Chapter 18 – The Waiting Game

Hello! Here we again with another update of my 100 baby challenge! Last time, Carly had baby #20, Theo and then she aged up into an elder. So that means that her baby-making days are over. So we’re just bidding our time until our new matriarch becomes of-age. Let’s start things off with a kid check!

We interrupt baby #14, Natalie while she’s having bowel issues. Sorry, we’ll leave now.

Natalie: Thanks

Baby #15, Oliver, who’s working on his school project

Baby #16 and triplet #1, Parker, who is also working on his school project. Looks suspiciously like Oliver’s… *shifty eyes*

Kid is adorable though…

Baby #17 and triplet #2, Quinn, who’s sleeping the day away. As Carly’s youngest daughter, she will inherit the matriarch mantel when she becomes a young adult. But we have a while to go. Parker is the only triplet with a B… and none of them have A’s… so yeah.

Baby #18 and triplet #3, Reese, who is also working on his school project.

Baby #19, Shayne, who is sleeping in his filth.

And the newest addition to the family, Baby #20, Theo!

Ummm… Natalie? That’s not very nice…

Natalie: It looked at me wrong!

It’s an inanimate object…

Natalie: I’m telling you, it looked at me wrong!


Carly finally completed her aspiration… It only took her until elderhood to do it.

Natalie came home with an A! yay!

And so did Oliver…

We had Oliver go first so that he could go rest while we deal with Natalie.

Yes, you’re tired. Go to bed.

And then it was Natalie’s turn! 

Bye Natalie! You are the spawn of Carly’s romantic nemesis, Adonis Holmberg. I won’t miss your face. Her traits are Family-oriented, romantic, and evil (Adonis right there…). Her aspiration is computer whiz.

Parker, that’s not a great spot to nap. That’s awful unsafe…

Without having to man-hunt all the time, we have more time for painting! More painting = more money!

Oliver is being such a good big bro! You can stick around!


Sorry Theo, I missed the notification telling me it was your birthday… He gained the independent trait. And look at those green eyes! *swoon*

Harrison got married! And he’s expecting with his wife, Mariko!

Why is this a random picture of the grass and trash? Oh! Because Carly got abducted! It’s been soooooo long since a sim of mine got abducted… I love it!

Okay, lots of notices in this pic:

1: Mason and wife, Eva, had twin girls, Arianna and Addison

2: Logan and wife, Kasey, had a baby boy named Jacob

3: Derrick and wife, Andrea, had a baby girl names Sophia

Who’s this sad kid? Oh… That’s Shayne. Sorry I forgot your birthday. I’m bad with the birthday thing… That’s probably why he gained the gloomy trait…

He then becomes the first kid to use the new teddy bear med kit thing that came with parenthood.

Carly looks exasperated. Like she’s over this whole parenting thing. Honestly after 20 kids, I probably would be too.

Shayne also became the first kid to roam over to the playground all on his own.

Side note: The boy he’s playing with is Sidney Coffman, Bella’s son.

What’s this?! He have a roof!? And siding!? What!? The only thing that’s missing are windows. That’s next on the list of upgrades.

We also added wall and floor coverings throughout the whole house! No more construction zone life! So the only thing that’s left to do to finish the inside would be to finish furnishing the kids’ rooms. I’d like each of them to have their own computers so that they don’t have to fight over the same one.

I was hoping to play this session until the triplets aged into teens, but this chapter is already so long and Reese is still a C student. Stupid kid. So we’re gonna leave it here and try again next time. Toodles!

Chapter 17 – The Final Countdown

Hello and welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! Last time we welcomed baby #19 into the family! Carly’s close to elder age, but we’re going to try our DAMNEDEST to get 20 babies out of her! Anyway! We’re going to start with a kid check and we’re going to start with baby #19, Shayne! Who is currently driving his mother crazy! Look at that whiny face!

Here’s #13, Mason who’s walking around the house all tense.

Baby #14, Natalie is working on her school project

Baby #15, Oliver is chatting in a kids chat room

Triplet #1 and baby #16 Parker is playing with the blocks

Triplet #2 and baby #17 Quinn is angry about everything

And triplet #3 and baby #18 Reese is using the potty.

Note: I think this is the first time we’ve started a chapter without someone being asleep. Or at least the first one in a loooooong time.

Since I’m determined to get 20 babies, we’re chatting up Marcus Flex as a potential baby daddy so that once Mason moves out, we can get things done ASAP. And I find that stargazing/cloud watching is the fastest way to raise their relationship. And with Carly only having 4 days left until her elder birthday, we’ve got no time to spare!

Joelle had her baby! It’s a boy!

Natalie came home with an A! Birthday time!

Everyone else is sleeping, so she’s celebrating by herself.

Yay for teens! Also, she gained the romantic trait.

She definitely got her dad’s nose that’s for sure lol

Literally every toddler is dirty. And since bathtime takes forever, we’re gonna be here for a looooong time…

Logan got married! Welcome to the family, Kasey!

I sold all the high chairs because they were pissing me off. Life got a lot easier after that.

I’m starting to get worried that we’re not going to get #20 from Carly. Mason is taking forever to get an A. He should get one tomorrow when he gets home, but tomorrow is also Carly’s birthday. So we’re cutting it really close here…

But I’m determined! And since he needs all the help he can get, we’re doing his school project.

Shayne grew up! He gained the clingy trait. Oh joy. And now we’re back to four effin toddlers. I never want triplets again.

Yaaaassssss! Finally!

Hurry up, Mason!

Kbai! (I felt really bad kicking him out like that, but babies.)

So we invited Marcus over to try and get this baby. At this point, Carly’s age bar has been glowing and sparkling for hours, so I hope she doesn’t spontaneously age up on me!



And then the triplets had a birthday! This is the best day EVER!

(I forgot to grab in-game pics after their makeovers, so we’ll have to make do with CAS pics… Sorry)

Here’s Parker who’s trait is self-assured with the rambunctious scamp aspiration

And Quinn who’s trait is outgoing and the social butterfly aspiration

And Reese. Who’s trait is art lover and the social butterfly aspiration.

Damn Mason! You move fast! You just moved our not even 12 hours ago!

Natalie’s having fun and Carly’s working. Typical mother/child scenario.

Parker’s being a good boy and setting the table!

Cooking is practically a full-time job in this family. Carly’s always cooking to keep up with the constant demand for food.

Logan and his wife are expecting!

And so are Derrick and his wife! Yay for MCCC!

Ohmygawd! We’re actually painting! We haven’t done this in AGES!

Homework session with all the kids! (Not gonna lie… I forget who Oliver is about 85% of the time… Sorry kid…)

All the kids came home from school with school projects! So we’re getting to work on those. Also notice how bright it is? We bought lights for the WHOLE house! LET THERE BE LIGHT! Now we can see!

It’s baby time!

Hi Marcus! (He actually stuck around long enough to have some sort of reaction before he just walked off and disappeared.

Oh! We’re in the small delivery room! This doesn’t happen very often.

Welcome to the family, baby #20 – Theo!

Came home in time to catch the little monster red-handed! Naughty Shayne!

And we finally celebrated Carly’s transition into elderhood! 😥

Still lookin’ fine! And with that… we’re not having anymore kids until Quinn is old enough because she’s officially the next matriarch! Join us next time to see if we make it to Quinn’s YA days!