Chapter 1 – Getting Started

08-30-16_6-02-32 PM

Hello and welcome to my 100 baby challenge! Let’s get right into it! Here’s our founder and current matriarch of the family, Carly Fairchild. She’s moved into a house and ready to start meeting guys and popping those babies!

08-30-16_6-02-47 PM

And here is the lovely small house that we moved into! I don’t foresee us staying here long…there’s not a lot of room for kids. Well see how long we’re able to hold out in this tiny hole house.

08-30-16_6-04-05 PM

I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to have her make money. I might do gardening and sell her harvestables, but since we just started, none of that is loaded yet, so we’re fishing right now while we wait for the men to start coming by.

08-30-16_6-04-42 PM

We didn’t have to wait long until this handsome specimen walked by. His name is Jayce Dixon. We dropped the fishing pole and ran to introduce ourselves.

08-30-16_6-07-15 PM

Offered him a rose (because we can do that with the romantic trait. I’ve never played with this trait before, so that’s fun!). He happily accepted!

08-30-16_6-08-11 PM

Carly: Whoops! *pretends to fall on Jayce* *kisses him*

At least that worked out for you. Haha, not really. The dude literally ran away from her right after this.

08-30-16_6-09-04 PM

Which we were okay with since the welcome wagon had started, so we went to find more donors. This is Pat. He lives with his mother (the old lady walking up the steps). Red flag, girl, run away!

Carly: But I need his sperm!

There are other sperm.

08-30-16_6-09-43 PM

Like this guy. This is Cyrus. He is not single. He’s married and his wife is also part of the welcome wagon. So I guess Pat will have to do for now.

08-30-16_6-18-30 PM

Which is going to be a major problem. Pat doesn’t seem too interested in being a sperm donor for us. Carly’s got more chemistry with the married dude who’s wife is just outside.

08-30-16_6-21-56 PM

I tried to see if pulling Pat outside would help him easy up around her, so we tried our charms on him and…

08-30-16_6-22-24 PM

08-30-16_6-22-41 PM

Denied. Dude must be to scared to try anything with his mother around. This is just not working for us right now.

08-30-16_6-23-20 PM

We abandoned all attempts with Pat and switched our attentions. I’m determined to get her pregnant by the end of the day. So we monopolized Cyrus for the rest of the welcome wagon. Nothing romantic yet since his wife is here.

08-30-16_6-24-04 PM

And she’s keeping an annoyingly close eye on us too. I haven’t even done anything with him besides watching the clouds and she’s just hovering over us. Go away!

08-30-16_6-25-15 PM

Welcome wagon is over so now we can make our move! We went in to kiss his hand and…

08-30-16_6-26-09 PM

DENIED! AGAIN! We’re striking out all over the place today! But I am determined!

08-30-16_6-27-42 PM

We moved the party indoors and we tried again. How can you say no to the rose?

Carly: Cyrus, this is the final rose tonight, will you please accept this rose?

08-30-16_6-27-49 PM

Cyrus: Of course!

SUCCESS! Now we’re getting somewhere! Let’s move this party along!

08-30-16_6-28-08 PM

Creepy, sexy eyes from Cyrus. Also, he kind of looks like a gorilla.

08-30-16_6-28-44 PM

08-30-16_6-29-31 PM

08-30-16_6-29-58 PM

08-30-16_6-30-30 PM

08-30-16_6-34-11 PM

And we’ve got a baby incoming! Third guy was the charm! Thank you, Cyrus!

08-30-16_6-34-31 PM

Hmmm. He doesn’t look really happy about it does he?

Cyrus: But what will my wife say!? I love my wife!

Carly: Not my problem!

08-30-16_6-35-38 PM

We kicked Cyrus out and went collecting to earn some extra money.

08-30-16_6-44-18 PM

And we end this chapter with the teeny garden we’ve got set up. See you next time for our first birth baby and some hormonal imbalances. Thanks for reading!