Chapter 52 – Here We Go Again…

Hello! And we’re back! Look at Xavia all smiles. Just wait until she’s got a household full of kiddos driving her nuts!

And speaking of kiddos, here’s the newest members of the family! That’s baby #51 Yvette on the right and baby #52 Zoey on the left.

Since she’s not pregnant anymore, it’s time to fix that! So we invited over Sir Milton!

And he came over sans helm today! So now I can prove that he’s blonde lol

And just when things were getting good, the twins became needy. Wonderful.

And we found a quick break in child rearing for a romp in the sheets.

(A real quick break because as they were getting on the bed, Yvette started crying…)

After a quick diaper change for Yvette, we found out we were expecting! So we said goodbye to Sir Milton and kicked him out of the house.

Kiddos were napping so we were able to spend some time in the garden to build our skill.

And we were also able to squeeze in some cooking practice as well!  But ummmm…. She looks really scary with those knives…

and when she was finished she put the food ON THE FLOOR! What kind of crazy is that?!

Oh great. Quinn is mad. Now she’s gonna go around and break our stuff.

Like our doll house… wonderful

And I found other stuff that Quinn broke. Thanks a lot.

…we have a trash plant. Ugh. I loathe trash plants…

The kids are on opposite schedules. And I hate it. As soon as she walks to the other side of the house, one of them starts crying.

It’s the twin’s birthday, but Xavia is ruining it by needing to pee.

So pee first, birthdays next.

First up was Yvette. I’m not surprised by the blonde. But I do love the purple eyes!

And then it was Zoey’s turn! She also got the blonde hair and purple eyes.

So my goal is to get all the toddlers to level 3 in all their skills so that I can age them up early. Because I’ve discovered that what holds me back is the fact that my toddlers are toddler for the full 7 days. So hopefully, I’ll be able to get them aged up early and keep going without having so many filler chapters.

Of course it would help if there were less toddlers for me to deal with at a time. So I took out the on ley line lot trait (turned it off before Xavia got pregnant). So hopefully I’ll have less twins.

Which is a really weird thing to say when you’re playing a 100 baby challenge.

I did give Xavia the fertile trait though. (Did that before I decided I didn’t want multiples lol)

With the imminate arrival of the new baby looming, it was time to find the next donor!

So we headed to Sulani! And Xavia looks like she is READY for what’s about to happen!

Everyone meet Elliot McCann! Kindly donated to us by Azzywoods!

As you can tell, we’re sticking with the blonde thing first.

Damn, that polite introduction takes all the fight outta the hunt man! Too easy!

(But that’s okay! Because the last thing I need is for donors to fight me on this lol)

This picture is funny lol. Her face looks like she’s unsure, but her reflection in the mirror looks like she’s really happy hahaha

Got in some woohoo and it was time to go home

And a few hours later, it was baby time!

Obligatory father freak out!

I tried to keep him from poofing. I used the “calm emotions” interaction in the hopes that he would stick around.

Spoiler: It didn’t work. He’s a poofer.

Fun Fact: our doctor is our half-sister-in-law lol

She’s married to Roman. From waaaaaaaaaaaay back when lol

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s twins… geez.

So! Everyone welcome baby #53, Arlo on the left and baby #54, Brock on the right!

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for more babies!


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