Chapter 54 – Infertility?

Hello! We’re back! Nothing much to say at the beginning other than LET’S GET TOO IT!

Xavia starts us off by displaying her cooking.

Here’s kiddo #51, Yvette. Don’t let her smile fool you, she’s sad about the broken dollhouse.

And here’s Kid #52, Zoey on her way to the bathroom. We’ll give her some privacy.

And here’s baby #53, Arlo. He’s also sad about the dollhouse, so he’s seeking some comfort from Dino.

Here’s his skill break down at the moment:

Level 3: Communication, Imagination, Movement

Level 2: Thinking

Level 1: Potty

And here’s baby #54, Brock. He’s just being a cheese.

Here’s his skill break down at the moment:

Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Imagination, Thinking

Level 1: Potty

And here’s the newest addition, Baby #55, Cody!

We let Xavia finish her food and then we invited over Cordell

…but it’s 3:30 AM… so we have to wait lol

This is Brock getting his imagination up to level 3!

Morning came and we finally got Cordell over.

Shower woohoo is definitely their thing. But they couldn’t be bothered to walk across the house to the bed lol

Damn. Now they have to try again.

Round 2!

Hot damn. Cordell is giving me problems.

Do you think the third time’s the charm? I hope so. He tried to leave, but I cornered him before he could actually escape.


Is infertility a thing in this game?!

Well, let’s try again…

The baby’s just crying in the background… ruining the mood.

lol whoops

Not even surprised at this point…. *sigh*

Attempt #5…

The girls came home from school with Bs!

And they’re both tired…

He left before I could take the pregnancy test…

Apparently round five was too much for him

But I guess it’s okay because we FINALLY got pregnant.


never again

It’s the weekend. So the girls are stuck at Bs until monday at least. Great.

This has not been a good chapter for Xavia.

Brock has reached level 3 in all his skills! Now we just have to wait for Arlo to finish the potty skill.

ah… crap. This is what happens when you ignore the garden… Whoops

Looky Looky, here is Cody! This little nugget aged up!

And he started right in on his skill building. This should be a lot easier than his older brothers and sisters since he’s a single and I don’t have to juggle two at a time lol

This french toast is Xavia maxing the cooking skill! I feel like that went really fast.

Must be because of all her extra traits lol

And that’s level three in all skills for Arlo! So it’s birthday time for the boys!

As the oldest of the two, Arlo goes first.

And as the youngest of the two, Brock goes last.

And here they are! Arlo is the one doing homework and Brock is the angry looking one on the right lol

Family bonding!

Just missing Yvette and Cody who are both sleeping

This little bugger is already at level 3 communication and movement. As well as level 2 of thinking

The girls came home with A’s and the boys with B’s! So it’s birthday time for the girls!

So dirty Yvette goes first.

And then it was Zoey’s turn.

And here they are! It’s nice to have teens in the house! Even if they won’t be around much longer lol

That’s Yvette on the right and Zoey on the left

Xavia when into labor. And then I realized I FORGOT TO LINE UP OUR NEXT DONOR! Damn. We’re gonna have to work for that next time.

Obligatory daddy freak-out!!

And then *poof*

Welcome to the family baby #56, Damon!