Chapter 50 – Wonder Child

Hello hello! We’re back again with my 100 baby challenge! I’ve decided to make this one my main challenge for the time being (I’ll still update the other ones, but this will be my main focus) since it’s probably the next closest one to being finished.

And as always we start a chapter with a check in of all the kiddos! Here’s kid (adult…) #48, Valerie! She’s being a good caretaker and tending the garden for me since Xavia is still too young to do so.

Kiddo #49 is busy taking a nap. Which is dumb. It’s 8:30 pm. She should just go to bed. *sigh*

And finally, kiddo #50, Xavia. As you can see, Xavia is quite the character and I can already tell her reign as matriarch is gonna be a wild one!

Also, I know I said last chapter that I was gonna age her up right away and try and squeeze in a nooboo in this chapter, but I feel it’s only right to officially end Quinn’s chapters with Xavia becoming a YA. So this chapter might be a bit shorter than normal, but I’ll try and get in as much content as I can. I want to try to get a few of the character value traits, but I’m not going to strain myself to do them…

Especially since two of them are in the red lol

Xavia is hard at work trying to raise her responsibility. It’s one of the ones in the red. She did her homework and her extra credit and now she’s working on projects.

I’ve also been having Valerie teach her how to say sorry since it’s one of the easiest ways that I know of to try and raise conflict resolution.

Willow and Xavia aged up! Naturally! lol That’s Willow on the left and Xavia on the right.

Fun Fact: Xavia managed to get manners and conflict resolution all the way to the top of the green bar before aging up. And Responsibility is just below the range for the responsible trait.

Emotional control is still in the red and emapthy is half-way filled to the green.

We did some midnight volunteering to help with our empathy. And in doing so tanked the little progress we had made on our emotional control.

So we went for a jog to clear our mind. Which doubled as emotional control building and her get fit scouting badge!

Obviously ranting about stress is stressful. I’ve left her with no fun for a couple of days now. Just so that there’s always something to write about to help her with her emotional control.

We lost two money trees 😥 of all the plants that could have died, why did it have to be two of these? *sigh* Well, now they’re just gonna sit there and hopefully don’t go anywhere before Xavia can revive them. I have not idea how long they can sit before something happens.

Everyone was freezing to death because I forgot to adjust the thermostat. Whoops. Problem solved and situation fixed!

The girls came home with A’s!! Normally I would say AGE THEM UP! But Xavia is so close to finishing scouts. She’s halfway through her final badge, so we’ll get that finished. And she has all the character values in range except responsibility. But doing her homework and extra credit will get that in range. So hopefully we’ll have them aged up before they have to go to school tomorrow!

That finishes the character traits!

And this completes the scouts!

Which means only one thing!!

It’s birthday time!! Obviously Willow goes first

And then it was finally Xavia’s turn!

Then it was time to kick our Valerie and Willow. Bye girls!

Guys. This is ridiculous. I’ve never done this with a sim before. Getting all the special traits before aging up to young adult.

And I’ve just realized that I essentially completed a wonder child challenge inside my 100 baby challenge.


And that officially wraps up Quinn’s reign! Xavia officially takes over starting in the next chapter!