Chapter 15 – Hi, It’s Me. It’s Been Awhile…

Oh hai! Yes, I know, it’s been a while since I last updated… I’m so horrible at this lol. But I’m back again with another chapter! Last time (if you can remember that far back…) We welcomed baby #15, Oliver into the family! Before we get going, Let’s start with a small family check before we get going to reacquaint ourselves with the family.

Here’s Joelle just playing some video games. By herself. So lonely.

Karissa is napping.

Logan is practicing his social skill so that he can age up. Good for you, kid! Gold star!

*Not pictured is Mason. Mason is the kid that I forgot in this chapter… There are literally 2 pictures with him in it… I’m so bad…*

And Natalie is sleeping as well.

Toddler bed is still the most popular seat in town. Just let her sleep!

We keep forgetting about the garden… So whenever we remember, it’s a lot of work to fix it up…

Poor Karissa… potty training her sister who needs a bath while also battling her own sickness. #girlpower

Amber got remarried. So someone named Zaiden Rivers.

Joelle was making me nervous. Still always nervous when teenagers are in the kitchen…

We bought LOTS of new items for the kids to enjoy! Should have bought lights in hindsight…

And Joelle is the first to but the new stuff to use.

Hey, Karissa… That’s not how you do it. Wait are you sleeping? That’s not how you do that either…

Glad to see Karissa survived her run-in with the water slide. And it’s a good thing too since she parents Oliver more than Carly does…lol

She’s so cute! Love her big eyes *heart eyes*

Derrick and Andrea had a baby boy! (His name is Coty)

This is a great face, Joelle! lol! Well, she finally got an A, so we can have a couple birthdays!

Joelle goes first as the oldest of the two. Her final traits are bookworm, loves outdoors, and evil. And her aspiration is soulmate.

Karissa is next. Her final traits are lazy, insider, and romantic. And her aspiration is musical genius.

And we promptly sent them packing. Neither of them look really happy about it either…

With the twins gone, we can start getting to work on some more babies! This is Rick O’Malley who’s looking to be baby daddy #12 *crosses fingers for a non-single birth*

Baby incoming!!

Oh look! Carly’s so talented that she can make two things at once!

Oliver grew up! And look out ladies! I see a lady killer coming your way!

Crazy hat means only one thing: A! So we get to have another birthday!

Side note: Here’s our first glimpse of Mason in this chapter. Almost forgot what he looked like…

So birthday time!

He gained the romantic trait to go with his genius trait. And his aspiration is freelance botanist.

And it’s also Natalie’s birthday!

She is not impressed… she gained the evil trait and the artistic prodigy aspiration.

And we’re having a super gross homework session.

Side note: this is the second and final time we see Mason in this chapter… I promise to capture more of him next time!

She’s huge! I hope she has twins in there! I need more multiples!

*excuse the missing UI* I got the notification that Bella and her husband Alonzo are expecting!

And apparently Claire got re-married to a Gunther Munch

Labor! It’s baby time! But first a quick trip to the bathroom…

No baby daddy this time… Rick didn’t even show up at all

Hey Carly, you’re in the way…

Oh. I guess we didn’t use the bathroom first… Well this birth is off to a great start…

TRIPLETS!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is going to be a long couple of days… Well, here we have Baby #16 – A boy in the blue bassinet, Parker. Baby #17 – a girl in the pink bassinet, Quinn. And baby #18 – a boy in the green bassinet, Reese.

Join us next time for Carly’s first experience with triplets…


2 thoughts on “Chapter 15 – Hi, It’s Me. It’s Been Awhile…

  1. Wow!! Triplets! In ts4, My first sim and her wife had twins and then triplets…so hard… Anyway, congrats, you’re 3 babies closer! Oh and the garden thing is so true. In my legacy I tend to forget about it and then I’m like oh crap the plants better not be dead that’s my main source of money LOL!


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