Chapter 59 – Birthdays Galore

Welcome back! We start things off with Xavia taking a nap. She’s sleeping on the job! Not cool, Xavia, not cool

Kid #56 Damon is on his way to the fridge.

Kid #57 Emma is off to bed!

Kid #58 Finn has just finished taking a bath.

Baby #59 Gabe is getting some good use out of the potty chairs.

His current skill levels are:

Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Potty

Level 1: Imagination, Thinking

And here’s our newest addition, Baby #60 Harper who needs a bottle.

Which we took care of right away. I don’t need any lost kids

Since I was an idiot and forgot to line up the next donor in the last chapter, we have to head out to actually do the grunt work right at the beginning.

Everyone, meet Charlie Lightning! He’s from Teresa’s dead Lightning Legacy. But you can check out all her other stories over HERE

Things went really well. No issues here!

Nothing like a little woohoo underneath a Pterodactyl light lol

And success! Nooboo on the way!

Also, I just want to note that Xavia has now had 10 kids and she’s only 2 days into her young adult life. lol So we should have no problems finishing this challenge with Xavia.

As long as I don’t do something stupid lol

Gabe is DONE with the potty. He’s not really, but his attitude is telling me he’s done lol

He is hungry though, which is probably why he’s having a tantrum.

The kids came home from school! Finn moved up to a B. Emma got an A and Damon got an A!

So it’s birthday time!

Emma went first (on accident. I thought I had Damon selected when I said to blow out the candles lol)

Here she is! She looks exactly like her dad lol

And then it was Damon’s turn!

So we kicked him out!

…and then he passed out…

Well, he’s not our problem anymore. lol

Robots are a LOT of work…

Caught Xavia trying to build a snowpal but failing miserably.

Excuse me. You’re still tired. Go back to bed.

I found a glitch in the system. I need Xavia to scavenge parts from trash piles. But typically you can’t scavenge in a pile more than once. BUT if you cancel the throw away action, the pile magically has the scavenge interaction again!

So we stuck a couple of piles under the stairs for future use lol

The older kids were at school and the other two were sleeping so we took that opportunity to find the next daddy!

Look at me being proactive this chapter, unlike last chapter!

So, everyone meet Howl Ghibli! He’s a spare from LivvieLove’s Ghibli Legacy!

As they are both romantic sims, this was too easy.

And since he has a closet, me made real good use of that!

Kids came home from school and Finn managed to get an A!

Emma did not.

So Finn was able to get his cake!

Damn kid got into the cake before I could put the candles back on. Now I gotta make it over.

After they finish their homework, they should be good to get A’s tomorrow. Then we’ll hopefully get them kicked out before the baby arrives!

Harper aged up!

She’s a cutie!

Harper got started on her movement skill while Gabe just finished up his thinking skill. And that was his last skill needed, so it’s time for another birthday!

Look at this cutie!!

And just like I predicted, these two both came home with A’s! So we have two MORE birthdays to celebrate!

Emma goes first as the older of the two.

And then it was Finn’s birthday. Again. I feel like he just had one!

And just like that, they were kicked out. lol

We went on a cake spree lol. I had to replace the hamburger one and I found a couple that I didn’t have in our inventory.

But we good now lol

It’s baby time!

Obligatory father freak out!

Xavia doesn’t care, all she wants is food.

We have a new doctor! A dead one…

Side Note: I went through and deleted a BUNCH of households that didn’t have any brothers and sisters in them. The save was getting kinda laggy. If that doesn’t help, I’ll have to switch saves like I did when Quinn took over.



Welcome to the family baby #61 Isaac!


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