carly’s footsteps… /sarcasm

Kid #31 is playing games with Quinn

Baby #32 Freya is getting ready to play on the toddler tablet

She’s so cute

And the newest member of the family, Baby #33, Gavin! He’s doing baby things.

And the arrival of little Gavin meant that we, once again, have a full house. So there’s no new babies in this chapter. So we’re going to work to make sure that Brenden, Chase, and Desiree all get A’s at school on monday so that I can move them out and get this challenge back on track!

It’s a nice, beautiful fall Saturday. And here we see the challenge kids hard at work on their homework. They know I want them grown up and out of the house ASAP!

Of course, Quinn is still a young adult, so we’ve got plenty of time lol

We were visited by the puddle duck again!

It’s the first snow of this save! I love virtual snow. Not the real stuff. *shudders* and Winter is Coming…

Joint skilling!

I used to do interesting things like handiness and cooking and charisma. But now all they ever skill in is the video game skill. They’re always too tense to do anything else. lol

Side note: This is where the update from July 31st happened. So all the rest of the pics are blurry because for some reason, the pic quality was affected by the update. :/

We got a hedgehog! I haven’t played with them yet, so I thought, why not? So here’s our new member of the family, Sir Pokesalot!

Oh geez! I love insane sims soooooo much!

Oh wait… they’re erratic now. *eye roll*

We were REALLY low on food for the kids. So Carly went on a cooking spree. Literally. I think she ended up cooking 8 or 9 party size meals.

I somehow forgot Freya’s birthday. But anyway, here she is after her makeover.


Sir Pokesalot had an atomic fart

Gavin aged up too! He’s a cutie!

Carly painted this autonomously! Yay for painting without being told too!

It’s a good thing she did too…

Because we really need the money… DAMN HEATING SO MY SIMS DON’T FREEZE! Ugh. So now Carly is chained to the easel… *sigh*

This is her life now. At least she looks happy about it…

Everyone (but Eleana) got an A! So guess what?!

It’s birthday time! (you’d think they’re triplets… lol)

Kbai! Now we have room for more kiddos! Join us next time for a nooboo and the thrilling conclusion to our bill problem…