Chapter 53 – Spoiled

Hello! Welcome back! We’re continuing with our push 100 baby challenge chapters! (I have a whole schedule I’m going by for which challenges I play and when lol) And this one is play most of the time lol

I’m determined to finish it soon(ish)!

So let’s get too it!

We start things off with Xavia chowing down on an expired burger. I can’t believe that this is still a thing in this game…

Babies #51 and #52, Yvette and Zoey are busy taking a nap.

As I’ve decided to actually try and get their skills to level 3 to age them early, here’s where they stand:


Level 3: Communication

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Movement, Potty, and Thinking


Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Potty, Thinking

And there’s the two newest additions to the family! Baby #53, Arlo and Baby #54, Brock

We let Xavia finish her spoiled food and then we invited over Elliot. It’s time for some baby makin!

But then the food strikes back!

But Elliot came over anyway. And he even took out our trash!

And he mopped up some puddles! Can we hire him as a maid? He’s great!

But don’t worry! We didn’t make him work the whole time he was here!

And we thanked him for his hard work.

I don’t think he complained too much.

I mean, I wouldn’t if I was him.

And we were successful! Baby incoming!

Huh. I don’t think Arlo is a fan of Quinn.

… *sigh* she’s eating more spoiled food…

Zoey has level 3 in all her skills expect potty. So she’s off to potty train.

And Yvette has level 3 in all skills expect thinking. So she’s  off to watch Zoey potty train lol

Spoiler: The “watch” interaction doesn’t increase thinking if they are watching someone use the potty… Bummer


Yvette is the first to get all her skills to level 3!

She still has to wait for Zoey before she’s able to age up.

And with a little help from mom, Zoey masters the potty!

So it’s birthday time! And they were only toddlers for 3 days! It’s a miracle!

Yvette obviously goes first!

And then it was Zoey’s turn!

And here they are! The excited one is Yvette. The sad looking one is Zoey lol

And then it was the boy’s turn! Here’s little Arlo

Look at that amazing red hair!

And his bro, Brock!

I don’t miss the blonde

With toddlers and kids, we’ve wiped out our food stock. So Xavia was spending some quality time with the stove

Took a break from cooking to take a quick trip to Glimmerbrook! We’re here to meet out next donor!

Everyone, meet Cordell Harrison! Made for us by snazzle last year for Secret Santa over on BoolProp

As a romantic sim, Cordell was putty in our hands

Like I said. Putty

Have fun you two!

We left right after that and went right back too cooking

The boys are hard at work. Arlo is working on Imagination after finishing communication. And Brock is working on communication after finishing movement.

Yvette is a klepto. I don’t think I mentioned that yet. So we’re going to be collecting dirty plate piles. Wonderful

It’s baby time!!

Obligatory father freak-out before the poof!

Just one baby this time! Everyone meet baby #55, Cody!

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for more babies! and probably more birthdays!