Chapter 3 – Adjustments


Welcome back to Operation Repopulation! Last chapter we welcomed babies #1 and #2 into the family and found out we’re expecting baby #3! So let’s continue on with the thrilling journey!


We got the option to evolve some of our plants! Woohoo! Now we’ll have somewhat better harvestables!



It’s been awhile since I’ve had multiples in any of my saves. So I forgot how much harder it was with one parent. Right now I’m wishing that I had some teens in the house to help out! haha




So Carly’s out trying to meet new potential fathers, but that’s really hard to do when…


You have two very needy babies at the house.


The only reason it is okay for things to break is because of the upgrade parts that we can sell for money. That’s the only reason. Otherwise, it’s really annoying.


The babies were in the green so we went around the area collecting.


The twins had their birthday! That’s Amber in the aqua sweatshirt, she rolled the trait gloomy (oh great…) and the aspiration is social butterfly. Bella’s in the pink polka dots and she rolled the traits slob (what’s with these girls?!) and the aspiration is social butterfly.


Carly looks absolutely terrified. And I agree. With those traits, you’ve got some interesting kids on your hands!


I like to think that this is Bella watching over her mom so that no creeps do anything creepy. Literally though, Bella just watched while her mom passed out.


And the monster trouble begins! (This was before I found out there was a special light for this)


Amber tries to talk to it. She was unsuccessful. Has anyone ever been successful? I’ve never once had any of my sims be successful talking to that thing.


Now that they are kids and can feed themselves, we have to serve meals so they can eat something substantial besides cereal.


Gloomy trait = one sad Amber. I don’t usually play with this trait for this exact reason. She’s always moping…


Plants are also gloomy and looking in need of a little TLC, so we sent Carly to take care of them.


Homework session! It feels nice telling the kids to do their homework. It’d be nice if my drifters would do theirs…


Labor face!! Off to the hospital we go!


Obligatory father freak out face! And just like Cyrus, he made like a banana and split right after this was shot.


Meet the newest addition to the family, Baby #3 Claire!


Awe! The girls welcomed mom home from the hospital! Family lovin’ right here!


Well, it was time to find another daddy! And so we found this guy wandering the neighborhood! This is Jeffrey!


We used our special romantic suave to seduce him. And it worked! (Also, what’s with the sky? It looks awful dark doesn’t it? Weird.)


We went in for the kiss and then suddenly they had to relocate to the river’s edge in order to actually do it. That’s weird. But it went okay, so whatever.


And then Claire became needy, so we had to say goodbye to Jeffrey to take care of her.

And that’s where we’ll cut off this chapter! Join us next time when we’ll hopefully get Jeffrey’s baby!