Chapter 7 – Get ‘Em Out


Welcome back to another chapter of my 100 baby challenge! Last chapter left me in complete shambles and hopefully this chapter will go a lot better for me! We start off with a shot of Carly doing some painting for da moneyz, Bella sleeping on the couch (yes, she DOES have a bed…), and Derrick walking…somewhere.


And we’re going to head right into this chapter’s first birthday! Also, right went I opened the save, the kids came home from school and Claire came home with an A (yay!) Then I switched to her and looked at her sim panel and found that it’s her ACTUAL birthday as well. Nice. She comes home with an A the day she’s going to age up anyway…


Her new trait is Hot headed…So she’s a hot headed slob who wants to be a joke star…What? Like how does that happen? lol! And then her first Teen action was to care for Grayson, so at least she’s not a horrible person…lol


We did the thing! It’s missing a shower, but at least there’s now a third toilet in the place!


Claire started learning some cooking skillz. Thank you for not burning the house down on your first go at it. Side note: Why does it look like Derrick is totally checking out his sister’s butt? Can you not? That’s disturbing.


Just another day in the Fairchild household. Always something that needs to be cleaned. I hate having slobs in the house.



Homework session! And I have NO idea why they separated themselves by age… it was really weird. Also, it looks like it would be really uncomfortable to do your homework on your knees like that…


This kid…always wants to come over to the house. I once told him no and he came over anyway. I think him and Emilie are going to get married in the future…


We may not have room in the house for another baby, but we can still prepare for when there is room!


Amber makes me happy that this isn’t an ISBI challenge. (Which I’m currently getting set up for publishing!)



SHHHHH!!! No one make a move or sound! This is a VERY rare occurance in my game. (Grayson was awake, but he was happy)


Autonomous gardening FTW! And even while sick! I ❤ her!


Grayson aged up! He’s a little cutie! He’s Self-assured and his child aspiration is Social butterfly! He’s got his dad’s eyes and his mom’s hair.


We expanded the upstairs again. We needed room for a bed for Grayson. So now they all fit up there comfortably. Also we have 9 Coolala lights. That had better be enough.


As you can see from the multiple scrap piles, we were busy while the kiddos were at school. It’s nice to have an empty house while all the kids are at school. Gives me time to focus really on Carly and the house.


Bella came home with another A but once again, we have to wait for Amber to get an A…Come on Amber, get it together! lol


New toys! Derrick and Emilie got to enjoy them first. Hey Emilie, just don’t breath on it. I don’t want the rest of the house catching whatever it is that you’ve got.


So I was definitely not aware that if you didn’t empty out your trash can that it would overflow. This was new for me. And gross.


Seriously Amber? I know you worked hard for that A you came home with, but tone down the dramatics will ya?


Oh? What this what Bella’s cooking?


Her own birthday cake! And just in time too. Seeing as she decided to start a fire…rude.


At least Carly’s on top of it! And yes Bella, you are definitely guilty of this crime.


Okay, let’s get these birthdays going before anything else goes wrong… Amber goes first, as the oldest. She rolled Active. So her traits are gloomy, goofball, and active with an aspiration of nerd brain.


Bella goes next! (Grayson looks mad that his sisters are leaving) She rolled outgoing. So her traits are slob, loves the outdoors, and outgoing with an aspiration of leader of the pack.


Oh? What’s this? Derrick is having a birthday? Yup, he came home with an A as well today! Woohoo!


He rolled the outgoing trait to go with creative. His aspiration is fabulously wealthy (pft! Not in this house!) He’s a handsome fellow!


And we bid adiou to the first babies of the challenge, Amber and Bella! Bye girls! (They don’t look happy do they?)

And this is where we end this chapter! No babies, but now that the girls are gone, we can have more! Join us next time for hopefully a baby (or two!), some birthdays, and hopefully some major upgrades to the house!