Chapter 2 – Double Trouble

08-30-16_6-49-21 PM

Hullo everyone! Welcome back to my wonderful 100 baby challenge! In the last chapter we meet our baby daddy #1, Cyrus and he was kind enough to donate us some sperm! So we pick up the story with a sleepy and stinky Carly. Time for a shower and a nap!

08-30-16_6-54-06 PM

Wait, that doesn’t look like a shower! Or a nap! What is this? Well Jayce called and asked us on a date! This has never happened to me before in the game, so I was super excited!

08-30-16_6-55-36 PM

Awe! They are so cute! They would totally be a thing if, you know, she wasn’t carrying another man’s baby. Details.

08-30-16_6-57-11 PM

Hmmm.. what are they doing in the bushes? *shifty eyes* Putting a lock on daddy number two, that’s what!


08-30-16_7-01-17 PM

Ummm…What the actual F**k! Seriously? You just did woohoo and then you blow her off!? Scum bag.

08-30-16_7-11-09 PM

Carly doesn’t look like she’s happy about the outcome of that date. She’s picking that apple with attitude. Don’t worry, I’d be pissed too.

08-30-16_7-24-04 PM

Sad face. And I have no idea why (at this point the date is forgotten). She was watching TV, so maybe something on there made her sad? Oh well.

08-30-16_7-28-41 PM

I’ve noticed that, if I don’t direct her otherwise, cereal is her go-to meal option. No judgement here, it is for me too.

08-30-16_7-35-15 PM

Poor girl pee’d herself while waddling back home from collecting.

Carly: *pulls out phone* *looks up “How to not be embarrassed from peeing yourself*

08-30-16_7-38-15 PM

She got home and cleaned up, only to go into labor. So we’re off to the hospital!

08-30-16_7-42-14 PM

Cyrus looks freaked out. Probably why he didn’t stay for the actual birth. He vanished right after this.

08-30-16_7-43-46 PM

Hahaha! It’s been so long since I’ve had a baby at the hospital that I completely forgot how to check in for a hot second. But we figured it out in the end!

08-30-16_7-45-12 PM

Carly: What are you doing?! What is that whisk thing going to do? I’ve changed my mind! I’ll have a natural birth at home!

Too late!

08-30-16_7-48-36 PM

And this was quite the surprise! TWINS! On our first pregnancy! No fertility or anything! The bottom baby is Amber and the baby on top is Bella. (I’m going to name the kids alphabetically, just to kinda keep it organized-ish.)

08-30-16_7-51-07 PM

Really EA? That’s how you’re going to do that? How am I supposed to care for which every baby that is facing the wall. There was all kinds of room literally ANYWHERE else in the house, and you had to sick them there. Nice. #simlogic

08-30-16_7-55-13 PM

So we moved everything around, and now we are able to care for both babies.

08-30-16_8-18-40 PM

Awe, this shot is soooo cute!

08-30-16_8-30-16 PM


08-30-16_8-34-10 PM

The babies were both sleeping, so we “ran away” for a bit and even did a little fishing! I didn’t want to send her too far away, so fishing was a nice compromise.

08-30-16_8-43-45 PM

Look who came over! Bad date forgotten, we were determined to make him daddy #2!

08-30-16_8-44-51 PM

And, well, one thing led to another…

08-30-16_8-46-45 PM

Bella looks absolutely terrified of Jayce…hahaha

08-30-16_8-48-17 PM

And we are now expecting baby #3! That’s if for this chapter! Join us next time for the twins’ birthday, another nooboo, and monsters. Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – Double Trouble

      1. you can buy the coolala wall light, and it will keep the monsters away…first thing I buy after the kids’ bed.


  1. Alphabetical names is VERY smart! (And you know I’m fond of the alphabet). I wanna do this. Everything of yours I’ve read I go “I wanna do this”. Now that’s good Sim Blogging!


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