Chapter 69 – Oh No…

Welcome back everyone! We’re going to jump right in here with Xavia cleaning up and reminiscing about the good time that she just recently had in that closet.

Kid #70, Rylee is browsing some kid-friendly websites. But not for long. She still needs a skill to level 4 and she needs to do her homework. She’s at a C right now and will stay like that for a few days because it is Friday afternoon. Welcome to the weekend…

Kid #71, Sarah is on her way to get some popcorn

Here’s how her skills are at the moment:

Level 3: Communication

Level 2: Movement

Level 1: Imagination, Potty, Thinking

And here are the newest members, Twins #72, Talia (right) and #73, Uma (left)

Uma is in need of a diaper change…

We took care of Uma and called up Solomon right away!

And things got hot and heavy real quick.

He was so excited to see if he was going to be a father that he FOLLOWED her into the bathroom lol

Well, his wish came true and we’re expecting!

Rylee is good to go for school on monday! Vampire skill to level 4 and her homework is done!

And we’re off to Oasis Springs to look for the new dad!

Everyone meet Indigo Maxwell! He was kindly donated to us by Bookloverblue! Thank you so much!

Oh my god, her boobs are HUGE! It hurts my back just thinking about it…

And he’s ready for the next chapter!

Sarah finally got her last skill to level 3, so it’s time for a birthday!

So it’s cake time!!

And here she is! Excited to get started on her homework! …Okay maybe not excited…

And the twins had a birthday! Here’s Talia

And here is Uma!

And they both got right to work skilling!

This is Sarah getting her Vampire Lore skill to level 4 and her homework is done, so she is also ready for school on Monday! So Sarah and Rylee should be on the same schedule to move out together. *cross fingers*

Everyone is sleeping at the same time! I can’t believe it!

Also, we’re rolling in the money. Thank goodness for money trees!

I honestly can’t remember the last time I repaired anything. I usually just replace it since I have all the money lol

I still can’t get over the boobs lol

Obligatory garden shot.

Honestly I don’t care about anything except the money trees lol

The older girls came home from school with B’s! So they’re having no problems!

(So far…)

And the younger girls are enjoying an early dinner together

In the middle of giving Talia a bath, Xavia goes into labor!

We did give Uma a bath too before we headed to the bassinets.

Baby time!


*if you read my ISBI, you know just how much I loathe triplets at the moment. But at least I can control these ones lol)

SO! Everyone meet (from left to right) baby #74 – Violet, Baby #76 – Xander, and Baby #75 – Wyatt!

Well that’s it for this update! Join us next time for hopefully no hair pulling out by mojo.