Chapter 57 – Money Money Money

Welcome back everyone! Happy new year! One year ago today, we were only on baby 44! …And when you think about it, we didn’t really make that much progress… But my goal for this year is to finally finish this challenge! Which, if I keep up my current pace, shouldn’t be a problem!

So without further ado, let’s go!

We start things off with Xavia obviously, and she’s still rocking her hospital gown while chatting online.

At least she’s not eating or anything this time.

And we skip right to baby #57, Emma. The older kids are all at school earning those A’s!

And Emma’s just bopping along to the music!

Her skills are pretty terrible at the moment…

Level 3: Communication

Level 2: Movement

Level 1: Imagination

Level 0: Potty, Thinking

And here’s the newest addition, Baby #58, Finn!

He’s hungry. So Xavia is forced off the computer to take care of the baby

And after taking care of Finn, we called up Ethan so that we can get the baby thing done before the older kids get home from school.

And we wasted no time in getting him into bed. Seriously. He wasn’t even in the house before we asked him to woohoo.

Also, he is officially our last blonde daddy on the list! So we can finally move on! No more blondes!

With confetti flying, we’re expecting!

I didn’t think it worked since they got stuck in bed (lol) so I had to reset them. But it worked and no worries!

We kicked Ethan out and got Emma going on the potty.

The kid is really behind on her skills.

The older kids came home from school finally. #56 Damon is still at a C. #55 Cody came home with a B. And #53 Arlo and #54 Brock both came home with A’s!

So it’s birthday time! As the older twin, Arlo goes first.

And then it was Brock’s turn!

And just like that, we moved them out!

Thankfully, Xavia got pregnant before they left so that I didn’t get unwanted triplets like what just happened in my ISBI earlier today… lol

Loaded back into the house after splitting Arlo and Brock, and Damon decided that eating his food outside in the rain was the best option.

The kids are all sad at the moment because they lost a grandparent. And it happened to be Xavia’s father. So it affected all of them. *sigh*

The fridge became pretty empty again, so we made a couple of dishes to fill it up. I try to keep at least 6 different dishes in there at a time so that they don’t run out and there’s always food to be pulled out for the toddlers.

We’re still chugging away at the gardening thing. She’s currently at level seven and is 66% of the way to level 8. Once she’s at level 8 we can super sell and revive our money trees lol

The kids are still sad when they get home from school. But that didn’t stop Damon from getting up to a B and Cody getting that A!

So it was time for Cody to have that birthday!

Emma has come a long way since the start of this chapter. She has 4 skill to level 3 right now. Her last one is thinking which is at level 2. And that is why she’s busy following her mom around “watching” her.

Kids were at school so we took some time to head out and meet our next donor!

Everyone, meet Michael Lee Harker! He’s from the story Michael Lee Harker, Intergalactic Sim of Mystery by bookloverblue.

His brother, Yuri was featured during Quinn’s reign. Obviously, Michael is an alien. I though about leaving him in his disguise, but I opted to keep him in his alien form.

Pft. We went right before he had to work. So he left us.

I guess we’ll have to try again later.

Finn aged up! And I’m just counting down the days until we don’t have anymore blonde kiddos lol

Weirdly, she got to level 8 and then we got the option to revive our plants, but we were only able to revive 6 of them before the option disappeared. No idea why.

Then while watering another plant, the option came back? Weird. But now we have all our money trees back! Now we just need to remember to tend the garden.

Maybe I should to robotics and create a garden bot.

While watching her brother on the slide, Emma got to level 3 of the thinking skill! That makes all 5 skills at level 3!

So it’s birthday time!

And she’s a little cutie! I love that sweater even though I never use it lol

We invited Michael over to continue where we left off earlier.

And it was difficult. Xavia was tired and all Michael wanted to do was mop up our puddles.

So we quickly found the closest (broken) shower and got to business.

Look guys! I remembered to tend my garden!

Poor Finn has largely been ignored by his mother this chapter. So here’s a photo of him playing

It’s baby time!

Obligatory father freak out photo!

And it’s a boy! Welcome baby #59 Gabe!

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for more babies and definitely more birthdays! Toodles!


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