Chapter 55 – Birthday Party!

Hello! Welcome back! We start things off once again with Xavia getting food. I dunno why she does this. It’s not like her need is in the yellow, orange, or red at all. It’s still green. Going to the hospital maxes all her needs, so this baffles me.


Kid #51, Yvette is working out. No idea what inspired her to do this…


Kid #52, Zoey is really excited to be watching Civil Public Access…

Another weirdo…

Kid #53, Arlo is off to join his mother in the kitchen looking for food

Kid #54, Brock is also going to find food, but he’s headed into the play room to the fridge that’s in there lol

Baby #55, Cody is having and intense start down with Dino.

His current skills are:

Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Imagination, Thinking

Level 1: Potty

And the newest addition, baby #56, Damon!

This time, since we had to go find our next baby daddy, we did not let Xavia finish her food. We headed right out to Britechester to find him!

Everyone, meet Altair Sephiroth. Kindly donated to us SalemSvartulv!

And, like all the others, he was putty in our hands.

So I wasn’t getting the Woohoo option… And then I realized that the house I moved him into DIDN’T HAVE A DOUBLE BED! It didn’t even have a shower! Damn. What a waste of time lol

So we moved the party home where I knew there was a bed and plenty of showers.

And we got right to it! Bunny slippers and all!

Everyone cross your fingers that it doesn’t take 5 times to get pregnant this time…

One and done! It must have been a donor problem last time lol

With that complete, we can again focus on the babies.

She’s only had 6 kids and she’s maxed the parenting skill! Finally! I love me that Super efficient baby care option! hahaha

Yes, I know. With the current pregnancy, our house is full. But Yvette and Zoey are so close to A’s. I’m positive that they will have them before Baby E is born. So that will leave two spaces in the house. And Arlo and Brock are really close to A’s to become teens, so they’ll be close too.

So we went hunting for the next donor.

This is Connor Andrews! Kindly donated by Ashley745. He’s from The Andrews Legacy over on tumblr.

Also, he is technically Xavia’s uncle… Xavia’s father is Cole Andrews, Conner’s brother.


Familial relation aside, they got on pretty well.

And thankfully, he was in a house with a bed, so we were able to do the woohoo.

Zoey was too tense to do her homework, so I let her have a mud bath to get rid of her tense moodlets. Now she can do her homework.

Arlo and Brock both found the spoiled hamburgers and though that they were okay to eat…

I keep forgetting about our garden… (which is probably why are money trees died…)

Honestly, we probably have enough money to last us until the end of the challenge, but I would feel weird getting rid of our garden at this point lol

Damon aged up! With Blonde hair… yuck.

And we started him on his training right away.

Aw crap… I forgot about the bills…

*pays bills*

It’s birthday day! Everyone came home with A’s!!

Yvette goes first, obviously.

Zoey goes next.

And we kicked them out of the house!

Bye girls!

I probably should have kept Zoey, but since it’s REALLY early in Xavia’s reign, I’m sure we’ll have another girl at some point lol

But yay! Two more spots in the house!

Back to the birthdays! Arlo went next!

And then it was finally Brock’s turn!

And here they are! These good-lookin’ dudes. That’s Arlo on the left and Brock on the right.

All those birthdays took a lot out of Brock.

Poor dude

Cody was feeling left out from the birthday parties so he made sure to get his skills to level 3 so that he could have his too!

And so a birthday cake was brought out from inventory and we had another party!

Look at this cute little nerd! I haven’t had a kid with glasses in a while, so Cody was the lucky winner of the glasses train hahaha

Don’t worry, I’m not hatin’. I’ve worn glasses for over 20 years.

Wow that made me sound old…

And then it was baby time! Thank gawd. It’s about time to wrap up this chapter lol

Obligatory father freak out shot!

Uhhhhh looks like the hospital is short staffed…

How do we check in?!


Don’t worry, they called in the reinforcements!

Well, welcome to the family! Everyone meet Baby #57, Emma!