Chapter 61 – Unacceptable

Hello! And we’re back again! And we’re ready for more babies!

But we start off with a quick look at where the house stands now. And we begin with Xavia who’s mopping a puddle. A change of pace from her usual routine of either eating, cooking, or being on the computer lol

Kid #59 Gabe is cleaning up someone else’s mess. No idea whose.

Kid #60, Harper, is on her way to coo at annoy one of the babies.

I gotta lock those doors…

Baby #61 Isaac is working on his imagination skill. He’s a good toddler

Here’s where his skills currently are:

Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Imagination, Thinking

Level 1: Potty

And here’s the newest members of the fam! Baby #62 Jackson and Baby #63 Kallie!

And with the check in complete, it’s time to invite over Wang!

Wang was taking longer than normal to arrive at the door, but I still had options to woohoo him, so I went looking. I found this. He must be a closet neat sim since he doesn’t have the neat trait lol

So we had to go chase him down.

We bought our bush again and made quick use of it lol

And we have baby incoming!

Isaac got the rest of his skills to level 3, so it was time to start the potty training!

We didn’t get very far… lol

Isaac spends so much time in his PJs that I forgot that he had red hair lol

Squeezing in a workout before she becomes too pregnant to do so.

The older kids came home from school. Gabe did not get an A. Unacceptable. Harper did manage to get a B though…

Isaac FINALLY mastered potty. Ugh. Took us long enough

So it’s birthday time!

And here he is. Just like Gabe, he’s got some small eyes

Another day of school and it’s another day without any A’s…. Still unacceptable.

Birthday time for the twins!

Here’s Jackson!

And here’s Kallie! At least one of them got the pink hair lol

I figured out why Harper wasn’t getting A’s. Her highest skill was a 2. She needs a 4. So she’s busy with the vampire lore skill

Damn Xavia. She’s having it rough right now lol

Let us not forget that we have a garden to tend.

Damn it. And she would have gotten an A today too. Unacceptable.

We finally finished the gardener bot! Woohoo!

Ope! It’s a good thing she’s pregnant! lol

Isaac got a B! And Gabe Finally got that A!

Damn Harper and her sickness… ugh.

So Gabe gets a birthday!

And he gets to move out!

Headed to Brindleton Bay to find the next dad. Gotta make this quick lol, she’s about to go into labor.

Everyone meet Gideon Williams. He was made for us by Snazzle over on the boolprop forums. Thanks Snazzle!

Also, we gotta do this fast, we are now officially in labor lol

And this is about how far we got before we had to leave lol

Obligatory father freak out!

Everybody meet baby #64, Luke!

And this officially evens us up at 32 boys and 32 girls lol

3 thoughts on “Chapter 61 – Unacceptable

  1. Yay for baby 64! (My baby 64 is actually named Lucas, haha.) I got this idea from watching the Buzzfeed 100 baby challenge, when Kelsey accidentally did it a few times: I’ll sometimes have my heiresses invite their next coparent to be to the hospital with them so that they can keep wooing them before they go into labor. If you take them to the hospital right at the start of that four hour labor window, you can get in quite a bit of relationship building before the baby comes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh don’t worry, Xavia had plenty of time to woo the next daddy lol 😆😆 the polite introduction pretty much gives them instant friendship and then they almost always accept the rose right after that and its a done deal from there lol 😂


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