Chapter 50 – Wonder Child

Hello hello! We’re back again with my 100 baby challenge! I’ve decided to make this one my main challenge for the time being (I’ll still update the other ones, but this will be my main focus) since it’s probably the next closest one to being finished.

And as always we start a chapter with a check in of all the kiddos! Here’s kid (adult…) #48, Valerie! She’s being a good caretaker and tending the garden for me since Xavia is still too young to do so.

Kiddo #49 is busy taking a nap. Which is dumb. It’s 8:30 pm. She should just go to bed. *sigh*

And finally, kiddo #50, Xavia. As you can see, Xavia is quite the character and I can already tell her reign as matriarch is gonna be a wild one!

Also, I know I said last chapter that I was gonna age her up right away and try and squeeze in a nooboo in this chapter, but I feel it’s only right to officially end Quinn’s chapters with Xavia becoming a YA. So this chapter might be a bit shorter than normal, but I’ll try and get in as much content as I can. I want to try to get a few of the character value traits, but I’m not going to strain myself to do them…

Especially since two of them are in the red lol

Xavia is hard at work trying to raise her responsibility. It’s one of the ones in the red. She did her homework and her extra credit and now she’s working on projects.

I’ve also been having Valerie teach her how to say sorry since it’s one of the easiest ways that I know of to try and raise conflict resolution.

Willow and Xavia aged up! Naturally! lol That’s Willow on the left and Xavia on the right.

Fun Fact: Xavia managed to get manners and conflict resolution all the way to the top of the green bar before aging up. And Responsibility is just below the range for the responsible trait.

Emotional control is still in the red and emapthy is half-way filled to the green.

We did some midnight volunteering to help with our empathy. And in doing so tanked the little progress we had made on our emotional control.

So we went for a jog to clear our mind. Which doubled as emotional control building and her get fit scouting badge!

Obviously ranting about stress is stressful. I’ve left her with no fun for a couple of days now. Just so that there’s always something to write about to help her with her emotional control.

We lost two money trees 😥 of all the plants that could have died, why did it have to be two of these? *sigh* Well, now they’re just gonna sit there and hopefully don’t go anywhere before Xavia can revive them. I have not idea how long they can sit before something happens.

Everyone was freezing to death because I forgot to adjust the thermostat. Whoops. Problem solved and situation fixed!

The girls came home with A’s!! Normally I would say AGE THEM UP! But Xavia is so close to finishing scouts. She’s halfway through her final badge, so we’ll get that finished. And she has all the character values in range except responsibility. But doing her homework and extra credit will get that in range. So hopefully we’ll have them aged up before they have to go to school tomorrow!

That finishes the character traits!

And this completes the scouts!

Which means only one thing!!

It’s birthday time!! Obviously Willow goes first

And then it was finally Xavia’s turn!

Then it was time to kick our Valerie and Willow. Bye girls!

Guys. This is ridiculous. I’ve never done this with a sim before. Getting all the special traits before aging up to young adult.

And I’ve just realized that I essentially completed a wonder child challenge inside my 100 baby challenge.


And that officially wraps up Quinn’s reign! Xavia officially takes over starting in the next chapter!

Chapter 49 – NEVER AGAIN

Hello! Welcome back again! I took the month of October off of simming, but we’re back! Now you have to bear with me for a bit here, I started this chapter at the end of September, so I’ll have to remember what I was doing lol. We begin this chapter right where we left off, with a newly elder-fied Quinn! So since we’re not getting any more babies out of her, we get to wait until the new heiress is of age.

Hopefully it doesn’t take too long…

Here’s kiddo #47, Uriah fast asleep. Which is what good kids should be doing at 2 in the morning.

And kiddo #48, Valerie is also being a good kid and sleeping.

And here’s the newest members of the family. Baby #49, Willow is sleeping like a good kid. And of course our next heiress, Baby #50 Xavia, is being fussy and crying. Typical.

Valerie is not impressed with her new sisters. In fact, she’s going to take this new found anger and is going to go destroy our dollhouse. Thanks a lot, Val.

One of our money trees is growing through the wall. And I can’t get it to go away completely without totally rearranging the whole greenhouse. So we’re stuck with leaves. I mean, I got it down to only two, but that’s really going to annoy me lol

This is adorable. This will forever be one of my favorite interactions in TS4! The faces are just so cute!

Uriah is sad because he had a “bummer school day” but he should be happy because he came home with an A! Which means that it’s his birthday!

Cake time!

Speaking of cake, I made one for a friend today!

It was really hard not to stick my finger in that frosting lol

Anyway, moving on…

Here he is after his makeover! He’s a cutie, that’s for sure!

And he’s completed his homework for the day and he has the needed skills for the A. So I’m expecting him to come home with an A tomorrow.

Do. Not. Fail. Me.

Seasons came out a whole year ago and I STILL have not figured out the point of shoveling snow. There is literally no purpose for it in this game. It’s almost like the creators have never lived anywhere that gets a lot of snow.

I guarantee you, you would NOT find my ass outside shoveling snow for no reason. I don’t even like shoveling my driveway so I can leave the house…


And he did not disappoint! He got that A!

And it’s another cake!

He was a teen for a whole 24 hours before aging up lol

It was at this point that I forgot that moving him out would mean that the younger kiddos would be alone if Quinn were to die. So we moved him back in lol

Then it was finally time for the twin’s birthday! And Willow went first. And she grew up with RED HAIR! Which actually made me mad because they way my game works for is that it does the opposite of what I want. And since I wanted Xavia to have red hair and Willow grew up with red hair, I was sure that Xavia was gonna be blonde…









XAVIA, OUR HEIRESS, ALSO HAS RED HAIR! I’ve died and gone to heaven!

Also, they both have green eyes! So hopefully we’ll have A LOT LESS of the blonde hair/blue eyes combo. I’ve seen enough of those to last a lifetime! lol

I have this goal that the next heiress with have all the extra traits you can get before taking over. We’ll see if that happens, but here we go! Top Notch toddler, here we come!

Probably not taking a lot of photos during this lol

This cracked me up. Mostly because Quinn didn’t paint it. Carly did on one of the nights she haunted lol and now Quinn is getting all the credit

And this is where the September stuff ends and the November stuff starts. Let’s see if I can remember lol

As you can see we’ve hit the imagination part of her skilling.

She’s maxed communication, movement and potty

We finally reached Valerie’s birthday! It’s about time! I thought they were gonna be toddlers for forever! …Well I mean they’ve been toddlers since September so….

And here she is! She looks super sad to have had her birthday. Enjoy childhood! You probably won’t have much of one lol

And then she somehow got stuck under the stairs and was over 4 hours late… idiot

Just a random photo of Willow to remind me that she actually exists lol

Xavia maxed all her skills!!! Yush! Top-notch toddler!

Valerie’s almost at an A. We just need to get to level 4 in a skill. And like always, vamp lore is the easiest!

lol whoops!

*pays bills*

Awe crap. At least it’s the twin’s birthday…

Case and point, I missed their birthdays… whoops…

And here they are after their makeovers. The crazy looking one in the green is Willow. Xavia is the nice calm one in blue.

And I’m still gonna try and get all those extra traits for funzies, so Xavia’s gonna be hard at work.

Valerie came home with an A! So we’re off to the cake!


And just like that, we have a TEEN in the house again!

Which means…

That we can finally kick Uriah out of the house! Adios!

Awe crap. There goes Quinn…

And she was laid to rest next to her momma.

Damn! Quinn dies and all of a sudden there’s food ALL OVER THE HOUSE! GEEZ!!

Aspiration 1 of 4 complete!

It’s Quinn’s first haunting! Hi Quinn! *waves*

Homework session! Nice to see they’re not neglecting their studies!

Valerie came back home today with an A! So you know what that means!


And here she is… a tired mess lol

And she has to stick around. What. A. Bummer.

Yeah, I agree. I’m never vowing to do all the kid aspirations with one kid ever again!

The girls came home with A’s. But Xavia still has aspirations to complete so no birthdays for them!

And that’s 2 of 4 complete.

And that’s 3 of 4! Woohoo! Now just for the Rambunctious Scamp one. AND THEN NEVER AGAIN!

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Way. To. Go.


And this is 4 of 4. We’re done. And I’ve never never never NEVER doing that again! Yuck.

And we’re gonna end this chapter here because I need a break lol. So we’ll see you next time for the twins’ birthday and some scouting. And maybe even a nooboo! We’ll see how long it takes for her to finish scouting. She just needs the outdoors and get fit badges yet to finish that.

Chapter 48 – Milestones Baby!

Welcome back! With my baby boom challenge FINALLY finished! We can actually focus on other challenges! Including this one!

So here we go!!

We start with Quinn, who’s hard at work napping.

Kiddo #45, Sadie is cleaning up in the kitchen and dinning room

And kiddo #46, Tessa is sleeping.

Kid #47, Uriah, is on his way up to bed

And the newest addition is baby #48, Valerie!

With Quinn one day till her elder birthday, it was time to hurry up and invite over the man we were wooing in secret in the last chapter.


Everyone, meet Cole Andrews! He’s one of the spares of The Andrews Legacy. He was kindly loaned to me by Ashley745.

If you’re wondering, I’ve already used his brother, Chase as a dad! He fathered twins! Babies #36 and 37!

So here’s hoping the twin thing runs in the family!

And there was NO TIME TO WASTE! Her age bar hit zero at this exact moment!

And success!!! woohoo!

*please be a redhead…*

Sadie decides that Ice Cream is an acceptable breakfast.

I can’t say I disagree.

And Tessa decides to skip the bathroom before heading off to school

Yes, I’m gonna sell your bush. It should not be your first choice to pee or vomit.

Don’t give me that look!


Sadie and Tessa both came home with A’s! So it’s time for birthdays!

Uriah’s still a B student

Sadie first!

And then it was Tessa’s turn!

Bye girls!

This is quite the photo. Eating an ice cream cone while it snows outside lol

Also, with the girls gone, it’s just Quinn, Uriah, and the nooboo. It’s been a REALLY long time since the house was this empty. And I love it lol

Mother/son bonding! Uriah’s enjoying all the extra time he gets with his momma right now since he’s the only kiddo.

(Valerie doesn’t count since we don’t do anything with her besides super-efficient baby care lol)

But she counts now! Look at her in her super adorable toddlerness!

Also she grew up with a brand new sad moodlet from a dead sibling. The full two days. Meanwhile, Quinn and Uriah’s moddlet is at 16 hours. How is it possible she had the full TWO DAYS!?

All of our money trees finally sprouted!

… You were literally RIGHT there. What the hell.

Yes, that’s where the peepee goes. Not on the floor, like your momma

It’s baby time!!

And it’s TWINS!! YUS!

Quinn is holding baby #49, Willow and baby #50 Xavia is in the bassinet!

I’m so glad we made it to 50 kiddos! We won’t technically be halfway through the challenge until Willow and Xavia are young adults, but IT’S RIGHT THERE AND I CAN TOUCH IT!

And with that over, it was finally time for Quinn’s birthday.

Join us next time as we work towards ending Quinn’s reign.

Chapter 47 – Technical Difficulties

Hello! We’re back again with my 100 baby challenge! Last time we were able to finally kick out some kiddos to make room. So this time we’ll be able to move the challenge along! Hopefully.

We start with Quinn watching kid #43, Qiana play around with the video game.

And then my game crashed for some reason…

Restart the game and we pick up right back where we were. Here’s kid #44 Roman cleaning one of our many sinks!

And here’s kid #45, Sadie playing around in momma’s bathtub

And her twin sister, kid #46 Tessa. She’s also our current heiress

And finally, here’s kid #47, Uriah. He looks like he’s up to no good.

Wasting no time, we went off to find our next donor!

Meet Nikk Redman! Happily donated to us from SalemSvartulv! And he was mainly picked because of his lack of blonde hair lol

He was like putty in our hands. The dude didn’t even know what hit him.

And soon enough, we had him in our clutches and right where we wanted him. And he went willingly

And success!!! Nailed it!

So we left and went home, but not before we friend-zoned Nikk

When we got home I checked all the kids to see where they were at for school. And not a single one of them had done their homework. So we set all of them to work. At 11pm. We’re killing this school thing lol

This was cute! They all crowded into Qiana’s room to do their homework.

Well… all of them besides Tessa who was doing hers at the kitchen table.

As the current Heir, Tessa’s hard at work oh the scouting badges. And because of that, she needs a sleep replacement before school

Gotta take care of those money trees!!

Who let Quinn have a knife!?

Quinn: You did!

…oh right

Wait, why are we in Sulani? Quinn’s already pregnant!

Oh! We’re there to meet our next donor! Who we will hopefully get to with Quinn. She is at one day before her elder birthday, but I’m hoping that she’ll at least get to have child #50 before she ages up.

BUT you don’t get to actually meet the donor until next chapter!

Kids all came home from school WITH B’S!!!!! ugh. They are driving me NUTS

Tessa is insane and I LOVE IT!

And then my game crashed again. wtf

Yes, we do still have the rest of the garden. We just don’t care about it as much as the money trees lol

Our fridge was getting low, so it was time to cook some more meals!


Except Uriah who came home with a B

And then it was birthday time!

First up was Qiana!

… and then my game crashed. again

I have been saving like every two minutes, so I don’t actually lose too much

And I save after all the important stuff

And then it was Roman’s turn!

And then we kicked them out. After Qiana passes out.

And then it was Sadie’s turn

And then it was Tessa’s turn

And here they are! That’s Sadie in the back and Tessa in the front

Tessa is working on her final scouting badge!

And success!! This is the first time I’ve ever completed this! Nailed it!

And then my game crashed again. ugh

At this point, I restarted my computer and repaired my game. *Cross our fingers that this helps. But it might just be time to move these guys into a new save again.

We bought an ice cream machine!!

And now I want ice cream… lol


Hahahaha she haunted on of our inner counters and now the illusion is RUINED!

How rude of Quinn to make food just for herself and not the rest of the family. Selfish.

Everyone is sad because one of their siblings died.

It was Zelena. I just looked it up

I’m gonna sell this. She keeps walking past perfectly good bathrooms to use this.

With the money trees raking in the dough, I felt it was time to sell the beloved money making trash cans. It was a sad day

And it’s baby time! Finally!

And we welcome our new Heiress, baby #48, Valerie into the family!

And that’s it for this chapter! I gotta quit now before my game crashes on me


Chapter 46 – Full House

Hello! And welcome to a new chapter of my 100 baby challenge! After a six month hiatus where I was focusing on my Wilde ISBI for SimNaNo, it’s time to adventure into my other challenges again! I’ve already posted updates for my Baby Boom and Drifter challenges.

I was really nervous about this one because I know that this game has a really bad habit of stressing me out, but here we are! …And then I remembered that our household is overrun with toddlers at the moment and I almost quit lol

BUT WE PERSEVERE! Let’s age them up and move them out!

We start off with kiddo #41, Oakleigh (thank god for notes, because I forgot everyone’s names… lol)

She’s really pretty now that I get a good look at her.

And here’s her twin bro, kiddo #42, Pierce

And to start the toddler mayhem, we have baby #43, Qiana

She looks ready to start crying. Is it too late to quit?

And here’s her twin brother, baby #44, Roman.

And then there’s baby #45, Sadie. Who, unlike Qiana, is actually crying.


And then there’s her twin sister, baby #46 Tessa. She is currently the only happy toddler in the house. Which I expect of our current heiress.

And here’s our newest edition to the family, baby #47, Uriah. He’s sound asleep. For now anyway.

When we started the game, it’s currently early saturday morning. And the kiddos need to do their homework. So we did that and double checked that their skills were where the needed to be for monday (and they are) so these kids are pretty much on free will for the rest of the weekend.

And that’s okay because all the toddlers are sad about the damn dollhouse being broken.

The best way to keep toddlers occupied it to get them skilling. Tessa already has communication maxed, so she’s working on movement right now. Which is great, because the three stuffed animals we have are currently occupied.

Pierce surprises the hell out of me by autonomously playing the violin. It’s very rare for any of my sims in any of my games to just pick up an instrument and play it.

I love it though!

Dinner time! Sadie is the only toddler not eating because hers was still in the green and she needed sleep more.

Poor Roman was last on the list to get a bath and put to bed. And the poor little guy couldn’t make it until bedtime.

I don’t blame him though. It’s 3am and he’s way beyond bedtime.

I need some teens to help out here. But at least Qiana and Roman are only a day away from their birthday. I always try to get toddler skills up so that I can age them up early, but it never seems to happen. *sigh*

Oakleigh broke the sink and then tried to make up for it by taking out the trash. I’m not impressed.

Inside that red circle is Sadie. Sadie decided to take her rack of lamb all the way UPSTAIRS and to the FURTHEST bedroom from the stairs and eat it there. Yeeesh. What a waste of time lol

She literally passed 3 different toilets in the house on her way out here to the bush. She must be desperate for sunlight if she chooses to go out there lol

I added another money trashcan in the living room. I was getting too lazy to drag all the plates to the kitchen which is on the opposite side of the house lol. Laziness is one of my sims traits, what can I say?

It’s a flying baby!!! Woohoo!!

And here he is! Blonde. Wonderful. I just can’t escape it

And then the bills came. And we can’t afford them. We’re short by $1,100. Guess we’ll have to wait for our garden to grow more stuff to sell.


And these two came home from school with B’s! Yay! this means that they *should* get A’s tomorrow

And then it was the (first set of) twin’s birthday! First up was Qiana!

And then it was Roman’s turn!

And here they are! Obviously that’s Qiana on the left and Roman on the right

This little butt munch has put that plate of food down five different times. She’s starving but SHE WONT EAT THE DAMN FOOD!

This is the look you come home with when no one comes home with A’s. Or in Qiana and Roman’s case, B’s. I’m so disappointed.

This kid wants nothing to do with potty training. And poor Quinn is just exasperated.

lolz. Whoops. I forgot

Damn money tree died. Fuck

Well at least everyone’s grades are up! Qiana and Roman got B’s and Oakleigh and Pierce came home with A’s! so you know what that means!

And of course, Oakleigh went first

And it was Pierce’s turn!

And here they are! Oakleigh is obviously not impressed with me making her do homework right after aging up lol

Ummmmmm, who dafuq are you and why are you in my house? lol apparently this is one of Asher’s kids (he’s got four of them) But I didn’t invite him over and I definitely didn’t invite him into the house lol

NOOOOOOOOO! The spoiled food eating has spread from the Wilde save! Now they allllll do it!

Today is Sadie and Tessa’s birthday! And Tessa is about half a skill bar from maxing thinking which is the last skill she needs to max in order to get top-notch toddler. She better get it otherwise I’m gonna be PISSED

And these are the faces of children who did not come home with A’s. Again.

Also, the guy who’s been struck by lightning in the background kills me! lol

Oh. apparently he’s our mail carrier lol

FINALLY! Thank goodness! Now we can age up the youngest twins.

First up was Sadie since she’s the older one

And then it was Tessa’s turn!

And here we are!! That’s Sadie on the left and Tessa on the right. I’m going to sign Tessa up for scouts since she is still the heir and I want the heir to have EVERYTHING! Which of course stresses me out more…

I don’t think I’d be as stressed if I had less multiples lol

Finally got the option to revive the money tree, so here we are! This had better be a good use of that $1000 i had to use to revive it…

We are 44 pictures into this chapter, and this is our first sighting of Carly! Hiiii!!!

It’s friday and the kids are home from school. And they made me mad. Pierce got an A, but Oakleigh didn’t. So neither of them get to age up. And then Qiana got an A, but Roman did not, so they don’t get to age up either. And Sadie and Tessa are still sitting on C’s.

Now we have to play the WHOLE WEEKEND AGAIN

Tessa joined the scouts and she’s working on her badges! She’s got the scholarly one and the science one already. Now we’re working on the art one and then we’ll do the the giving one

And someone is finally using the slide! Or well, she’s trying to use the slide… As you can see, Oakleigh’s strength is not doing physical activity

The money tree lives! And it’s multiplied! We should be rolling in simoleans when the rest of them grow!

Tessa is still working on scouts. It’s looking more and more like she’s gonna be our heir since Quinn has two days left until her elder birthday and we still have a full house. *sigh*

Then it was Uriah’s birthday! Yay! no more toddlers! (for now)

And here he is! And he is miserable. But the good thing is is that he can TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF FINALLY!

EVERYONE HAS A’s!!!! Well, except Sadie and Tessa. But they both have B’s!

Started with Qiana

Then Roman

And then it was Oakleigh’s turn

And then Pierce!

Here’s Qiana and Roman ready to take on their teenage years

And then it was time to say goodbye to Oakleigh and Pierce.

Finally. This chapter took FOREVER!

Join us next time for what will probably be the last pregnancy of Quinn’s reign. Unless she has a single. Then we can probably squeeze in another one.


Chapter 45 – Weirdos

Oh hello there! Welcome back! I’ve been dreading this chapter… 3 sets of twins, 4 toddlers, and 2 infants… Here’s hoping my hair is still attached to my head at the end of this chapter…

Also, for those keeping track, Quinn has 11 days before her elder birthday

Baby #41, Oakleigh is starting off this chapter as a mess. Wonderful. Great way to start the show.

And Baby #42, Pierce is also having a rough day.

Someone needs to get on diaper duty…

And here we have Baby #43 Qiana and Baby #44 Roman. Both of whom are hungry and in need of a diaper change.

Also, every toddler is dealing with the death of Theo. Even though none of them actually MET him. *eye roll*

And here’s the newest set of terrors, Baby #45 Sadie who’s napping and baby #46 Tessa, our new heir, with Quinn

Before we went off in search of the next baby daddy, we headed down the looooooooong road of toddler care. 1st up: baths

then came food.

I wanted a pic of all of them together eating, but they all decided to eat in different areas.


And then finally, playtime.

And then it was finally time to head out and find the next daddy!

And we headed off to Del Sol Valley! Maybe we’ll see a famous person!

Meet Ronan Williams! He was part of a group household made for me by snazzle for the secret santa gift exchange on boolprop. And you should definitely go check out her dumpster diver turned ISBI, We’ve Got Spirits! It’s hilarious!

Also, I had to go with him first because we share a surname lol

Quinn is still sad from Theo’s death too, so we needed to get her into a different emotion, and this is the easiest way to do that.

Success! Thanks Ronan! Bye!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plates and bowls ALL OVER THE DAMN HOUSE.

Hey Carly! Thanks for the help! But maybe fix the sink and fix the problem… Just a thought

We had a vamp break in. As you can see, Carly and Quinn are not worried. lol

It was a false alarm. All she did was walk through the house and then leave.


GUYS! EVERYONE IS ASLEEP! AT THE SAME TIME! I mean, it took until 9:30 in the morning, but hey it happened.

Of allllllll the toilets in the house, Quinn chose the woohoo bush to puke in…


That has GOT to hurt…

Baby sparkles!

And here they are! That’s Sadie on the left and Tessa on the right.

No comment on the fact that they’re both blonde.

And then it was the oldest twins’ birthday! Of course, Oakleigh goes first

And then it was Pierce’s turn!

And here they are! Obviously, that’s Oakleigh on the right and Pierce on the left.


They’re on their way too read vampire books and get skills up for school. And also homework.

Ughhhhhhhh. Toddler terrors. Remind me again why I thought a 100 baby challenge was a good idea?

And then there’s Tessa hahahahahaha Wild toddlers are the BEST!!!

Baby time!!!! Finally.

Well, after we feed the toddler…

Hey look! Zelena got a job as the receptionist! She’s also married.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

Challenge rules. Sorry

Meet baby #47 – Uriah!

I’m calling it quits this chapter Quinn is now 10 days from her elder bday. And the older twins have at LEAST 3 school days before aging up and it’s saturday. So we should be able to get a couple more pregnancies out of her before we have a new matriarch.

Chapter 44 – All The Toddlers

Hellllloooooo! Welcome back! Now that the holidays and my brother’s wedding are over, we can get back to our regularly scheduled simming!

We begin with Quinn “taking care of some business”

Kid #39 Madilynn is stuffing her face. Carly would be proud

And Kid #40 Nikki is enjoying our new entry with LOTS of windows

Kid #41 Oakleigh is enjoying playing with the slide. Well, she thinks she playing, but really I’m just masking it as skilling.

Kid #42 Pierce is sad. No idea why. Wait, I just saw the stink cloud. Someone has a stinky diaper

And here are the newest recruits! Baby #43 Qiana and Baby #44 Roman!

Lacie is still hanging around. Even though I kicked her out. But that’s fine, Pierce is enjoying the time with her.

This is the face of a woman who is going through the motions. She’s ready for more kids! Or not. But Madilynn has a B and Nikki has an A and it’s the weekend. But I don’t feel like waiting until monday, so we’re off!

Hey! This house looks familiar! (Follow my Drifter challenge to find out why! 😉 #shamelessplug)

Meet Wyatt Lewis! He was “donated” by BlossomSims! Go check out her story, The Clemonte Family Legacy!

He’s so cuteeeeee!!!

And we were successful! So we of course just friended him and then left without a second glace.


The twins are having, what is hopefully their last, homework session! I’m determined that Madilynn gets an A and we get them moved out once Monday comes around

Quinn’s giving that punching bag the evil eye! Everyone back away from the pregnant person!

lololololololololol I keep forgetting that our garden is inside now and that the plants are always in season… lololol

The girls are being productive.

Well. Madilynn is being semi-productive.

Nikki is being a grumpus

By the look of all those phone calls, someone died.


Yup, it was Theo. Rest in Piece


And here they are. Sad little buggers.

I was disappointed to see that Qiana had blonde hair. But she also has brown eyes, so that’s good!

Success! The girls came home from school with A’s!!!! yay!! (This is when I realized that I never fixed the path and the mailbox…)

Obviously, Madilynn goes first!

and then Nikki!

Oh well, she tried… hahahahahaha

And we tried it again! Second times the charm!

Bye girls! (Notice the fixed path)

Look at alllllllllll of them sleeping! This was a rare moment of peace for me lol

And moment was ruined by the baby.

I wanted to have the baby at the hospital. But I accidentally clicked that “have baby” option… Whoops

Welcome to the family! MORE TWINS!!!!! *dies*

Quinn is holding Baby #45 Sadie and in the bassinet is Baby #46 and our new heir, Tessa!

Chapter 43 – Out With The Old

Welcome back!! We begin this chapter with Quinn doing a little bit of cleaning.

Kids #36 Justin and #37 Keagan are busy doing their school projects. Good. Get them out of the house

Kid #38 Lacie, is having a “snack”

Kid #39 Madilynn is sleeping

Kid #40 Nikki is playing games. She’s enjoying not having the pressure of being the next matriarch.

And here are our newest additions! Baby #41 Oakleigh and #42 Pierce!

Kids came home from  school! And the boys brought home A’s!

Keagan looks like a chubby chipmunk right here. Weirdo

Well, you know what A’s mean! Birthdays!

And then we said good bye. Obviously, Quinn is heartbroken.

Quinn: Adios!

I got her off the treadmill and it was time to find the next baby daddy!

Quinn: Say what now?

And we were off to Oasis Springs!

Meet Blaine Simons! He was graciously gifted to us from Azzywoods. Go check out her ISBI! It’s hilarious!

Well, one thing lead to another and……

Baby incoming!

What’s this? OUR NEW HOUSE! The other one was getting cramped. And I just felt like it was time for a new one lol

It’s unfinished because I ran out of money lol

Here’s the first floor. You can see the kitchen with a HUGE island and dinning table on the left, the enclosed garden (this makes me so happy), the playroom at the top, the matriarch bedroom, the toddler room, and then the main living area. As you can see there is A LOT of room here. And I love it.

And here’s the second floor. Again another HUGE living area. This will be where most of the skill objects go. And then all the kid’s bedrooms.

And since we have $12 to our name, Quinn was sent hacking to make us money immediately lol we have mouths to feed

Home work session!

Also, I didn’t realize how tall those chairs were. I might have to change them.

It’s winterfest! The girls are helping mom decorate the tree

And I think they did a mighty fine job!

Carly came out to haunt and she’s maaaaaad. She’s probably pissed because I tore down the house that she built.


You don’t even live here anymore. Get over it

managed to get all the wall and floor coverings put on.

(except the porch floors. I just noticed that)

Hiya Lacie!

Lacie: I’m a bear. RAWR!!!!!

*screams in fake terror*

Birthdays for the (newest) twins!


And this is another important moment. ALL the girls came home with A’s!

So birthdays!

First up, Lacie!

Then Madilynn

And finally, Nikki!

And then it was another homework session before school tomorrow! I’m crossing my fingers that they all get A’s again and I can move them out!

Well, Lacie brought home an A the next day. And so did Nikki. But Madilynn didn’t. So the twins will stick around.

But I can move Lacie out! So we had another birthday!

Bye, Lacie! I feel like we didn’t have much time together. 😦

She is one of my favorite makeovers though

And just like that, it was time to fill some empty spaces!

(Notice Lacie came back into the house. She must have been cold)

I see On Ley Line markers!

And we were rewarded!

Another set of boy/girl twins! Welcome baby #43 (and our new heir who hopefully inherits her father’s black hair) Qiana, and #44 Roman!


Chapter 42 – TOO MANY B-DAYS

Welcome Back! I know! I took a really long break. I took a break from updating because I just wanted to play. So I played and I played. I have enough for 2 or 3 updates for each of my stories. And then Get Famous came out and I wanted to play that! (Which is awesome and I love it). And then the holidays hit so I got busy…

But anyway! We start this update with Quinn looking super uncomfortable. She’s not ready for another baby. But too bad! There’s empty space!

Kid #35 Isobel is happy. No idea why.

Kid #36 Justin is… well I don’t know. He’s playing a game and I don’t think it’s going right…

Kid #37 Keagan REALLY needs to pee, so get out of his way!

Kid #38 Lacie is nappin’

Kid #39 Madilynn is of course sad because of the broken dollhouse…

Surprise surprise…

And kid #40, Nikki is just having fun. She don’t care about anything but her toys

(Also, just to put into perspective how much I’ve played: None of these kids are living in the house anymore lol)

Our garden has definitely seen better days… And too bad Isobel is too tired to help. So it’s all on Quinn. New baby is on hold

Baby is on hold again… We have broken plumbing that I’ve been neglecting…

Kids are back from school! Justin managed to grab an A. But Keagan did not. So no birthdays for them.

And since the fridge was empty and everyone was hungry we had to make some food. This chapter isn’t starting out how I wanted it too…

But it’s finally baby time!!!

Meet Quinn Lighting! They’re name twinsies! He was graciously loaned to me by Teresa over on boolprop. And coincidentally, she just finished her own 100 baby challenge! Check it out here! And you can even see a couple of our kids make appearances as daddies!

He looks super suspicious of that hand on his shoulder!

And before we could even get out of the bed to take the pregancy test, we were bombarded with calls. Shayne died.

But that’s okay because we’re expecting a new baby anyway!!

Nooooooo! The other two triplets died! Quinn is the only one left

Good news and bad news. Bad news: It’s the weekend. So the kids are stuck home for a couple days. (Notice, Isobel is still here because she still doesn’t have that A). Good News: It’s the weekend. So there’s plenty of time to get them ready for school on monday

Awe, maybe it’s a good thing that she’s still around. Nikki looks so happy!

The current heir is being taken care of. All her siblings love her!

Toddler birthdays!!

Here they are! Obviously, that’s Madilynn with the black hair and Nikki with the blonde.

And as you can see they’re hard at work for school monday. Homework and skilling

And as the current heir, Nikki has the added pressure of needing to work on her aspiration.

Whoops. Quinn had an accident. Stupid pregnancy with the small bladder.

Hi Carly! Thanks for the help! We needed it!

Isobel and the boys came home with A’s! And Lacie, Madilynn, and Nikki all got B’s!

Successful day at work!

Birthday for Isobel!

Bye Bye! I’ll miss your help.

But now it’s up to the boys!

Keagan looks like he’s got an eye twitch here…

Here they are! Justin on left and Keagan on right

They are almost identical except the hair and eye color

Quinn had another accident.

I’m so glad this isn’t a scored deal like my ISBI…

Justin… Step away. From the stove…

That look in his eyes is manic!

Baby time!

No hospital since her needs are actually all in the green for once.

More twins! Meet Baby #41 (and our new heir, so Nikki can relax) Oakleigh and baby #42 Pierce! Finally another boy!

Join us next time for more fun!