Chapter 22 – Easy Peasy

Hello everyone and welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! Last time, if you remember, Quinn started her journey as matriarch and met Bucky Duckson who became the father of her first children. That’s right, she had TWINS on her first pregnancy! Like mother, like daughter! Well, enough with the recap! Let’s start with a quick check-in with the family!

We begin with mother and daughter caring for the next generation! Quinn is caring for baby #21, Ulrich while Carly is caring for baby #22, Victor!

And the only other person in the house is kid #20, Theo. And he’s off to bed.

With Carly around to look after the kids, we’re off meet the next dad!

Hopefully someone’s home and we can get in the first time! Unlike what happened in the last chapter…

Success! Already off to a better start than the last time! Let’s meet our next dad!

Meet Steve Sutherland from The Sutherland ISBI Legacy! It’s written by RL over on the forums, but comments on the blog as azzywoods. It’s a REALLY funny legacy and her humor is GREAT! Check it out here!

Of course we start with the relationship cheating. Not like we need to with Steve. He really gets around…

Yeah… He’s easy. No wonder he was a womanizer in his legacy and had a shit-ton of kids… lol

It’s almost boring. It’s almost too easy.

Well, it’s the moment of truth! He’s got a good record, so we should be okay.

Well, he didn’t disappoint!

lololol He was not happy when Quinn told him that they could only be friends.

Steve: But I love you!

Quinn: Dude. No.

I dunno what he’s mad about, he’s knocked up plenty of girls in his own legacy and didn’t have relationships. Shouldn’t be a surprise.

Well, we got what we wanted, so it was time to go home! Byeeee Steve!

We came home and went right to our one true love! Well, besides her kids and future kids…

Here we have Carly working on her … writing? Well the UI says she’s writing. The computer is saying something else… I think Carly’s losing it.

This weirdo couldn’t find a better place to do his homework. And in his swimsuit… You’re verging on creeper status kid…

Ulrich is a VERY needy baby. Victor on the other hand sleeps a lot. Like so much I though he was bugged. So I reset him thinking that he’d be more “normal” compared to all the other babies we’ve had. But nope. He still sleeps all the time. It’s really weird but also a nice change of pace lol

But it’s a good thing that Carly’s around for Ulrich! I forgot that when you reach level 10 of the parenting skill, you get the super efficient baby care option! So we use it a lot for Ulrich…

Poor kid looks like he’s having a nightmare!

Look! The twins aged up! That’s Ulrich in the red and Victor in the aqua!

You just HAD to piss yourself before we got to the hospital didn’t you? It’s baby time!

lol! I love Carly’s knowing look. She knows. She just knows. Things.

Wait! You’re not Steve!!

Shayne: Tell me about it. I don’t wanna be here either.

Good thing you’ll poof away in a second.

Shayne: Wait, what?! *poofs*

Yeah… I meant to click on Steve, but Shayne’s photo was right next to his… and someone wasn’t really paying attention and accidentally selected Shayne… Whoops. Perhaps it’s better this way. Give Steve a nice clean break.

Reese does not look happy that he has to be a patient at the same time as his sister. Rude.

Here we go! *hopes for a girl*

This has never happened to me before. She reset and all of a sudden wasn’t pregnant anymore and there was no baby. What. The. Hell. lololololol Just kidding. I just missed the pic of the baby snuggle before the baby poofed to the house. My bad.

Welcome to the family, baby #23, Whitney! Join us next time for more babies and other stuff… toodles!

Chapter 21 – Quinn’s New Adventure

Well Hello everyone! Welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! Last chapter the triplets finally aged up, we moved to a new save, and handed the reigns over to Quinn! This is her first official chapter! But before we get started, let’s check in with the rest of the fam!

Carly is practicing her llama skillz. She’s horrible.

And here’s kid #20, Theo! Just like his dad… he loves to workout!

As you know, I took some submissions for baby daddies and here we go visiting the first one!

Or not… No one’s home… Rude.

So we went home and did some work on our garden. Which is almost a full-time job.

Mother/Son bonding time! Gotta get it in while you can, Carly! He’s almost an A student! He’ll be moving out soon!

We waited a couple hours and then went back again! We’ve gotta get this show on the road!

Success! We made it into the house! Woohoo!

Meet Daddy #15, Bucky Duckson! He was submitted by LegacySims2017 and he’s from Writer-In-Residence! Go check it out!

…… We didn’t get very far before he decided to go for a jog… Poor Quinn looks devastated.

Shayne stopped by! Mom talked to him though the door the whole time. He never set one foot in the house… lol

Theo asked Quinn for advice… Dude. She was a teen just a couple days ago… She’s in no position to be giving advice. That whole system is whack.

Look who came over! And he doesn’t look happy about it… lol

But we managed some relationship cheating! Best interaction in the whole game!

Awe! I didn’t even tell her to paint! You’re such a good sim! You autonomously make us money!

This face. It’s the best! He looks bamboozled! But he likes it!

He keeps trying to run off! It’s really annoying!

This is my all time emotion face. It’s amazing!

She looks like a vampire here lol! Also, notice that we’re outside? Yeah. He was running away again.

We finally made it to the bed! It’s about time!

Baby 21 is on the way! FINALLY!

Quinn spent some time helping Theo with his school project. She did most of the work.

Kitchen update. I decided I didn’t like the color of the tiles so I made them black. We got new counter tops and the unbreakable fridge and stove.

And it begins. I had hoped that because it was a new save that she wouldn’t get abducted all the time. That proved to not be the case…

Quinn: Hey mom! I’m having a baby!!

Carly: That’s nice dear. I had 20. Have fun with the challenge!

Quinn: Oh gawd…

Hospital time! Bucky gave us the typical daddy freak-out and then he walked away.

She does NOT look impressed with the situation.

Like mother like daughter! Twins on the first try! Both of them are boys.

Welcome to the family, Baby #21 Ulrich and Baby #22 Victor! Ulrich is the happy baby in the blue bassinet and Victor is the whining baby in the green bassinet.


Chapter 20 – And We’re Still Waiting

Hello everyone! Is it just me, or does it feel like we’ve been waiting for Quinn to age up for forever?! Hopefully, we’ll get there in this chapter! But before that, let’s start with a check-in with the whole family! Here’s Carly, just looking happy.

Here’s kid #16, Parker, napping.

#17 Quinn, our heiress.

#18 Reese, who’s currently in a “mood”

#19 Shayne, who is eating outside for some weird reason.

And finally, #20 Theo, who’s enjoying his day

As you can see, our garden is coming along nicely. Parker is doing lots of work with it.

Someone broke our poor dollhouse! No idea who it was since none of the kids have any mean traits…Bizarre.

Shayne came home with an A! Time to wake up an have a birthday!

Hiya, Handsome!

Shayne: I need food!

He’s always hungry. Reminds me of my brother…

Gardening is a family affair! Got to keep those teens busy so they don’t get into any trouble!

These two are best friends. They’re always hanging out with each other! ❤

Gave her the best selling Author aspiration. I’m hoping to get her the free services trait. That’s a mighty big garden and we’re gonna need a gardener every once in a while to help out.

Here we go again… She’s an alien abduction MAGNET!

Theo came home with an A! (Shayne and Theo have had NO problems with getting A’s. Apparently it’s just a triplet issue *insert eye roll here*)

Duck lips!!

He looks a lot like his father!

Oh Carly… Well at least the boys are doing their homework… even if they don’t seem to care that their elderly mother just passed out in front of them. lol

bahahaha! That face! It’s so great!

Also, Quinn was the only triplet who came home with an A. Shayne did too, but as he’s younger than the triplets, I have a problem aging him up before them… So he’s stuck as a teen for now.

(I’m so eager to get this moving, I may have just played a few days without taking pics…) So here we are a couple days later and Parker and Reese both got A’s! So it’s birthday time!

Also, WHAT is Reese wearing?! lol





Gave Carly a youth potion, so that she’s able to help with the kids and the garden for a little bit.

(I’m tempted to keep all the matriarch alive throughout the challenge for multiple reasons. Child care, gardening, sentimental stuffs… but we’ll see. That would mean less space in the house for kids, but there were times during Carly’s reign that I wished there was someone else there to help out with the child care. I’ll have to think on this.)

What’s this? Where did the house go? Oh that’s right! We moved to a brand new shiny save! So unfortunately, we lost all of Carley’s kids, but I’m convinced that the reason why my game was so laggy was because there were so many and they were a reproducing and stressing out the save.

So I plopped down the house! And I also deleted all the pre-mades. I was sick of seeing the same sims walk by lol.

We sent Parker, Reese, and Shayne on their way. Bye boys!

And Carly’s officially passed off the reigns to Quinn!

So next time we’ll resume the baby-making challenge! Wish us luck!