Chapter 60 – Where’d Everybody Go?

Hello and welcome back! We start this chapter with Xavia at the grill. Again. It’s been a few chapters since she’s been at the grill. So I guess it’s okay this time lol

Checking in with kiddo #59 who’s busy browsing “kid-friendly” websites.

Fun times

And here’s baby #60, Harper who’s on her way to talk to Gabe.

She’s really behind in her skills. We usually have at least 2 skills at level 3 by now. But not with her.

Level 3: Communication

Level 2: Movement

Level 1: Imagination, Potty, Thinking.

…Like I said. She’s really behind

And here’s our newest addition, baby #61 Isaac!

First things first, we set Harper to her skilling. Gotta catch this girl up!

We offered a sacrifice and then invited over Howl.

We intercepted him before he even entered the house and brought him right to the bed room.

Maybe I should add a closet on the porch so that we don’t have to walk all the way into the house lol

And success!! Baby incoming!!

It feels weird to only have one kid coming back from school lol. Also, he just got to a B grade! So we’re moving up!

I spammed a LOT of skill interactions, so Harper is now at level 3 in all her skills expect potty. She still needs mom’s help with that… So I guess we need to take a break from the robots for now.


We spent all night on the potty and we got it maxed! So we have a birthday!

So it’s cake time!

And she is ready for school! …on Monday. Because today is Friday…

It’s a little weird to not have a toddler. There’s usually a toddler in the house at all times lol, but Isaac’s birthday isn’t until tomorrow

I gotta say, this trash glitch is a life saver lol. I definitely have gained more robot salvage parts faster doing this than tinkering at the robotics station.

Gabe came home with an A! And now he’s that he’s gonna be stuck around the house all weekend.


He’s got really small eyes… lol

Look at us not forgetting to take care of our gardening!

And we’re off to find the next donor!

I’m on TOP of things today!

This is Wang Chung! Kindly donated to us by Vanpelt81 over on the officials.

I’ve gotta say, the polite introduction takes away all the work in getting the donor ready lol

But I ain’t mad

See? We were here for, like, an hour. Hour and a half tops.

And when we got home, it was time for Isaac to age up!

And we got right to skill building!

We finally got enough parts to make our utili bot! I couldn’t decide which one to do first: the cleaner bot or the gardening bot.

I decided on the gardening bot. That way I don’t have to keep such an eye on the garden lol

The kids usually clean the house on their own lol

Isaac spent most of the evening following Gabe around watching and gaining thinking skill lol

And passing out. Let’s not forget that lol

Our trash cans are usually empty thanks to the help from Quinn and Carly lol

It’s baby time!

Obligatory father Freak out!

A receptionist never showed up. So we just walked to the back. I mean, we’re here so often, it like we own this hospital lol

It’s Twins!! Yikes!

Let me introduce you to baby #62 Jackson and baby #63 Kallie!


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