Chapter 58 – Rainy Days

Welcome back! We’re slowly chucking away at this challenge. Still. But we continue! We start with Xavia being boring and browsing the web.

The older kids just got home from school. In the thunderstorm…

Cody and Damon both came home with A’s so we’ll get them aged up in a minute here.

Emma still has a C

Finn is getting down from the chair so that he can cry about the thunderstorm and the broken dollhouse.

Here’s how his skills breakdown.

Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Potty, Thinking

And then there’s the newest member of the family, Gabe! He needs a diaper change…

Because my game was stupid and didn’t want to pause, I missed the blowing of the candles, but still! It’s birthday time!

Then we kicked him out. In the rain. Sorry dude.

And then it was Damon’s turn!

He’s a handsome one! I love it!

And with the birthdays over, we invited over Michael.

And we wasted no time in hopping into bed! Get to the baby makin’!

But weirdly, he was flagged in MCCC as can only get pregnant lol

So we removed the flag and tried again.

Which did the trick and now we’re expecting!

I decided to get the robot station. So here’s hoping that we get all those robots we want soon!

And this is little Finn getting all his skills to level 3!

So it’s birthday time!

And here is the little bugger. He doesn’t look impressed…

Homework and study time!

It’s the weekend. So they are all stuck where they are until Monday

Little Gabe aged up!

And we got right to work on the skilling!

We even got him on the potty! Potty is usually one of the last ones to start lol

It’s baby time! I love her face here hahahaha

Awe crap, and I just realized that I didn’t line up our next  dad. Whoops…

No father freak out shot today because, like an idiot, I forgot to invite him. I’m gonna blame this on my cold that started today… I feel like crap lol

But I took this one because Xavia looks like she is not impressed with her doctor’s enthusiasm lol

Everyone welcome our newest addition, Baby #60, Harper!


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